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March 12, 2012

Apple Using More Advanced Technology to Suppress iTunes 1080p Video

1080p TV shows are available on Apple iTunes, and there is analysis saying that Apple has adopted more advanced technology in video suppression so as to make video content size without excessive inflation. Not long before the release conference, Apple has formally announced that iTunes supports 1080p (1920 x 1080) video content which will be 1.5 times as 720p (1280 x 720)video.

Although video quality has been greatly improved, video size has not been improved markedly. The reason lies in that Apple takes the advantage of high-end H.264 video compression technology as well as new high-quality decompression algorithm, which are realizable on Apple TV, iPad and iPhone, and make an improvement on the use standard of some old devices.

Apple’s new iPad, iPhone 4S and iPad 2, which are equipped with A5 processor or above, supporting high-quality H.264 video technology, with decoder level 4.1 and the bit rate can be set to 62.5 Mbps to the maximum. And the new Apple TV is using mononuclear A5 processor, with bit rate level 4.0 (25 Mbps). By comparison, apple’s A4 processor equipment iPhone 4 supports bit rate level 3.1 (14 Mbps).

There is no obvious difference between iTunes 720p TV show and 1080p TV show in some cases, but when referring to detailed contrast there is distinction. In the following, there is a picture contrast: 720p:1080p, the former is with 743 MB size and the latter is with 856 MB size. In addition, 1080p image and word sharpness have been improved.

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March 8, 2012

The New iPad Event Sum-up: iPad 3/iPad HD IS Beyond the Expectation

Apple issued The New iPad today in San Francisco, main technical parameters are as follows: Retina display, resolution 2048 x 1536 ratio, quad-core A5X chip, 3.1-million-pixel front-facing camera, 5-million-pixel rear camera, 1080 P video support, 4 G LTE high-speed network support, 9.4 mm, weighs 635 grams, 10-hour battery life, 9-hour under 4 G. The WiFi version sells at $499 or above, and additional $130 will be added to the 4G version. It will be put into the market on March 16, China HK is included.

iPad which has reached 15.4-million-unit sales result in the fourth quarter last year receives great concerns. Today in San Francisco Apple new CEO releases the new iPad with significant performance improved while the price will be identical with the previous iPad 2. This new iPad is not given a product name, neither iPad 3 or iPad HD, even until the end of the iPad launch event Cook calls it as “the new iPad”.

What different from the speculation is that the new iPad does not give up the Home button and is without 3D display support. Siri is not transplanted to the new iPad fully. What consistent with the rumor is that the new iPad adopts quad-core A5X processor and employs 2048 x1536 HR Retina display. The new iPad is a little bit heavier than iPad 2.

Performance greatly enhanced & standby time remained

Apple global marketing vice president Phil Schiller explains this latest A5X processing chip: the graphics chip is covered in it, and it is a multi-core product with performance four times as Nvidia Tegra 3.

In display effect, high resolution brings 3.1-million-pixel display effect which exceeds the level of high-resolution television. So you can freely convert video to iPad for ultimate visual enjoyment. 1080p HD video recording function is included in the new iPad. The poor camera performance problem in iPad 2 has been greatly improved.

As to software, there are still many upgrades occurred in the new iPad which including six language input support, 4G LTE support and more. Apple will launch iPad versions with AT&T and Verison 4G network support respectively in the United States.

The weight of the new iPad will be increased due to the improvement on its performance. But Phil states that the new iPad standby time will not be reduced so it can achieve at least 9-hour standby time under 4G network.

With the same price as iPad 2 and iPad 2 is with $100 price off

The price of the new iPad is the same with iPad 2 as expected, starting at $499. In addition, $100 will be cut off iPad 2. This is the usual pricing rule of Apple when there is a new product launch event. In the United States, the new iPad WiFi version will be $499, $599, $699, and the 4G version will be $629, $729, $829. The sales price is corresponding to 16GB, 32GB and 64GB model.

Sales start from March 16 in 36 markets

Apple has prepared a lot for the new iPad sales. Phil Schiller states that the new iPad will be put into market in 36 countries and areas simultaneously from March 16.

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March 7, 2012

Free Download International Women’s Day Wallpapers, Images, Photos and Background Pictures

It will be so dull to face the machine-parsable desktop screensaver, so no matter you are an office guy or the stayathome type, you need to decorate your PC desktop with new wallpapers. Decorating your desktop with fresh wallpaper definitely has a mood-enhancing benefit. With the upcoming of International Women’s Day 2012, get ready to pick up one International Women’s Day Wallpaper, Image, Photo or Background Picture to welcome the festival. I have prepared some for you in the following.

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2012 International Women’s Day Gifts Ideas: Well-chosen Presents for Her

2012 International Women’s Day Gifts Ideas: Well-chosen Presents for Her

Hooray, it is International Women’s Day again, unique for female compatriots. Marked on March 8 every year, it is a great chance to show respect, appreciation and love towards women. Have you prepared something special for your female friends, mothers, girlfriends and wives? The annual festival for female may bother lots of guys. Buying something expensive will be a waste of money, sending something ordinary will be out of innovativeness, so what stuffs will be more suitable for celebrating this special for female? So with the development of high technology, sending gifts is not limited to those wheezy stuffs, you can find something new to send as gifts. In the following, I will list some unique presents for you and I am quite sure that you can pick up one and send to your special “her”.

Memories for Her
May be you and her have spent thousands of moments in the past days, so of course there are so many video clips which carve your beautiful memories. Picking up those beautiful memories for her may be one of the most awesome gifts for her. You can burn video to DVD/Blu-ray disc for locking the beauty, convert video to iPad HD new and laugh with her again, upload video to YouTube and share your happiness with others, etc.

