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Atomic Verifier Online

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Atomic Verifier Online is a powerful email validation service that verifies email address validity. The software can Verify e-mail addresses in your mailing list. you can extend and pay for it right from your Verifier Online Control Panel.
You can also verify each email address in the list separately if you wish.
All addresses are checked in multi-thread mode, which speeds up the entire process. The average speed of email verification is from 10 to 20 emails per second, or up to 1200 emails/minute.
Correct and incorrect emails can be saved in .TXT, .CSV, .XLS, or .PDF formats.
Atomic Email Verifier is the perfect addition to our other Atomic e-marketing tools. Collect email addresses using our email extractors (e.g., Atomic Email Hunter), transfer the emails to Verifier Online to remove obsolete addresses, and then use our bulk emaile r— Atomic Mail Sender — to send your messages out! Take advatage of Atomic Subscription Manager to automatically manage your mailing list and track all subscriptions and unsubscriptions.

1. High effectiveness of the validation
Atomic Email Verifier can check email addresses from the mailing list in two steps:
*Syntax check — e-mail addresses are checked for correspondence with the RFC registration standards
*Domain check — all domains are checked for their existence and MX records; if the domain name is incorrect it is clear that the email address does not exist either
Thanks to such a detailed verification the service allows to separate maximum number of inexistent email addresses. Invalid emails are not deleted from the list but have got a certain status like "Unknown hostname" or "No MX records".
Based on the statuses you can select and save valid addresses only.
2. Importing data to verify
Atomic Verifier Online can import emails from the clipboard (not more than 100 emails in trial account) and from files of *.csv, *.txt, *.xls, *.xlsx.
Besides, full Atomic Mail Verifier Online integration with other Atomic products allows launching the necessary program and exporting the list of email addresses from it directly in Atomic Mail Verifier online.
3. Detailed statistics
The detailed statistics over the verification results are available in Atomic Mail Verifier Online. Except the current addresses' statuses that can change on checking, the general results of processed task are displayed on the easy-to-analyze graph in "Result" tab.
The next address types are detected:
*Not checked
*No MX records
*Unknown hostname
*Is not valid
*No answer from hostname
4. Reports
All the reports are created in *.txt, *.csv, *.xls, *.pdf and *.xlsx formats.
With Atomic Mail Verifier Online you can save two types of email addresses: valid and invalid. Select the necessary type or save both valid and invalid addresses simultaneously.
You are provided with the opportunity to save generated report file locally to your PC.

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