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September 3, 2012

The Official Release Date of Amazon Kindle Fire 2: September 6, 2012

Just as the previous rumors, the next generation Kindle Fire is scheduled on September 6, 2012. It is said that Amazon will hold media activity to release this new product. It has become hot topic what products Amazon will launch on that day. Now we have confirmed that Kindle Fire 2 is undoubtedly within the list, and at the same time, the first Amazon smartphone will be launched as well.

The first generation Kindle Fire has been issued for nearly one year. At the very beginning, many people were not sure what performance it would bring to users and whether it would have an influence on Apple iPad. However, with smaller size and cheaper price, the product sales are beyond the expectation.

Some experts say that Amazon is planning to release the second generation Kindle Fire, just before the time Apple releases iPad Mini. There will be a direct competition between iPad Mini and Kindle Fire 2. Simultaneously, the success of Google Nexus 7 should be taken into consideration.

However, the 7-inch upgraded Kindle Fire may not be the only one Amazon is going to launch. According to sources, Amazon is seeking the chance to expand into larger size tablet so as to compete with Apple iPad.

Last month, New York Times report says that “when a developer is introducing Amazon plan, he/she says that Amazon is developing a new Kindle Fire with larger screen which is more prefect for watching video. It is used to compete with iPad directly.”

After several days, we can get access to Kindle Fire 2. Are you guys ready?

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June 27, 2012

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Launching Issue: At the end of July Reportedly

It is reported that the second generation Amazon Kindle Fire tablet will make a debut in this summer, and the rumored release date of Kindle Fire 2 is July 31. Reports about the release of Kindle Fire 2 have been aired a lot before. Recently report from DigiTimes stating that Amazon considers launching a full new 7-inch tablet, adopting 1280 x800 screen resolution and be priced at $199. With HD display, it is easy to imagine that to play video on Kindle Fire 2 will be quite amazing. This product is likely to launch early in the third quarter this year. The report also indicates that Amazon plans to cut the price of the first generation Kindle Fire down to $149. In addition, Amazon may not release tablet PC with bigger size as rumored. And a new Kindle Reader will be unveiled with Kindle Fire 2 simultaneously.

According to the source of the latest statement, the second generation Kindle Fire will be with a camera as well as a volume control button. Many users have pointed out before that it is rather inconvenient for them to control the volume via the virtual button only. Still, many things remain unclear: whether Kindle Fire 2 will support Bluetooth connection, what processor it will employ and whether Amazon still insists in providing 8GB storage space only. There is also rumor that Amazon will provide Kindle Fire 2 with subsidy through Special Offers.

The upgrade roadmap of Amazon products is quite similar to Apple: new function added, design & performance optimized and price unchanged. Thus, Amazon is unlikely to cut the price of Amazon Reader down to $79, it will make some improvements on the current basis of Amazon Reader instead.

Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight has been put into the market for a few months, with price at $139. It is expected that Amazon will launch a new Kindle Touch with lower price. And there is also possibility that Amazon will add a backlit function to the entry-level Kindle Reader.

In September last year, both Kindle Fire and Kindle Reader were released by Amazon, but until November that sales started. So we can conclude that the next generation Kindle Fire 2 is not only for Christmas shopping season, but also for back-to-school season this year.

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