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June 14, 2012

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Updates: Confirms iCloud Document Storage, Messages, Notes Apps, Reminders and Game Center

During Apple WWDC 2012, a new operating system Mac OS X Mountain Lion, the iterative successor to Lion, was officially released with price at $19.99. It is available for downloading in July. Improvements include separate apps for Messages, Reminders, and Notes as well as a new notifications system. iCloud users can also store documents to the cloud.

Chinese Custom
When compared to the previous Mac OS X, there are rich optimizations on the functions of Mountain Lion for Chinese users. The Sina Weibo sharing feature is quite similar to the existing Twitter which can be used as a social network platform for sharing. Users only need to login in Sina Weibo account once and then share contents to Sina Weibo through system apps or third-party apps including Safari browser, iPhoto, image preview, Mac App Store, etc. which own the SHARE button.

Built-in iCloud Document Storage Service
Mountain Lion allows you to log in Apple ID for iCloud account setting when turning on Mac at the first time. iCloud can let Mac and iOS achieve real-time synchronization of Contacts, Bookmarks, Calendar, etc.. Meanwhile, the new iWork suite such as Pages can show files in iCloud when turning on, and the files can also be organized with file folders.

New iMessage
iMessage function is added to Mountain Lion, which allows message sending and receiving with iOS 5 devices. This is also the first version of the OS to support Facebook sharing

The new Reminders function that is added to iOS 5 is applied to Mountain Lion as well. It helps users remind of some specific matters and iCloud synchronization is supportable as well.

Power Nap
Power Nap can achieve auto update and synchronization when users are off work, for example, falling asleep. In addition, it can save the data automatically in the state of charge. This technology is only applied to the second generation MacBook Air and the new MacBook Pro.

Notes Apps
Support photos, accessories, as well as rich text formats etc. Hyperlink can be added conveniently as well. All can be synced to iOS devices through iCloud.

Inform Center
The new added Inform Center in iOS 5 is also transplanted to Mountain Lion. Calendar, Email, news, notification, Facetime, Game Center, App Store, Twitter and third-party apps notice will appear on the right side of the screen based on your settings.

Game Center
The most popular Game Center has been transplanted to Mac which is used to recommend friends and games for users. Game Center can also let users realize cross-platform gaming, so Mac user, iPhone users can iPod Touch users can play online games simultaneously. In-game voice chatting function is also available.

AirPlay Mirroring
In Mountain Lion, Apple adds Air Play function to Mac. So when your Mac and Apple TV are within the same network, Air Play icon will exist at the right of the tool bar, by clicking on it Mac screen can output to HDTV.

For malicious software, Gatekeeper function is added to Mountain Lion, including download validation, safe Safari browsing, program blacklist and etc.

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June 13, 2012

Focus on Apple WWDC 2012: Apple iOS 6 with Siri Chinese Support and Built-in New Map

The new generation mobile operating system iOS 6 is finally released by Apple during Apple WWDC 2012. Brand new built-in 3D map and Siri Chinese voice input functions are integrated in this new operating system. The devices it is compatible with including iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3 (the new iPad) and iPod Touch 4.

Brand-new 3D Map App
The new Apple map application is based on vector drawing which is quite similar to the new map Google released last week. It supports rotation, zoom, satellite 3D live view and 3D modeling view. Within 3D imaging map, it supports gesture zoom and revolving, you can either have a bird’s-eye view of the city panorama from different angles, or have a 360-degree browsing on a single building. In addition, Siri is added to this new map. It provides real-time monitoring on traffic flow and it is with 1 million business information and information card display.

Support Siri Chines Input
Within iOS 6, it supports languages from 15 different countries and regions. For Asia, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese are added. Seen from the live demonstration, the new Siri has connected to China LBS database, supporting to search for related business information. Besides iPhone 4S, the new iPad is added to Siri list as well.
In addition, Siri also provides database of sports, shops, restaurants and movies. Another new feature is Eyes Free. It needs cooperation with car manufacturers. Siri button can be installed in the car interior, for example, on the steering wheel. Through this you do not have to look down at your phone and touch screen to fulfill Siri activation when driving a car. There has been a car manufacturer promising that this function will be installed to car within the following 12 months.

