Antamedia Kiosk Software
Antamedia Kiosk Software

Platform: Windows By: Antamedia mdoo

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Kiosk Software prevents hacking and downtime by blocking the system keys like Ctrl-Alt-Del, restricting access to the system, desktop, drives, folders and programs. User can use it to securely display your website or application, show marketing messages and advertisements, bill for Internet use, games or office applications, sell tickets for WiFi HotSpot around your kiosk. Antamedia Kiosk Software includes many modes suitable for different deployment. From the main screen, please choose a type of Kiosk you would like to create. Depending on your choice, you will get options for securing and customizing your Kiosk.

1. Lock down your kiosk or public computer
Kiosk software replaces system shell and blocks access to the Windows Explorer, drives, desktop and taskbar. It prevents access to the Windows system files, standard browser menus and prevents hacking and downtime.
2. Blocks System Keys
Blocks system keys like Ctrl-Alt-Del, Windows key, Ctrl-Esc and other keys that might compromise security. Compatible with any Windows OS, including Vista and Windows 7 32bit and 64bit.
3. Runs in Limited Account
Creates, configures and runs under standard (limited) Windows user account for maximum protection. This additional security level prevents user to delete any system files that are required for the computer to work.
4. Hides System Drives
Hides and/or restricts access to specified drives to avoid anything getting deleted or tampered with. You can leave one drive visible where customers could save files, or you can show all drives but prevent user from saving or opening anything from these drives.
5.Folder Access Rights
Defines file and folder access rights to keep your computers safe. Configure desired access rights for each folder in your system: full access, read only, read & write, read & execute, or prevent access completely.
6. Blocks Applications and Program Options
Blocks specified application executable names and program options within applications. You can disable access to application options like Open, Save as, Properties. The same option can be used to exclude application from automatic closing on customer logout.
7. Password Protected Kiosk Setup
Requires password for accessing the Kiosk Setup or operating system. Computer runs in a lock-down kiosk mode, until admin presses the hot-keys and enters the password.
8.Secure Browser
Prevents the user from accessing the Internet Explorer menus, replaces popups and all other options that can open system options. Secure Internet Browser provides provides complete browsing experience for the customer while reducing maintenance time
9.Limited Browsing
Limits browsing to specified URLs. For example, you can allow your company website, facebook login page and disable other pages
10. Protect Customer Privacy
Automatically deletes browser cache and history of visited pages. Prevent saving cookies which reveal customer identity and leave traces of the kiosk usage. Kiosk software restarts Secure Internet Browser after inactivity and prepares kiosk for your next customer.
11. Disable File Downloads
Save on bandwidth costs and increase security by disabling file downloads, pop-ups, Java, ActiveX, scripts
12. Web Filter
Easily block unwanted websites from being accessed on your kiosk. Select desired categories like adult, drugs, weapons, gambling, phishing, violence, virus infected etc. List contains 2.5M domains sorted in over 90 categories, with ability to whitelist desired websites.

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