Download FLV videos from Google Video, YouTube, and other video sharing websites and don’t know how to watch these FLV videos on your Blackberry devices? Don’t worry! This guide will show you how to convert FLV to Blackberry readable file on Mac.


Get a professional Mac FLV to Blackberry converter such as iMacsoft Blackberry video converter for Mac which is 55% discount off. This software will helps in converting FLV videos for your Blackberry video file on your Mac.


Step1 import FLV videos

Start the iMacsoft Blackberry video converter for Mac, click "Add" button or choose "Add..." option in the top "File" menu, you will see an "Open" dialog window pops up, and select FLV video files from your Mac HD. When it is done, press "Open" button to load FLV video files.



Step2 choose output format

In the left "General" panel, you will see the "Profile" option, click it and select "BlackBerry MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)" item for output BlackBerry MP4 video files. The software allows you to set different output formats according to different files.



Step3 trim the video (optional)

Select one video in the file list, click "Trim" button in the toolbar to open "Trim" window. You can clip the original video into several parts, then convert and output them separately or as a whole one. Set start point and end point, you get the segment you want to convert and output.



Step4 set parameters

Choose "General" tab on the right top which will show its general standard. You may set "Video Quality", "Audio Quality", "Output filename" by clicking "General" button.

Next, choose "Advance" tab on the right column which will show its advanced standard. You may set "Start Time", "Video Size", "Bit Rate" by clicking certain settings.



Step5 converting FLV to Blackberry video

Click on “browse” icon in the home interface to specify an output folder. And finally, press on the Convert button to finish the conversion from FLV to Blackberry video on Mac.