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October 18, 2011

Free Download Halloween Wallpapers 2011 to Welcome the Ghost Festival

Halloween 2011 is drawing nearer and nearer, you can even feel the terror haunts the streets at night. Halloween which falls on October 31 is a holiday normally associated with symbols like skeleton, pumpkins and activities like bonfire, costume party, “trick-or-treats”, etc. And you may be busy in considering what to eat during the daytime, what to dress at Halloween night and what activities to take at midnight. And another thing that can greatly stir up the Halloween atmosphere is decorate your desktop with Halloween papers. Every festive season, we’ll look out for related wallpapers to spice and refresh our desktop. We did that for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Easter, so Halloween is not an exception.

Halloween free desktop wallpaper does actually can add to your Halloween mood. If you are going to change your computer papers, why not decorate your desktop with some awesome Halloween PC wallpapers. In the following, there are some wallpapers about Halloween, free download Halloween wallpapers 2011 to welcome the ghost festival.

2011 Halloween Wallpapers 1

2011 Halloween Wallpapers 2

2011 Halloween Wallpapers 3

2011 Halloween Wallpapers 4

2011 Halloween Wallpapers 5

2011 Halloween Wallpapers 6

2011 Halloween Wallpapers 7

2011 Halloween Wallpapers 8

2011 Halloween Wallpapers 9

2011 Halloween Wallpapers 10

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December 29, 2010

Free to Download Desktop Wallpapers for the Upcoming New Year 2011

New Year features a new look, so people will often dress new clothes at the stroke of New Year. Similarly, in order to stir up the spirit of New Year 2011 all the things in the world will be adorned with different New Year Decorations. As a matter of fact, to dress up our desktops is also a rather good way to greet the New Year. Do you seek out some beautiful desktop wallpapers or awesome pictures to decorate your plain desktop?

One of the ways to find unique desktop wallpaper is to make it by your own. For instance, if you want to take beautiful pictures in the videos you shot you can take advantage of the screenshot function of Video Converter. You can successfully extract the pictures to serve as your desktop wallpapers. And another way is to download some festive desktop wallpapers or pictures. I will offer you a series of New Year Wallpapers in different themes to download:

New Year 2011 Wallpapers 1

New Year 2011 Wallpapers 2

New Year 2011 Wallpapers 3

New Year 2011 Wallpapers 4

New Year 2011 Wallpapers 5

New Year 2011 Wallpapers 6

New Year 2011 Wallpapers 7

New Year 2011 Wallpapers 8

New Year 2011 Wallpapers 9

So with so wonderful desktop wallpapers I’m sure you can fully enjoy the advent of the fantastic New Year 2011. What are you waiting for? You can either use Video Converter to get your personalized desktop wallpapers or directly download the above New Year 2011 wallpapers. Whatever you choose, enjoy yourself and Happy New Year!!!

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