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December 26, 2010

Watch Hollywood Movies for Free and with Accelerated Speed

Well, as we all know there is no free lunch in the world, there are no free movies too, in the cinema!

However, fortunately we have internet! Bingo! As we all know again, there are many free resources we can grab from internet, for example, free software, free songs, free wallpapers, free articles, etc and our topic today – free Hollywood movies!

Right now, I know some people are wondering already: What? Don ‘t tell me you are going to teach me how to watch free Hollywood movies online?! No way, everybody knows how and this is a little bit……silly!

Wait a second, you are right, I’m going to teach you how to watch free Hollywood movies online; but you are not 100% right cause i’m actually about to teach you how to watch free Hollywood movies online from rare source and with accelerated speed.

That is the essence of this article – the rare source and the accelerated speed! Just admit it that we don’t have complete access to every single website in the world no matter the obstacles are from government control or politics influence, or other sensitive factors. For example, is one of the excellent but inaccessible Chinese free movie websites for non-china resident visitors. While speaking of speed, it is a forever headache for most movie fans due to the limited bandwidth and heavy traffic.

Besides, I have to stress another thing, that is movie-related watching and managing experience. Although watching free Hollywood movies on line is the main step, don’t miss out to have funs with other bonus-like features such as searching, converting, downloading and so no.

Ok, no more beat around the bush, a great utility I’m going to introduce today, with the ability to visit rare movie source website, the accelerated speed and the extra movie management – Leawo Video Accelerator!

The following detailed tutorial will reveal the secret of how it works as a complete solution for handling online free Hollywood movies.

Step 1: Launch the program, you will get the direct access to free Hollywood movies from the default program homepage.

Step 2: You can easily and precisely find your favorite movie via the following ways.

Step 3: Besides Hollywood movies, you can also enjoy the recommended YouTube videos.

Step 4: Select a movie to play, you will be directed to Ignore the following prompt and click “Video” tab after few seconds.

In “Video” tab, enjoy the selected movie playback with the accelerated speed brought by the built-in accelerator.

Step 5: You may notice that during the movie playback, the program has started to download it at the same time. It is a special and useful technology that guarantees a fast and stable movie downloading and converting process afterwards.

Download to your appointed folder:

Convert from flash video FLV to other popular video formats:

Burn it to DVD disc for backup:

Hope you will have a pleasant and unforgettable Hollywood movie watching experience!

Leawo Video Accelerator Pro V3.1.1.4 is Faster to View Youku Videos & More Accurate to Delete Temp Files

Leawo Video Accelerator Pro V3.1.1.4 enables the foreign IP users to browse, watch, accelerate and download youku videos in much faster speed and provides dual modes to delete temp video clips in case of file lost.

Shenzhen P.R.C-Nov, 19th, 2010-Leawo Software Co., Ltd.( a professional multimedia solution provider and an award-winning video/audio converting software supplier, today officially announces the release of the newest version V3.1.1.4 of Leawo Video Accelerator Pro that can help foreign IP users visit youku in a smoother and faster way and facilitate to delete the unwanted video clips from temporary directory with maximum flexibility.

Leawo Video Accelerator Pro is the ultimate program that can handle online flash videos thoroughly. It specializes in speeding up the playback and downloading process of online flash videos in the format of FLV. It can accelerate HQ and HD videos too like the ones from YouTube and other video sharing websites. Due to the technology of multi-thread processing and temporarily saving the videos to local PC, it’s considered as a video downloader and video manager as well, which enables users to search, browse, and play videos directly inside the program.

When it works as an internet browser with sidebar and a flash video downloader – just as same as other regular web browser, it can be used to visit any target websites with fast speed, rich settings and the newly-added sidebar to save browsing record for future reference. The new version is specifically enhanced to visit one of the biggest video sharing websites Youku flawlessly out of China using foreign IPs. Besides, to download videos from Youku, and other video-sharing websites like YouTube, Google Video, etc becomes extremely fast as well with just a click.

When it works as a video accelerator – due to the exclusive technology of temporarily saving the browsed videos in local computer buffer directory, it speeds up video playback and downloading process dramatically. However, no matter how big the buffer directory space is, there is a limit. Therefore, the new version offers either auto or manual way to delete video files in temporary buffer directory in case of file lost when: the disc space where the temporary buffer directory is less than 3G or the total video size saved in temporary buffer directory exceeds 10G.

Summary of Key Upgrades of Leawo Video Accelerator Pro V3.1.1.4

1. Updated the way the foreign IP accelerates and downloads videos from
2. Added the function to delete video files in temporary buffer directory in auto or manual mode.

Pricing and Availability of Leawo Video Accelerator Pro V3.1.1.4

It costs as low as $19.95 after the current discount and with the full compatibility to Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista and the latest Windows 7. A free version is also available for downloading via the link below.


Company Website:
Product Webpage:
Product Download Link:

Contact Person:
Leawo Software Co., Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer

December 15, 2010

Leawo Video Accelerator Brings Fastest Watching Experience of Free Hollywood Movies&Hot YouTube Videos

Leawo Video Accelerator just launched the brand-new program homepage where the customers can have access to hundreds of free Hollywood movies and most-viewed YouTube videos with the accelerated speed and excellent quality.

Leawo Video Accelerator has always been considered as the all-inclusive tool for handling online flash videos. It integrates the functions of flash video player, downloader, converter, manager and burner.

As the release of this free Hollywood movies and hot YouTube videos searching webpage, Leawo Video Accelerator has successfully extended its capability to searching area, which will definitely provide a convenient way for customers to search and enjoy Hollywood movies for free.

Easy Access to Free Hollywood Movies

Everytime when Leawo Video Accelerator is launched, uses can have easy access to Hollywood movies from homepage. This movie webpage is also accessible from any browser by entering its URL(

Rich Free Hollywood Movie Options

The movie database contains hundreds of classic Hollywood movies categorized in action, horror, love, war, comedy, cartoon, fiction, adventure, history, documentary and so on.

Flexible Ways to Find the Right Movie

There are four available ways for movie fans to find their favorite: from movie list labeled “Hot Movies“, from slidable bar labeled “Recommended Free Hollywood Movies“, from “More Movies” button and the last, from “Search” button.

Faster and Comfortable Movie Watching Experience

With the built-in accelerator and FLV player, there won ‘t be any freezing interruption or buffering deadlock during the movie playback. A smooth and fast movie enjoyment is just a click away.

Erase the Barrier of Visiting, one of the biggest and world-famous video sharing websites, also the origin of all the movies that recommended, unfortunately is not reachable by some visitors due to region-control. However, Leawo Video Accelerator is an exception. The unique technology used in it guarantees a region-free access to the source site regardless of visitor ‘s geographical location.

More than just Hollywood Movies

Besides free Hollywood movies, users can also watch the hot YouTube videos directly in the program with frequent update and accelerated speed as well.


Leawo Video Accelerator can actually do much more than searching and watching movies, it is also capable of downloading, burning and converting movies to other popular formats for playback on various devices.

Company Website:
Free Hollywood Movies:
Leawo Video Accelerator Download:

December 14, 2010

Flash Demo of Leawo Video Accelerator

Check our flash demo of Leawo Video Accelerator, the great combination of downloader and accelerator of online flash videos.

Click here to download Leawo Video Accelerator now for free and enjoy!

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