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September 20, 2012

Something You Need to Know before Updating to Apple iOS 6

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The official download for the latest Apple iOS mobile operating system is available now. Do you know what you should do before you upgrade your devices to iOS 6? Some preparations needed to be done actually.

1. Updating to iOS 6 bases on iOS 5

According to the information issued by Apple, you do not have to connect to the PC via USB cable when downloading and installing iOS 6, what you only need are stable network environment and iOS system. That is to say, iPhone which has just updated its system can get access to the newest system.

2. Install iTunes 10.7 in advance

Apple has prepared the latest iTunes 10.7 for PC client to upgrade and install, so there will be enough time for users to update iTunes to the latest version right before the coming of iOS 6. For iOS 6, iTunes 10.7 is essential. If your iTunes has not been updated to the newest version, iTunes is not able to recognize your iOS 6 phone when linking to PC.

3. Backup before updating

If you want to backup user information, you only need to connect to PC by means of USB cable or wirelessly save it to iCloud. It is necessary to backup your important data, for what electronic products you have, there will be accident when a new system is installed.

4. Prepare for server error

It sounds a little bit horrible, right? Actually, there will be instant mass data package downloads, especially for iPhone which has huge amount of clients. You’d better wait, to avoid the information rush.

5. Bug in some applications

Apple is trying its best to update the applications with its partners, but it does not mean that all applications you are using frequently can run smoothly on iOS 6 system. Because there are many improvements in iOS 6 when comparing to the previous iOS versions, so it is quite possible that some applications are not compatible with the latest iOS 6.

6. Full battery power

In order to avoid the update interruption owing to low battery power, you have to make sure that your battery power is 100% gemmy blown inflatable .

7. Time available for update

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