You might have lots of Ringtones on your iPhone. And this paper is going to share you how to transfer your iPhone ringtones to Mac for backup in case your iPhone doesn't work well at one time and all the ringtones got lost.


To transfer iPhone ringtones to Mac for backup, all you need is professional iPhone ripper for Mac, such as Joboshare iPhone ripper for Mac. This great utility is able to perfectly copy music, movie, photo, ePub, pdf, audiobook, Voice Memo, Camera Roll (iOS 4 above), ringtone, Podcast, TV Show, SMS, Contact, Call List files from iPhone to Mac and copy files from iPhone to iTunes as you wish.


Now, let’s get the Joboshare iPhone ripper for Mac with 60% discount coupon code here and follow the below steps to transfer iPhone ringtones to Mac.


Step1 Run the software

Launch the Joboshare iPhone ripper for Mac. Once you connect iPhone to Mac computer with unique USB cable by Apple, all info about iPhone device itself and iPhone library items you have stored will be shown in the main interface.



Step2 Sync your iPhone ringtones to Mac

Click "Ringtones" icon under the iPhone library list to open all ringtone files. Select the ringtone files you wanna sync to Mac and check them without any loss. Then press "export checked files to local" button and choose a target folder on Mac for saving files in the pop-up dialog box, when everything is done, click "Save" button to export iPhone ringtone to Mac.



Addition: Export iPhone ringtone to iTunes library

Open "Ringtones" library to select ringtone files you want to export, and directly press "Export checked files to iTunes library" button to export all ringtonnes to iTunes. After it is finished, you can manage iPhone ringtone and play, edit them in iTunes. (make sure the iTunes is the latest version)