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August 23, 2012

Leawo Software Launches Blu-ray Creator Giveaway to Elevate Digital Life to HD/3D

User-oriented giveaway from Leawo Software returns again, with top selling Blu-ray Creator as the real boon for both Win and Mac users. On August 26, 2012, Blu-ray Creator Giveaway will be available on And simultaneously, full-scale special offer will get underway on Leawo official website which allows giveaway users to obtain multimedia products with 20% Off Coupon Code.

To reach win-win symbiosis, we are fully aware that only high-quality products can return our customers’ trust and support. Considering the fact that nowadays more and more people are inclined to watch high-definition movies or even the vivid 3D movies at home rather than heading to theatre which will empty your wallet. We are committed to providing a totally free solution, with the wish to let you have the chance to watch Blu-ray movies indoors. Too see what we sincerely offer for you all:

Free Blu-ray Creator (Win + Mac)
Cooperating with the reliable, Leawo picks up the Blu-ray making software Leawo Blu-ray Creator Win and Mac versions which win high popularity as the giveaway on August 26. These two pieces of free software not only burn DVDs but also Blu-ray discs. Turn to the brief introduction of this DVD creator and Blu-ray maker:
1. Burn videos to DVD-5/DVD-9, BD-25/BD-50, and ISO file
2. Edit video with common and 3D effects
3. Provide 40+ free static and dynamic disc menu templates
4. Customize your Blu-ray/DVD with build-in menu designer
5. Output BD/DVD for various disc players playback
6. Widely support 3D display devices
7. Support to add external subtitle

As to how can you free get access to the two programs provided, the steps are quite easy to follow. Firstly, download and install the software on the scheduled day August 26. And then go to to get your registration code by offering your name and email address. Finally, use the registration you received to activate the program and afterwards enjoy the full functions of it.

You should notice that technical support and free upgrade services are excluded in giveaway software. If you need it indeed, get the products with 50% Off Coupon Code: GOTDL50. Other products that help you convert video/audio/DVD/BD will also enjoy 50% Off Coupon Code. Remember the coupon will expire on Aug 31st, 2012.

Overall 20% Off Special Offer
Surprises come on the heels of the giveaway issue, Leawo Software also provides 20% Off Coupon Code: LEAWO20 for all giveaway users to shop all Leawo multimedia solution products. This special offer will be valid until Sep 30, 2012.

We also provide online support for all problems you have encountered with. Contact us via if necessary.

Get ready now? Time waits for no man, so does the rare opportunity. We will wait for your joining in here from now on.

August 22, 2012

Dual-card-dual-standby Samsung Galaxy S Duos Released Officially

News coming from Samsung official website stating that a brand-new dual-card-dual-standby smartphone Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 has been officially released. According to Samsung officials, Galaxy S Duos is specially designed for energetically young professionals. It will be put into the market in Europe from September, and other areas will follow.

Based on the introduction, Samsung Galaxy S Duos is an ideal choice for those who need to make a balance between fast-rhythm work and social life. The smooth edges plus the ceramic shell make it elegant and exquisite. The phone is pre-installed with Android 4.0 system. Combining with high-end performance as well as communication flexibility, it supports double SIM cards standby function. To put it in another word, you are endowed with the ability to manage two SIM cards. When there is a call coming in from one SIM card, you can as well handle the second call coming from another SIM card.

In specifications, Galaxy S Duos can be said as a shrink version of Galaxy S III (watch DVD movie on Galaxy S3) and be closer to the original version of Galaxy S. In the positive side it is 4-inch WVGA (800×480) TFT screen. And it is equipped with Cortex-A5 Qualcomm MSM7227A single-core processor, 1GHz main frequency, Adreno 200GPU, 512MB RAM and 4GB storage space.

In addition, Galaxy S Duos size is 121.5 x 63.1 x 10.5 mm, weighs 120g, which is almost the same with the original Galaxy S in size. 3-million-pixel front-facing camera, 5-million-pixel rear camera, MicroUSM USB 2.0 interface, Wi-Fi b/g/n support and Bluetooth 3.0 are included in it.

It has been confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S Duos will be put into the market next month in Europe, but the price remains unknown.

August 21, 2012

Top 9 Anticipated Digital Products in 2012

It is expected that consumers are likely to get access to some great new products in autumn this year. It becomes the rule that electronic giants would like to put new products on the shelf before the holiday shopping season. Based on the past product launch cycle, consumers are expected to get approach to new products coming from Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Nintendo, Amazon and other companies.

More importantly, companies promise to launch new technology. And only until the products are put into the market, we can know whether the rumors are true or not.

9. Quad-core Smartphone
Although quad-core smartphone has existed in the current market, it has not been used by many people. We expect that at the end of this year, quad-core chip will be the standard in smartphone. The quad-core chip means faster speed, longer duration and better display effect.
Expected release date: by the end of 2012

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Galaxy Note 10.1 is Samsung’s new flagship tablet PC product. It is running on the latest Android system, equipped with handwritten pen, support handwriting recognition function, and all functions you are expecting for in tablet PC.
Expected release date: at the end of August 2012

7. Pebble Watch
Pebble watch can reach synchronization with your smartphone via Bluetooth. It can also control music, record your running time and more other functions.
Pebble watch also supports the notification function, which displays the caller ID, electronic mail, calendar reminder, Facebook information, Twitter information and weather warning information, etc.
Expected release date: in September 2012

6. Windows 8
Windows 8 is Microsoft’s most-anticipated new operating system. Windows 8 includes four major versions: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows RT.
Windows 8 covers the functions such as the integration of Xbox Live, Internet Explorer 10 and new verification technique.
Expected release date: on October 26, 2012

