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June 17, 2011

Ultimate 2011 Father’s Day Gift: A Tailor-made Video for Your Father with Leawo Software

A happy, caring and close-knit family can not stand without daddy. If you are a boy, you may cope with your father to do everything at its first time, and it is him who teaches you to be a better man. If you are a girl, you may take him as a good example, you have received so many from him and it is the right man who will love you under any conditions. 2011 Father’s Day is drawing nearer and nearer and it is time for you to show your deep love to your dearest father. And it is now the time for brain storming. What is the gift that can be said as the best and unique?

 Buying Dad impersonal gifts like ties, cigars and cologne are “safe” but exceptionally boring. Instead of taking the traditional gift-giving route, why not make this father’s day extra special by getting him a special video which is with the deepest love? And at the point of a father’s day promotion, you can actually make a cost-effective video for your father.

 When creating a video, you may have to merge a lot of video clips into a single one, trim the video length, add some video editing effects and convert the video to any kinds of video formats that can be playback on any portable players. All the above functions can be perfectly done within a full-featured video converter (if you are a Mac user, you can also turn to Mac Video Converter).

 Now let’s take a look at how to make father’s day video with the help of a video converter.

 You’d better pick up the video clips that have recorded memorable times between you and your fathers. And then go to Leawo official father’s day promotion website to get the Coupon Code to purchase the video converter via Swreg. You can save up to $65 when purchasing certain kind of software. After this, you can just start to make this video for your father.

 Simple steps are in the following:

Import all the video clips into this video converter after you have installed the program to your PC.

Choose the video format you according to your preference, say iPad, iPhone, iPod MP4 format.

Add some individualized effects by trimming, cropping, brightness, contrast, saturation adjusting and watermark adding.

Start to merge and convert videos.

 You may refer to here for more detailed video editing and converting guide.

 OK, I guess you will master this fast. And get started to give your father a big surprise on Father’s Day 2011. And wish you a happy time!!!

June 13, 2011

2011 Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 19th, 2011 Father’s Day is just around the corner. Yes we did just celebrate Mother’s Day but it is now time to change gears and spoil our Fathers. Father’s Day is a celebration of fathers inaugurated in the early twentieth century to compliment Mother’s Day in celebrating fatherhood and male parenting. It is also celebrated to honor and commemorate our forefathers. Father’s Day is celebrated on a variety of dates worldwide and typically involves gift-giving, special dinners to fathers, and family-oriented activities.

10. Gift packet of cigars

Now this would be a little tricky. But gift him a famous cigar packet. But he will like this too.

 9. Barbeque and Grilling Accessories

Most of the father’s loves to have a barbeque night at their own house. Well if this activity gives him pleasure than present him a grilling kit or barbeque accessories at father’s day.

 8. Wine and Beer Basket

Buy 1 or 2 best wines and Beer cans and then put it on a beautiful basket.

Present it to your father and make him happy on father’s day.

 7. Golf Kit

Most of the fathers want to spend their holiday playing golf at the golf club. So why not give him a golf kit at father’s day. I am sure this will make him very happy.

 6. Meaty Treat

Well most of the father’s loves to eat meat. So why not take him to his favorite restaurant and give him a meaty treat. Or you even cook his favorite meat dish in the house.

5. Sports Ticket

Buy a ticket of your father’s favorite sports match and take him with in that game. This will be a perfect gift for your father as you can also spend some time with you Dad.

 4. Leather Wallet

This will be the best gift to present to your father. Whenever he wants to take out his credit card or money to pay bills he will remember that his little kid has given him this cute little gift.

 3. Personalized Video Collection

Pick up some videos clips and make a special video collection for your father. Here you can resort to a Video Converter which can trim, crop and add unique effects to edit your video. It is the shared memory between you and your father and I beg he will like it.

 2. A Unique Gadget

Buy the most favorite gadget for your father like wrist watches, cuff, mobile set or notebook. I am sure that your Dad will remember this gift for his whole life.

 1. A Warm Hug in the Morning

The best and the most unique gift to your father on father’s day will be this that when he wakes up in the morning, give him a hug and tell him that how much you love him and thank him for everything he has done for and make him comfort by telling him that when he gets old, you will always be there to look after him like a shadow like he did when we were small kids.

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