China Localization Custom
iOS 6 is similar to Mountain Lion that integrates Sina Weibo. It can share photos and other data to website with one key. This function is similar to the existing Twitter. As to search engine, Baidu, Youku and Tudou video sources have been added to.

Safari Function Upgrade
Safari is remarked by Apple as “The most popular and the best browser globally”. This time there are some function upgrades on Safari.
● Added iCloud tabs which support offline list reading.
● Supported image uploading via website end, image thumbnail will pop up after clicking on “View”, you can choose to upload what you want.
● Supported full screen website browsing under landscape mode.
● Intelligent software pop-up window: you can search for related applications based on the current web page, and apps will be presented at the top.

Photo Flow Sharing Support
iCloud can automatically save up to 1000 photos, but it does not support photo sharing. In iOS 6, only by simple clicking on the share button, you can share any photo to you friends. And your friends will receive notice, the photos shared will appear in his photo collection as well, comment is supportable. Photo flow is no longer a simple memory function, but also with social concept. And if the latest Mountain Lion is employed by your Mac, you can also fast share these photos to iPhoto and other image processing software.

FaceTime with Operator Network Support
Finally, iOS 6 FaceTime supports operator network. Before this, FaceTime only supports video call under Wi-Fi, you must jailbreak to install third-party plugin to realize 3G network mobile video call.

Text Message to Make Phone Unanswered
It is quite common to see this function in smartphones from other platforms. This function is first added to iOS 6 this time. Within the calling interface, you can get to the Refuse option by dragging the unlock bar upward. In addition, there a reminder setting to remind you of the missed call after you arrive at or leave somewhere.

Do-not-disturb Mode
When this mode is on, the new message coming in will not light the screen or ring the bell. You can set a fixed time period, for example, from 12P.M. to 6 A.M., the do-not-disturb mode will turned on automatically at that time. If you are worried about missing phone call with this mode turned on, iOS 6 provides you with Repeated Calls. If two calls are made within 3 minutes, the telephone will ring then.

Information including movie tickets, coupons, boarding pass etc. are integrated in Passbook, in the form of dimensional barcode, which is convenient for scanning.

June 5, 2012

Top 10 Apple WWDC 2012 Forecasts: iPhone 5 New Hit Possible

It is reported that Apple WWDC 2012 will be held from June 11 to June 15. As usual, Apple has not explained what products will be released in advance. But there are already many rumors flooding on the internet about what products will be unveiled. Now let’s take a peep at top 10 Apple WWDC 2012 forecasts in the following.

1. Mac OS X Puma
Apple plans to spend most of the time on discussing about Mac OS X Puma. Why? Because it is the right operating system Apple employs to complete with Windows 8. And it is with the best safety performance undoubtedly. Therefore, it is a perfect choice inevitably.

2. Apple iPhone 5
It is still hard to say what the release day of Apple iPhone 5 is. Statements from some experts indicate that Apple is bound to demonstrate the new generation iPhone during WWDC 2012, while other experts saying that Apple will not debut the new generation iPhone until autumn. Anyway, we have got hint that Apple will talk about the new iPhone device on WWDC 2012 at least.

3. iOS 6
It is likely that Apple will make a discussion on iOS 6. The anticipation for iOS 6 may surpass the new generation iPhone according to survey. The new iOS 6 may be safer, with improved interface and other improved functions. To sum up, comparing to the previous iOS 5 there will be a big leap on iOS 6.

4. Siri Improved
Apple’s Siri platform is still a beta version. So sometimes it runs slowly and it is difficult to provide users with the correct answers. We expect that Apple WWDC 2012 is the best opportunity for Apple to release totally new or improved Siri platform. Once Siri jumps from the beta version to the official version, it is for certain that it will bring users with more benefits.

5. New MacBook
Apple MacBook product line is going to become the high-end computer product in the market currently. However, Apple has not considered releasing a new MacBook until now. Is it possible that Apple will demonstrate new MacBook on WWDC 2012? Based on the possibility that Apple will reveal Mac OS X Puma, Apple WWDC 2012 will be the best chance to release MacBook.

6. Focus on Apple TV
According to the rumors that Apple is preparing to unveil Apple TV in the following months. However, the exact problem is that Apple has never confirmed the fact that they are developing Apple TV. So the release of Apple TV is more like a mystery. Although Apple is not likely to show Apple TV on WWDC 2012, there is indication that Apple TV is within the plan.

