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November 7, 2011

2011 Christmas Day Big Bomb:MOTO Xoom 2 Will be Issued for Christmas Video Enjoyment

The Thanksgiving Day will be coming this month, all the electronic retailers have been ready to arrange the discount activities for “Black Friday” shopping week, and various sales promotion pictorial posters had been endlessly emerged in the market. The European Carphone Warehouse has already posted the poster of MOTOROLA Xoom 2, however, this behavior aroused the attention of the public media for the reason that Xoom 2 has not been released yet.

It is predicted that the 8.2-inch Xoom 2 with 16 GB capacity and Android 3.2 system is expected to be launched at the price of 399.9 euros during the Christmas season, as one of the Christmas promotion activities.

Although the first generation of Xoom’s sales performance is not so good: 100000 units, however, it seems that MOTOROLA has not given up the market.

The Motorola Xoom 2 will be officially released at the scheduled time, and Apple iPad 2 is not only the first choice for you to enjoy so many awesome Christmas movies and home-made movies. You are also have the chance to get yourself a MOTO Xoom 2 as Christmas gift. Convert video to Motorola Xoom 2 and enjoy all videos on it may fulfill your upcoming Christmas holiday to a large extent.

OK, let’s wait for Christmas 2011 as well as this splendid Motorola Xoom 2.

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November 4, 2011

Droid RAZR Customized Version: Dual-core MOTO MT917 Exposed Publicly

For the reason that the MOTOROLA Droid RAZR with the thinnest body in the world and kevlar material has been released, many people hope that this dual-core cell phone can be on sale in domestic market soon. However, if you are a China mobile user, the genuine licensed version –RAZR MT917 of MOTOROLA Droid will bring you much surprise. According to the published information from the industry informatization department and telecommunication equipment authentication center, the genuine licensed version –RAZR MT917 of MOTOROLA Droid which was tailor-made for China mobile will not only upgrade the resolution of the touch screen to the top specifications720 p, but it will also be equipped with built-in 13 million pixel camera. To sum up, it is a type of authentic flagship smartphone.

8.5 mm Slim Body
According to the published photos of the industry informatization department and telecommunication equipment authentication center, there are some differences between the genuine licensed version –RAZR MT917 of MOTOROLA Droid which was tailor-made for China mobile and Droid RAZR on the aspect of appearance, especially the front side of it seems to lack of sense of edges, and the design style of MT917 is very closed to the one of MOTO ATRIX2.
Apart from some changes of the camera and speakers on the back side, there are still some differences between MOTOROLA MT917 and Droid RAZR on the aspect of their volume: the size of MT917 is 32.5×69.9×8.5mm, and it is a bit thicker compared with the previous 7.1mm slim body. But considering its major upgrades on the functions, it is powerful enough to let MOTOROLA MT917 achieve the reputation of “the world’s thinnest dual-core smartphone with 10 million pixels.

720 p HD Touch Screen
MOTOROLA MT917 is still equipped with 4.3’’ Super AMOLED touch screen, Gorilla glass for protection and waterproof coating. However, its resolution has been upgraded from qHD (960 x 540 pixels) to the same resolution with samsung GALAXY Nexus:720 p (1280 x 720 pixels), and it is self-evident that it will bring the shocking display quality .
Because MOTOROLA MT917 is the customized version which was launched direct at China Mobile, the cell phone will support domestic standard TD-SCDMA on the function of wireless network; and it will be compatible with GSM/GPRS/EDGE and provides wireless connection functions such as Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), DLNA transmission, Wi-Fi hot and Bluetooth 4.0. In the meanwhile, it is characterized with 16 GB capacity and memory expansion supporting.

13 Million Pixel Camera
AS another prominent feature of MOTOROLA MT917, the cell phone has upgraded the in-build camera to top level of 13 million pixels. Compared with the previous one, although the changes of the photographing function have not been known, there will be not much suspense on the functions of automatic focus and 1080 p HD video recording; And this point also makes the cell phone be the first dual-core smartphone with 10 million pixel in the world .What’s more, the customized version of Droid RAZR with only 8.5 mm slight body for China Mobile is persuasive enough to be the most powerful smartphone in the world.

