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December 9, 2011

Top 10 Places for Christmas Vacation 2011

2011 Christmas Holiday is waving to us. It is a great time to spend with your family and friends. Being tired of spending Christmas at home year after year? Why not head to some stress-free places on this Christmas holiday? In the following, there will be top 10 great alternatives to spend your Christmas outdoors.

And before you start Christmas vacation, you should make some preparations. Daily necessities should be prepared in advance and check them two or three times before you start Christmas Vacation. There is another important matter, to use the camcorder or DV to record the beautiful Christmas time. To take a smart Video Converter to convert the Christmas video and edit it with multiple customized features, upload video to YouTube to share your happy Christmas time with your friends or you might also free to download YouTube video to share your friends’ happiness.

There are top 10 places for Christmas vacation 2011, check them and pick up your favorite one.

10. Boston
During the festive season, Boston, Massachusetts, lays on the New England charm thick, with snow-dusted cobblestone roads, locals feasting on roasted lobster instead of Christmas turkey and candlelight carols at the Trinity Church. The Sowa Holiday Market, which features works made by New England artisans, is a great place to get Christmas shopping done.

9. London
Oxford Street offers one of the best (and most crowded) Christmas shopping experiences in the world, with thousands of shoppers jostling to get into 300-odd shops while baking in the glow of Christmas lights.

8. Hong Kong
Hong Kong may take top billing when it comes to having one of the most commercial and unauthentic Christmases around, but the city has its strong points.
Most shops are open even on Christmas Day, allowing residents to do Christmas shopping at literally the last minute. Many expats are out of town during the Christmas season, which means your favorite watering hole is probably quieter than usual. And let’s not forget the brilliant Christmas light displays on buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour, and the 30-meter Swarovski crystal Christmas tree in Central, which tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents and Mainland Chinese tourists love to gawk at.

7. New York City
No Christmas destination list would be complete without a mention of the Rock at New York. The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is probably the most famous in the world and is illuminated by five miles of lights starting the week after Thanksgiving.

6. Sydney
For those who think snow is overrated, how about singing carols on a beach while chugging ice cold beer? Christmas occurs during the thick of summer in Australia, with average temperatures in Sydney hitting 25 C throughout December.

5. Las Vegas
Las Vegas offers its tourists the best of everything that is needed to have a memorable Christmas vacation. With almost everything being larger than life, your Christmas is sure to be an event in itself, if you spend the vacation in Las Vegas. This trait makes it one of the top ten destinations for Christmas.

4. Rome
Rome offers traditional Christmas celebrations to its visitors. The churches are beautifully decorated during the festive season. Special prayers are offered at the churches, to mark the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. If you want to celebrate Christmas in genuinely religious way, then set your trail towards Rome, the capital city of the European nation of Italy.

3. Quebec
Quebec City is 400 years old, walled. The cobbled streets lit, the stone house from the 16-17 century and snow everywhere, all have helped it become a place where the air is very similar to Europe to play Christmas of birth.

2. Vienna
Traditional warm air washed to every corner of the city of Vienna every Christmas, as soften the hard lines of color royal architecture with sparkling ornaments. There will be up to three outdoor Christkindl markets where vendors sold crafts and decorations at night. Visitors fueled by food shopping trips and a glass of gluhwein – spicy wine, usually hot drink.

1. Caribbean Islands
Caribbean Islands is undoubtedly one of the best places to go for Christmas. The destination boasts of having 2500 mile-long chain of islands, in the crystal blue Caribbean Sea and some of the best beaches of the world. Celebrating Christmas in Caribbean will surely be an experience for the lifetime.

November 8, 2011

AT&T Issues BlackBerry Bold 9900, Curve 9360 and Torch 9860

The Blackberry fans’ long-anticipated Bold 9900 and Torch 9860 will be on sale respectively as $200 (contract price) and $100 (contract price) in AT&T on November 6th. And the inexpensive Curve 9360 can be bought with 20~30 dollars in November 20th.