5. Kindle Fire 2
There are rumors in the market that Amazon will release multiple versions of new Kindle Fire tablet PC, among which one is said to be equipped with 7-inch display and higher resolution, and the other is said to be equipped with larger display.
What is for certain is that Kindle Fire 2 will be equipped with quad-core processor, a revised edition of Android operation system. The price of Kindle Fire 2 will remain the same as expected.
Expected release date: at any time

4. Nintendo Wii U
Wii U is a new player model from Nintendo.
Wii U is with innovative controller Wii U GamePad. GamePad allows players to play certain games through the display even the TV is turned off.
Expected release date: during Christmas time this year

3. Microsoft RT Surface
RT Surface is the initial touch screen tablet product produced by Microsoft.
Microsoft had developed hardware product, like Xbox game, but it results from that Microsoft can’t persuade PC manufacturers to produce video game player. And the rolling out of Surface tablet PC will be the first time Microsoft completes with its partners directly.
Microsoft does not disclose the parameters and selling price of this tablet PC. Based on the previous Microsoft revealed information, the price of RT Surface will be equal to iPad.
Expected release date: on October 26, 2012
Windows RT Tablet Will Be Launched by Samsung in October as Expected

2. iPad Mini
The rumored tablet PC will be equipped with 7-inch or 8-inch display screen, so it is called iPad Mini.
This tablet PC will be priced at about $200, in order to compete with Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 directly.
Expected release date: in September 2012
iPad Mini: Look Like A Larger 3G iPod Nano and A Thinner 4G iPod Touch

1. iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5 is the most-anticipated smartphone this year. Rumors say it will be equipped with larger screen, greater battery and thinner phone body.
Expected release date: on September 21, 2012
iPhone 5 Already in Production Now and Will Release This Fall as Expected

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August 20, 2012

Blu-ray 3D Avatar Worldwide Availability on October 16

Previously, the movie that has evoked the 3D trend was only available to Panasonic customers. And now it provides the movie access to fans all over the world. The global rollout will begin October 15, followed by an October 16 launch in North America.

For about 2 years, and at last Avatar on Blu-ray 3D is being offered in-store to the movie fans. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment today announced that the film version will be available globally starting October 15. The company will launch the movie in North America on October 16.

“Avatar” has been available on Blu-ray 3D since 2010. However, the film was offered exclusively to Panasonic customers who purchased one of the company’s HDTVs or other devices. All others were forced to stick with the Blu-ray version.

“Avatar,” which debuted in 2009, has brought in more than $2.7 billion at the box office, making it the highest grossing film of all time, according to Twentieth Century Fox. “Avatar” is also the top-selling Blu-ray disc of all time. “3D television is the future of home entertainment,” James Cameron, “Avatar” director, said in a statement. “I’m a huge proponent of the technology and very pleased that Avatar can be viewed in the living room the way it is meant to be seen.”

Here is also a tip provided for you to make Blu-ray 3D Avatar with certain kind of blu-ray burning software. If you do have the demand to create 3D Blu-ray movie disc, you can turn to it for reference. Or just skip it.

August 17, 2012

Top 5 Most-wanted Functions in the Upcoming WP8

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Earlier in June this year, Microsoft has revealed some related performances of Windows Phone 8. And currently, with the official release date on September 5 approaching, more information about this brand-new system surfaces gradually. Microsoft will enhance the cross-platform interaction between different devices. Some of the functions are directly transplanted from PC platform. What will be listed in the functions users want most? Check out in the following:

Realize IE10 Synchronization
In the early days, Microsoft has stated that IE10 would synchronize with tablet PC, smartphone and PC platform. First of all, users need to register and login in a Windows 8 ID, and the background will automatically make synchronizations to personal preference, password, history and bookmark. So users do not need to do further settings once the initial one is successfully set.

Applications Synchronization
Users can also make synchronizations to Twitter, Facebook, mail and chat record, etc. after adopting Windows ID. Then you are able to achieve cross-platform usage with no time delay.

Image Unlocking
Android 4.0 ICS has supported facial unlock function. The unlocking job will be finished through equal matching on front-facing camera or internal pictures. You can also fulfill the unlocking task by means of fingerprint.

Resource Manager
There is no file manager in Windows Phone 7, for the screen control area will be shrunk once added in. But the problem has been solved within WP8.

Smarter Search Results
When you are searching for keywords in Windows 8 system, the feedback results can be found in File, Application, Settings and more. This function will be transplanted to WP8 as well.

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August 16, 2012

Brand-new Windows Phone 8 Nokia RM-820 Surfaced

Recently, the latest WP8 device Nokia RM-820 nan att 100 exposed to the public again. It is expected that the international edition will be announced officially in Nokia World 2012 on September 5.

The annual Nokia World congress will be held on September 5 and September 6 in Finland. There are already tons of news and rumors about Nokia Phone 8 before the meeting. However, when people are questioning about the information authenticity they will all refer to the reliable WP Bench application. And this time it meets up with the users’ expectation with useful information released.

According to WP Bench information leaked, the built-in firmware of the new Nokia device is RM-820. The “att” means that it is customized by American operator AT&T. And a more important piece of information is that the pre-installed Windows Phone OS version number is V8.0.9754.0, which implies that NOKIA RM-820 is running on Windows Phone 8 OS.

Although no more meaningful information can be found when further data search is conducted, NOKIA RM-820 has entered the factory production stage based on the previous experience. WP Bench has released lots of Nokia WP8 new models, including V8.0.9730.0 Nokia Phi.

Nokia World 2012 is drawing nearer and nearer, it is believed that at least two Nokia Windows Phone 8 models will be released. The exact name as well as the detailed specifications will be announced then. Let’s wait and see!

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