1.2 GHz Dual-core Processor
MOTOROLA RAZR Mobile customized version– MT917 is also equipped with Android2.3 operating system, built-in 1.2 GHz dual-core OMAP4430 processor of Texas instruments and 1 GB RAM capacity, but it is not clear that whether the Droid RAZR’s irreplaceable design of batteries will be continuously used on this cell phone.
In order to let the thin body of the cell phone be tough enough, kay fulla fiber material has been adopted by MOTO MT917; and the material ‘s characteristics lies in the low density, high intensity, perfect toughness, high temperature resistant. So it is often used by military and manufacture industry, such as body armor, tanks, armored vehicles etc. Therefore, although MOTOROLA MT917 with this material is absolutely thin, there is no doubt about its toughness.

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August 10, 2011

Top 5 Tablet Computers for iPad Alternatives

If you are looking for tablet, iPad may be the first stuff you can remind of. In recent years, all things are about Apple products: iPad, iPhone, iPod. The hot trend of iPad will even stop you from considering other tablet computers. Actually, there are many tablets that can complete with Apple iPad. In the following there are top 5 iPad alternatives. I do believe that you can choose one that will meet all your requirements.

1. Motorola Xoom
It is the first tablet in the world that runs on Google’s Honeycomb. This tablet is already available in the United States and will be soon accessible in the United Kingdom. Whether it is the effortless process of adding widgets to a home screen or Gmail new version, Honeycomb is a very impressive piece of kit. Although you have to pay for with high price, you will actually get what you want. The WiFi version is limited to Dixons and Currys, and the 3D version is exclusive to Carphone Warehouse.

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2. Asus Transformer
It also runs on Android Honeycomb, Asus has used its Transformer product to try to steal a march on the Motorola Xoom. If you purchase this Asus Transformer, it means that you have got both a laptop and a tablet for your option.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab
The sales of the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab were not as ideal as the expectation, and the operating system was failed to meet with the potential. However, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab including 8-inch and 9-inch versions. It is with top-notch industrial design and the wide screen. It has strong competition.

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4. HTC Flyer
HTC Flyer is actually a classical version: the 7-inch format offers a stylus for note taking, for instance, and a new version of HTC’s acclaimed Sense interface. That means an enhanced version of Android plus, for instance, the ability to synchronize your written notes with an audio recording of a lecture or presentation.

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5. BlackBerry PlayBook
PlayBook is a tablet that BlackBerry had devoted a lot into. It is very impressive in today’s tablet market. If you are looking for a piece of tablet that can fulfill all your requirements, BlackBerry PlayBook is your best choice.

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July 15, 2011

Four-core MOTO XOOM 2 Exposed with 2048×1536 Super HD Touch Screen

Soon after the rumor that dual-core Motorola Droid HD will be equipped with 720p HD touch screen, there is another piece of news that Motorola is developing a new generation tablet which will be equipped with 2048×1536 Super HD Touch Screen. It is supposed that it will make a debut with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Super HD Resolution

According to media reports, this brand-new Android tablet will have the same weight and specification with the first generation Xoom. Although it will be with the same 10-inch touch screen, it will be with 2048×1536 resolution that will bring with more delicate displaying effect.

 Besides, Motorola is expected to apply a NVIDIA Tegra 3 four-core processor with faster processing speed to this new Android tablet computer, and also it is supposed to make a release with Ice Cream Sandwich system. Although the rumor has not been confirmed by the official, the 2048×1536 resolution supported by its touch screen not only surpasses Apple iPad 3 but also indicates that next year the Ice Cream Sandwich tablet touch screen resolution will meet with this standard.


What should be mentioned it that there is a mysterious MOTO tablet exists on Verizon promotion video, so it is possible that this new four-core tablet may be MOTO Xoom 2. It is reported that this new tablet with super HD resolution has stepped into the testing phase.

Android 3.2 Upgrade

Although the new Motorola tablet is so attractive to the ones who plan to purchase Android tablet or MOTO XOOM users, the release date of Motorola Xoom 2 still remains unknown, and the release of Android 3.2 lives up to expectations.

New Android Market Release

In addition to the coming of a new generation tablet, Google also has announced that a new Android Market will be launched in the following weeks. Comparing to the previous one, the new version has been greatly improved. At the same time, e-Book downloading and movie rental services are also accessible within the new Android Market and the services are only available in United States.

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