Among them, Bold 9900 will be equipped with 2.8-inch VGA screen, 1.2 GHz processor and720 p video support; and Curve 9360 only collocates with 2.44-inch screen(480 x360) and 800 MHz processor; In addition, it is remarkable that BlackBerry 7 system will be gradually used on the upcoming Bold, Curve and Torch versions.
Bold 9900

Curve 9360

Torch 9860

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August 1, 2011

Watch 3D Movies of Any Kinds on 2011 Summer Vacation with the Help of Leawo 2D to 3D Converter

Summer vacation is just underway, and with the end of Harry Potter series movies, it catches with sorrowful breath. And with the upsurge of some great movies such like Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, Kongfu Panda 2, this summer vacation never can be said lonely. How do you spend your summer vacation? Go traveling is always an option that can not be omitted, but it does cost money. If you can not afford it, you can have another good choice, which will also enrich your summer life to a large extent. Seeing movies, especially those hot movies you have seen in the past. You may ask like this why I should watch those movies again since I have known the whole movie scenes. Yeah, the point is that, now you have the chance to watch those great movies in 3D stereoscopic image but not 2D plain image. This summer vacation, with any sorts of 3D movies, you can actually let your mind fly with the memorable scenes and indulge in the wonderful plot. How can you convert 2D movies to 3D movies? The brand-new Leawo 2D to 3D Video Converter is your “Mr. Right” or “Ms. Right”.

3D videos and 3D movies are more and more adopted in digital life. Common 2D videos can not meet with the requirements of life-like video effect displaying. In order to meet with the demand, Leawo 2D to 3D Converter comes to the fore that helps you to convert 2D videos to 3D videos. You may already have some movies downloaded with 2D images, want to watch them in 3D stereoscopic image? Then turn to Leawo 2D to 3D Converter right now!

How to convert 2D to 3D videos?

  1. Download, install an run the 2D to 3D software. Load the 2D movies you want to convert to the program. Choose an output format in “Profile”.
  2. Click on “3D Settings” icon on the toolbar and go to the setting panel. Various 3D setting modes (Red/Cyan, Blue/Yellow, Interleaved, Side by Side) are provided for preference. 3D depth effect adjustment is allowable as well. Click on “OK” to finish the 3D settings process.
  3. Back to the main interface and click on the big “Convert” button to start 2D to 3D conversion.

You can also add some video editing features to the output under “Edit” button. The output 3D video is compatible with some 3D TVs and other 3D display devices, so you are enabled to enjoy high-quality 3D video freely, and which can really be said as an awesome 3D video visual feast.

I do believe that you can master the 2D to 3D conversion quite well. Now get ready to enjoy 3D movies without limit on the summer vacation.

July 29, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Review: Lady Gaga Cried on Dancers’ Performance

So You Think You Can Dance is an American dance competition as well as a reality show that airs on Fox in the United States. This TV series started from July 20, 2005. All competitors have to go through a rigorous audition process. And when the competition comes to the end, there are about 10 to 20 dancers of different styles are selected to complete on TV nationally. During the final course, the dancers are assigned various dancing styles and partners each week to test their versatility.

This TV series is popular around America and recently Lady Gaga was invited as the special guest to the hot show, and moved by the dancers and their endeavor on dancing, she cried on So You Think You Can Dance Live Show. The dancers were in 12 performances and let’s have a review on some dancers on So You Think You Can Dance with the pop female singer Lady Gaga on the spot.

Sasha & Pasha – Quickstep (Jonathan Roberts)
The beginning of their dance was a little bit over exaggerated. And although it was an excellent dancing performance it could be forgotten soon.

Caitlynn & Ivan – Hip-Hop 9Marty Kudelka)
The dancing style is of reminiscent mood, just as the song they chose. And Ivan is more like a contestant rather than a star.

Jordan & Ade –Jazz (Tyce Diorio)
Tyce implemented all of Jordan’s flexibility and sex kitten attitude to her full potential. The assisted lifts and jumps looked easy with Ade easily lifting and throwing her around.

Melanie & Neil – Contemporary (Mandy Moore)
They two coped quit well with each other and did an excellent job. The best part was Melanie’s leap into Neil because of how much time she spent in the air before Neil actually caught her.

Ricky & Anya – Jive (Jason Gilkison)
The dance was fast and the flicks were in full effect. Usually Anya looks too mature for her partners, but the combination of her hair and Ricky’s joy covered it up. Ricky lacked bounce and it was noticeable because of his height.

Jess & Lauren G – Lyrical Hip-Hop (Nappy Tabs)
The beginning with the rose wasn’t the best and the some moves emphasized by the beat didn’t work until the chorus section side-by-side choreography.

