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October 17, 2011

2011 Halloween Costume Ideas Rounded up: Say Hello to Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011 is right around the corner, I think you must be busy in seeking for a special costume for 2011 Halloween. A special Halloween costume will help you to attract attentions from other people which will let you shine during the Halloween night. Where to get the Halloween costume ideas? May be you can get some inspirations from the hottest movies. Some creative Halloween costume ideas will be stirred up. Let’s take a look at some Halloween costume ideas in the following and to see whether you can get some inspirations from it.

The Mad Hatter Costume (Alice in Wonderland)
The movie has received a lot of interest and so this year with the Mad Hatter options available Halloween will be a little madder and plenty of hats to go around. Just a little mad, with a hat. Here in the image is the enimical Dark Mad Hatter.

Men’s Flight Suit Adult Costume (Top Gun)
Absolutely it is suitable for people in every age group who is with the heart to fight for something. Try this costume which will make you look like a warrior or a solider.

Jake Sully Adult Costume (Avatar)
Jake Sully costume includes khaki colored jacket with cuffed sleeves, attached shirt, mask, pants and attached tail. No matter when you dress it you will be a shinning spot among the crowd.

Jack Sparrow Adult Costume (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Get into Pirates of the Caribbean costumes this Halloween for a look that is straight out of the movies! When you put on it, it seems that you are just like an actual pirate.

The Joker Grand Heritage Collection (Batman Dark Knight)
The Joker from the Dark Night costume is one of the all time best villain movie costumes. Grey shirt, green vest, purple jacket, matching striped pants, tie, wig, purple gloves and made up kit are included.

Except for the above Halloween costume ideas, you can also try out: Gothic Vampire Plus Elite Collection Adult Costume, Iron Man 2 (2010) Deluxe Adult Costume, Kick Ass Movie Costume, Toy Story – Buzz Lightyear Prestige Adult Costume, Toy Story – Woody Deluxe Adult Costume, Harry Potter Deluxe Robe Adult Costume and etc. A suit of awesome Halloween costume makes you dazzling among the group. Want to keep the special 2011 Halloween image and share it with your friends on portable devices or on the internet? After you have shot the Halloween video then you make need a Video Converter to convert the video to make it playable anywhere. Then what are you waiting for? Just take actions to pick up your favorite 2011 Halloween costume to welcome the gruesome Halloween 2011.

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October 11, 2011

Top 10 Great Works Steve Jobs Contributed to the World

According to the news of oversea media on October 6th (Beijing time), the former CEO and founder of Apple Inc –Steve Jobs has passed away today. And the American Fortune magazine has made an inventory of ten main ways that Steve Jobs used to change the world. Specific as follows:

1. Design
Steve Jobs has paid much attention to the design of the products. He has been conscious of the fact that consumers will be attracted by the excellent appearance of the products. No matter they are motor vehicles or computers, people are willing to purchase the more beautiful things compared with the congeneric Products. Profit from his original vision, Steve Jobs has the capacity to bring beautiful products to users. During the process, he has proved to all competitors : If you want to catch up with Apple, the products that possess both exquisite appearance and originality must be produced.
It is proved that the design concept of Steve Jobs is completely correct. the body-integral design to Apple’s notebooks has made them become the most popular laptops design, and the latest Macook Air was touted as the best embodiment of a perfect design.

2. Music
Apple has introduced iTunes in 2003, and the application has greatly changed the ways that people acquire their music. The perfect combination of iTunes and iPod has also been an effective purchase way to the customers. At present, iTunes has become one of the world’s biggest music retailer, and it has more than 200 million registered users and more than 15 billion times songs purchases.

3. Personal Computer
The Apple II that was developed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak was one of the most successful Apple’s early personal computers ; since then ,this kind of fashionable computer has changed the work and life style of people. By September 2011, it is expected that the sales of Mac machine will reach to an unprecedented quantity of 4.4-4.6 million in this quarter.

4. The pacemaker of future post-PC era
Similar to the example that Steve jobs used Apple II to make personal computers start to popularize, Steve Jobs also use iPad to promote the world to be developing toward post-PC era. Indeed, the iPad has all the elements of success: a portable device, an almost perfect operating system and a reasonable price. The sales of iPad has reached to 14.7 million in 2010, however, in last quarter, the sales of iPad also ushered 183% of swell, so it is an very good interpretation of people’s needs to a portable device.

5. Advertising
In recent years, apple’s marketing strategy may be its most success. It should be said that this success has laid a foundation since the 60 seconds global shocking “super bowl” advertising that directed by Ridley Scott was broadcasted in 1984 . This television advertising of “super bowl” that premiered on January 22nd, 1984 was though as “the first historical event marketing case” by the temporal CEO John Sculley of Apple . That is to say, the concerns that caused by the sensational effect of this promotion has been comparable enough to the product itself .

6. iPhone
The revolutionary iPhone that introduced in 2007 has completely defeated RIM’s blackberry .According to the information, Steve Jobs had taken part in every detailed design of the early design period of iPhone, and the research and development costs of the iPhone is as high as 150 million dollars.

7. Apple Ecological System
The “ecological system” concept may be the biggest technology heritage that Steve Jobs left to the world. This idea is quite simple actually — to integrate the hardware and software closely in a tight structure, and to bring the best use experience to the users. Such as iTunes, thousands of users download music through iTunes, and store it in iPod or iPhone, then it can creat a ecological system.

8. Mac OS
The operating system of Apple is always more simple than other brands. In fact, all versions of Mac OS system are derived from Steve Jobs R&D achievements when he was worked in “NeXt “. At present, Mac OS are favored by numerous customers because of its usability and stability.

9. App Store
Ten years ago, when the first Apple Store was opened around the world, no one believed that it can get such a great success. At present, apple has already owned 345 stores in the global range during the past ten years. There is no doubt that such a great success has its inseparable relationship with Steve Jobs’s early careful study of the layout of Apple Store .

10. Apple Inc
The biggest contribution of Steve Jobs can not be simply measured with a revolutionary smartphone, a tablet computer or operating system, the greatest legacy that he left to the world is the Apple Inc itself. The present IT giant enterprise with 12000 employees has ever faced the plight of collapse, but the giant “stood up” miraculously again after Steve Jobs coming back in 1997. and it then surpassed many famous enterprise ,such as Microsoft and HP. It can be said that this is the largest “resurrect” case during commercial history.
The construction of Apple’s new office building “the spacecraft” headquarters may be the best example to explain the innovative design of Apple Inc , it is expected that the headquarters will get the ratify of local municipal committee, Cupertino, California in the end of 2012 , and the construction of the headquarters will be completed in 2015 according to Apple’s plan. The new headquarters covers an area of 280 square feet, and it can accommodate 13000 people, in the meanwhile, Apple called it as ” extraordinary, inspiring working place of 21st century “.
“I think we have the chance to build the best office building in the world” Steve Jobs said to the journalist before his death.

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