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  1. 1.       Questions about ordering and payment via share-it!

In case you may have questions regarding ordering and billing after having received the licence key by email from share-it! (element 5, Digital River) please contact the Customer Care Center at Please take note that on your credit card bill the name of the vendor can be stated as "".


  1. 2.       How to enter the program licence key

After purchase you will receive a licence key in your name in order to activate the software. This licence key will be sent to you by email and will be included in the attached file "OnlineDesktopPresenterKey.txt". In order to activate the program licence please copy the complete content of the attached file into the licence window which you can open by menu "Help / Licence Key" of the program "Online Desktop Presenter". Use Ctrl-a to mark the complete content, Ctrl-c to copy it to the clipboard, Ctrl-v to paste it to the licence window. Afterwards please restart the program.


  1. 3.       FTP Settings: Web root directory

For the desktop presentation the data has to be transmitted continously to the web server by file transfer (FTP) so that the remote Internet user can view it afterwards in his Internet browser (HTTP). For this transmission the program requires the FTP server name as well as the UserID and the Password for login. Furthermore, a seperate Subdirectory within the Web Root Directory has to be set up, so that no data in the Web Root Directory will be overwritten. The Web Root Directory contains the complete website.

Setting "Web root directory": The Web Root Directory can [a] be identical with the main directory on the FTP-server, or [b] it is located in it's own directory (or symbolic link) often named as "www", "html" or "public_html". In the first case [a] the setting for the "Web root directory" remains blank, in the second case [b] it should contain the name of this directory (or symbolic link).


  1. 4.       How to update to a new version

The latest version of "Online Desktop Presenter" is always available on the appropriate product page at Please download from there the installation file as usual and overwrite your current installation. All current settings will be taken over automatically.


  1. 5.       How to install with Microsoft Windows Vista®

Up to Windows XP the setup program does not need any special requirements nor administrator rights for installation. Just follow the instructions of the setup program in order to install for the current user.

Windows Vista does not allow installation of new programs without administrative access rights because the User Account Control (UAC) locks the Windows program directory (if not turned off explicitly). Therefore please start the setup program with administrator rights by clicking on it with the right mouse button and choosing "Run as administrator" from the context menu. You will then be prompted for the administrator password before continuation.

If there are no administrator rights at your disposal, you can install the program in a subdirectory of a directory of your own to which you have full access rights. Therefore make sure that during the program installation the suggested program directory is changed to your own subdirectory.