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May 3, 2011

Beautiful iPhone Cases to Dress Your iPhone of Any Versions

White iPhone 4 has been released recently and the shelves have been cleared on the first release date. It is no doubt that iPhone has created a lengend on mobile phone market. The release of iPhone 5 and the release of iPhone 6 are within the near future. Apple thinks what you think and develops what you hope to get. Owning an awsome iPhone has been a hot trend nowadays and dressing your iPhone with beautiful iPhone case must be a necessity. I have prepared some beautiful iPhone cases in the following. You can pick up one below and purchase one as your iPhone case.
iPhone case 1

iPhone case 2

iPhone case 3

iPhone case 4

iPhone case 5

iPhone case 6

iPhone case 7

iPhone case 8

iPhone case 9

iPhone case 10

iPhone case 11

iPhone case 12

iPhone case 13

iPhone case 14

iPhone case 15

iPhone case 16

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April 7, 2011

Top 10 Android Games Mobile Phones

Motorola Atrix, LG Optimus 2X and Samsung S II and other popular mobile phones are about to sweep across the sales counters all over the world, bringing the next generation Android mobile phone which will clear the way for Android games. In the following I will list the top ten Android games mobile phones.

Disposing of the idea that Android phone will cost you a lot of money, the Android mobile phones selected below are on different price level so you can find out the one you want though you are embarrassingly short of money.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Xperia Play is the first and the only one Android phone that focuses on game function, without keyboard and with game controller instead.
As an unofficial PlayStation mobile phone, Xperia Play offer users with a perfect portable game world: namely it is touch screen device as well as PSP go-esque controller.
Xperia Play should become the one which is infatuated by Android game players for is has made a promise that it will optimize the game comprehensively for new system so as to improve the ability of operating PlayStation 1 era classic game.

Samsung Galaxy S

Seen from a distance, you can take it as iPhone 4. From a closer view on the layout of the menu icon, you can treat is as iPhone 4 as well.
Compared with standard LED, AMOLED leaves people with matchlessly deep impression. Exposing in the sun, Galaxy S is clearer than Apple “i” series products.
The hummingbird processor and the quick reaction to touch screen means that Galaxy S is the best choice among high-end Android games currently.

HTC Desire HD

Undeniably, Desire HD is the phone that owns the clearest and the most magnificent screen except iPhone. The 4.3-inch large screen makes it a great beast.
It is the fastest device with the most powerful functions at present. Equipped with 1 GHz processor, 768MB RAM, it is able to perfectly run any games. With typical HTC based applications, the battery lasts more than one day.

HTC Incredible S

Another works from HTC, Incredible S runs on the old version Android. But the excellent 4-inch 480*480 resolution screen, the powerful processor and 768MB RAM make up for this flaw. It has quite a satisfying photographic quality simultaneously.

Samsung (Google) Nexus S

With plastic texture and extremely concise design, Nexus S is super-thin and fashionable when seen from the front side likes a household article of Tupperware when seen from the back side. It has 16G memory but without an extra microSD card slot.
1 Ghz hummingbird GPU which is similar to Galaxy S, guaranteeing the smooth operations of various applications.
As Google’s favorite, Nexus S will get access to the latest Android upgraded version comparing to the other mobile phones.

HTC (Google) Nexus One

If the lack of card slot on Nexus S annoys you much you can turn to Nexus One. Although it is only with 4G memory, it is equipped with 32G memory card.
From the intelligent angle, besides the old Snapdragon chipset and a track ball, it has nothing new comparing to other mobile phones. As a result, Nexus One is much cheaper than Samsung Nexus S.

HTC Desire

Despite of the lack of big framework and clear picture quality like the other HTC family members, HTC Desire can still be remarked as a powerful mobile phone: 3.7-inch screen, excellent processing ability.
Although the Snapdragon CPU/GPU can not output the latest 3D images and the touch screen can not react as fast as HD, it is much cheaper and with cute appearance.

Motorola Defy

Having an unshakable market position, Defy impresses people in operating speed and memory capacity. It becomes the most competitive device in the mid-range mobile phone market for it is cheaper than the high-end device.
Perhaps it is not favorable to all users, but the 800 Mhz processor and high-resolution display ability make it a good choice for those who have a limited budget.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

It is a theoretical game mobile phone with relatively high processing power (800 Mhz). It may run slowly sometimes because of RAM space deficiency but no one get the exact value. Nonetheless, what is important is that it can run “angry birds”.

Motorola Milestone

It is called Droid in the United States. This rough and inflexible stuff is one of the first Android devices shown to the public.
Its ability has been exceeded a long time ago but the second-rate chipset necessary for games still remained.
It is incapable of smoothly run the latest released 3D games, but Milestone is able to cope with it if you are not care about the fancy images and only want to play games fro relaxation.

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