1. 1.       Is there a limit to the number of messages Gammadyne Mailer Retail Edition can send?

Gammadyne Mailer Retail Edition does not have an arbitrary limit on the number of recipients.  When using a database, only one record is in memory at a time.  For lists that are in a text file, Gammadyne Mailer Retail Edition will scan through the file one line at a time.  These techniques use very little memory and permit absolutely huge mailing lists.


If the list has more than 1000 recipients, the "No Preview" Send Mode should be used.

There is no limit to the message size, although many SMTP servers have trouble with messages over 4 MB.

Gammadyne Mailer Retail Edition is not intended for spamming and contains no features for hiding your identity.  Please send email only to customers, acquaintances, and opt-ins.


  1. 2.       Can Gammadyne Mailer Retail Edition deliver messages directly to the recipients?

Yes, use the "Direct Delivery" option on the "Send/Delivery" branch.  When checked, each message is delivered directly to its recipient's mail server.


  1. 3.       How do I throttle (limit) the delivery rate?

To limit Gammadyne Mailer's delivery rate, there are several options:

On the Send/Delivery branch, check the "Pulse" box, enter the number of messages that should be sent in one pulse, then enter the number of seconds between pulses.

For Indirect Delivery, it is possible to throttle the delivery rate to the intermediate SMTP server.  On the Servers/SMTP branch, check the "Use Project SMTP Settings" box.  Fill out the server information.  Specify the message limit in the "Throttle Count" column.  Specify the time period in the "Throttle Period" column (in seconds).  No more than Throttle Count messages will be sent to the SMTP server during each Throttle Period.

On the Send/Domain Throttles branch, you may configure specific domains to which the delivery rate is throttled.  Also, at the bottom of this branch, there is one additional option called the "Universal Domain Throttle".  This feature will ensure that no individual mail server will receive too many messages too fast.

Lower the number of Threads (on the Send branch).


  1. 4.       How do I personalize an email with a database column?

Place the column name inside double brackets, like this:

Dear [[CustomerName]],

See the help file under the title "G-Merge" for more information on personalizing messages.


  1. 5.       How should embedded images be properly specified?

Before version 33.0, the <img> tags had to be properly specified.  This is no longer necessary.  On the HTML Body/Options branch, check the "Automatically Parse Images" box and set the "Image Locality" to the desired mode.  Gammadyne Mailer will automatically reformat the <img> tags and embed the images.


  1. 6.       How do I set the background color of the HTML email?

To control the background color of the HTML body, the <body> tag should look something like this:

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

The hexadecimal color code is reported by the System‑G color picker control.  Choose "Color picker" from the "Interface" menu.


  1. 7.       How do I process bounce-backs, sign-ups, and opt-outs in one project?

Although it is not recommended, this is possible.  Please refer to Incoming Script Example #14 in the Help file.

To create a MS-DOS batch that will launch multiple incoming projects, please refer to the Help Guide entitled "Batch Operations".


  1. 8.       How do I import addresses from the Outlook Express Address Book?

Gammadyne Mailer Retail Edition can import email addresses directly from the System Address Book.  First, open the project that will use the email addresses.  Make sure a Database, Recipient File, or Recipient List is specified.  Then, start the "Add Recipients" tool from the Tools menu.  Click the "Import From Address Book" button.  Choose the appropriate address format, then click OK.  See the help file for complete details.

To manually export email addresses from the Address Book, use this procedure:

Go to the Outlook Express Address Book.

From the File menu, choose "Export", then "Other Address Book...".

Choose "Text File (Comma Separated Values)".

Click the "Export" button.

Enter the filename of the text file to which the address book will be exported to.

Click the "Next" button.  The "CSV Export" window will appear.

Check the box next to each field that should be exported.  Click "Finish".

Use notepad to edit the exported file.  On the first line, make sure there are no dashes in the column names.

In Gammadyne Mailer Retail Edition, on the "Recipients" branch, check the "Recipient File" box.  Below it, click the "Browse" button and locate the export file.  Also check the "Simple Merge" box, and choose the column name for the recipient email address (it should be in the drop down list).