7. The New and Improved iOS Apps
One of the advantages of WWDC 2012 lies in that Apple has chance to demonstrate new apps and other software functions. This year Apple will impress developers and fans by showing the new and improved iOS apps.

8. iCloud Improvements
Apple iCloud platform is remarked as the best ever. Within it users are able to achieve data synchronization among multiple devices. Apple admits that lots of work when iCloud first debuted last year is still underway now.

9. iTunes Improvements
There are not dramatic improvements on iTunes in the past few years. Instead, Apple keeps the current status of iTunes and keeps making coins from it. However, it is quite necessary for Apple to provide some required upgrades and prove iTunes is the core of all its entertainment products.

10. Promote Apple
Finally, we can expect apple will take advantage of WWDC 2012 to promote the success of it. Without doubt, Apple CEO Tim Cook will introduce strong sales, application download and many other numbers.

May 15, 2012

Top 10 iOS6 Guesses

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Apple is going to hold WWDC 2012 in Moscone West convention center, San Francisco, from June 11 to June 15. The latest generation iOS6 operating system is likely to be released. And with the scheduled time drawing nearer and nearer, some rumors about iOS6 have flooded the Internet. And in the following there are top 10 iOS6 guesses.

1. Multi-user support
Since the advent of iPad, consumers keep complaining about the multi-user support insufficiency of iOS system. iPad users will often meet with such condition that they and their family members or friends are using iOS at the same time, so that private mail, important documents will be directly exposed in front of others. Even favorite individual settings are often modified by others which will bring inconvenience to users to some extent.
But the recent official reply from Apple to developers in E-mail clearly stating that multi-user support is actually one of the problems of iOS, and engineers are working for it. This is absolutely a piece of good news for the masses of users. It is believed that the problem will be solved in the upcoming iOS6.

2. To Integrate Chinese SNS
Social network plays a more and more important role in our daily life. For many young people they cannot live without social network for a single day, of course, this phenomenon is well known by Apple so it has integrated Twitter into iOS5. The foreign iOS users hope Apple will integrate FaceBook to iOS6, and for Chinese SNS users, they hope their social network will be integrated into iOS6.

3. To Make Siri Smarter
Siri voice control function has been released at the same time with iPhone 4S, but it has not been transplanted to iPad, the language support is also limited, and it is with single function not so practical actually. Now Siri is more like a stunt and it is hard for it to bring convenience to users.
In iOS6 system, multi-language support will be added and Chinese will be the first option. Siri should be integrated into iOS so as to send E-mail, to check the weather, search for content, run WiFi, and so on, so that to make Siri become a real voice assistant but not just a toy.

4. Run Programs on Multiple Windows
It is impossible to open multiple windows on iPad at the same time, but it is also the function many users are eagerly looking for. It will increase work efficiency as well as bring great convenience to users.

5. Add Shortcut Switch
It is quite complicated for iOS users to enable a function, so lots of users will choose to install plug-in via jailbreak, so as to fast enable or disable these functions. So it is quite reasonable for Apple to add shortcut switch to new iOS6 system.

6. Add App Store Shopping Cart
We all know that when you download the applications on App Store it will jump to the main screen directly. So when you want to download many applications you have to go forward and backward for many times. So App Store Shopping Cart is recommended to avoid this complicated process.

7. Start using 3D iMap
Google’s Android system has brought sharp impact to Apple and Google is also one of the biggest rivals of Apple, but Apple products like iPhone and iPad have adopted Google Map for quite a long time, so it is possible for Apple to abandon Google Map. In fact, Apple has purchased C3Technology whose technology can support 3D map imaging at the end of last year. It is likely that Apple will bring 3D iMap to iOS6.

8. Set Trick Lock for App
Setting trick lock for app is the best way to solve problem about privacy revealing. But only third-party developers will set password option for app so far. If your App password can be added to iOS6, it will protect user privacy much better.

9. Improve Notification Center
The main reason iOS system will be questioned is that its functions are too simple and the operating process is too complicated. We are expecting iOS Notification Center will make a great improvement.

10. Add Style Box Keyboard
The most anticipated feature will be adding Style Box Keyboard to iPhone. To achieving mutual switching between Style Box Keyboard and Full Keyboard in iOS6 will surprise users a lot.

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