Diary—Save What’s Happening Now 
Many women love to write daily happenings. If your unique “her” loves to maintain a diary, gift her one to make her jot down all the events and memorize them forever!

Cook for Her
None of the ideas can work best than cooking for her on the special day. Give her a break from the kitchen work by cooking! You can prepare her favorite recipes and treat her like a princess or queen! If you are not so good at cooking, you can also download YouTube Women’s Day recipes and follow.

Shopping with Her
Every woman is a shopaholic though many may not accept it. This is one of the all time famous and hit ideas to celebrate women’s day. Take the woman of your life out and let her shop.

You can also choose gifts according to the need of woman. Some people give home apparatus, clothes etc during Women’s days. What you need to do is to select the best one suitable for the woman whom you are giving the gift. Enjoy the female day!


March 6, 2012

Quad-core HTC One X Is Bound to Make A Debut with 4.7-inch HD Display

With the upcoming of release date, more and more information about HTC One X begins emerging gradually. In addition to the detailed functional specifications mentioned before, overseas media pocketnow makes an exclusive disclosure on the official pictures of this smartphone.

Incorporeal Button Design

Seen from the pictures exposed this time, the phone is a little bit different from the previous exposed one in appearance. The integral style of it has no obvious changes when comparing to other HTC phones. The unibody design is introduced to it and the difference lies in that this phone employs full touch operation mode without button. Besides the volume button and the power key, no extra buttons can be found. It is said that the user experience of it will be similar to Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
Simultaneously, HTC One X has reached the top level in current industry. It is equipped with 4.7-inch touch screen, supporting 720p video recording and playing. In addition, it takes the second generation S-LED product as touch screen material, and the virtual key is shifted from standard four-key mode to three-key mode.

1.5 GHz Quad-core Processor

As the first HTC phone which is equipped with quad-core processor, HTC One X carries NVIDIA Tegra3 quad-core processor. The feature of this processor is that it adopts the variable symmetric multiple processors under NVIDIA patent technology. It features four main cores and one coprocessor, the latter takes charge of standby, sleep, backstage mail, system inform and other basic works. When the system load is beyond its limit the four main cores will intervene in sequence, mainly responsible for game, picture rendering, video clipping and more tasks.
In addition, the overall performance of this processor is five times as the current Tegra 2 platform. With the additions of ARM MPE media processing engine and NEON media and signal processing technology support, the video compatibility and 1080p full HD video decoding ability has been greatly improved.

HTC Sense 4.0 Interface

HTC One X also has built-in 8-million-pixel camera, BSI sensor, f2.2 large aperture and LED fill light, and the above mentioned enable you to obtain excellent photographing results even under dim light. Automatic focus and 1080p HD video recording are supportable as well.
HTC One X also has 1 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM capacity, but does not support memory card expansion. It is running on Android 4.0 operating system, be equipped with the latest HTC Sense 4.0 interface. It will not only use new control interface but also bring new contents to email, the guest mode and the integrated DropBox. In addition to 50GB cloud storage capacity, the integrated SoundHound music recognition software and Beats sound technology will definitely bring a more excellent sound quality performance to this phone.

Available in April

Other features of HTC One X including HSPA network which supports 21 Mbps downloading speed and 5.76 Mbp uploading speed, 1.3-million-pixel front-facing camera, video call support, gyroscope, bluetooth 4.0 technology, NFC near field communication function, Micro-a SIM card and 1800 ma battery. According to earlier media reports, HTC will be available in April this year.

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March 1, 2012

Apple Sets iPad 3 Launch Event on March 7: Third-generation iPad Tablet on the Way Now

“We have something you really have to see. And touch,” read the invitation, which continues Apple’s tradition of keeping its invitation text cryptic.

As rumors expected, Apple has sent out invitations to the media for an event next Wednesday, March 7, where it’s expected to launch the next iPad. Part of an iPad screen is showed on the invitation background, with a finger poised over the Calendar app, which is set to March 7. If the background is a photograph of the iPad 3 and not digitally manipulated, it hints that the tablet will not sport a physical home button, as have earlier iPads.

Focus on iPad 3 lunch event:
1. iPad 3 Specification true or not
The most likely function of iPad 3 is “Retina” HD screen which doubles iPad 2 screen resolution, up to 2048×1536. The screen upgrade and 4G LTE network connection will lead to a thicker body than iPad 2. As to processor, Apple observers expect iPad 3 will adopt quad-core A6 processor or dual-core A5X processor.

2. Whether Home button is disappear
In the letter of invitation Apple sent, a small part of iPad body shows up. The exciting point is that the image shows no Home button on iPad 3. But it is also probably that Apple only shows the profile of this device so the circular Home button on the glass panel can not be seen.

3. Whether iPad 3 supports Siri
Earlier reports said that iPad 3 will support Siri speech assistant function. But then the story does not appear again, we don’t know whether it can become a reality.

4. iPad 2 price-off promotion
The Best Buy has cut $50 off iPad 2 of different versions. Apple has also cut $100 off the first generation iPad last year after the release of iPad 2. So if the new iPad makes a debut, Apple retail stores will take the lead to cut $100 off iPad 2.

5. Other products, Apple TV or iPod
Apple TV set-top box has been sold out in Best Buy and it will not be sold in Walmart, so the market predicts that Apple is going to release a new Apple TV so as to replace the old one. The new product may support 1080p video content.
In addition, iPod players are on sales promotion in Best Buy. Although the outside world does not pay much attention to iPod and Apple has never updated iPod since September 2010, it is possible that a new iPod will be released during iPad 3 lunch event.

iPad 3 prices, on-sale dates and naming are likely to be disclosed March 7, let’s wait and see.

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