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December 14, 2010

Share The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) on More Pop Gadgets

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse set for release on June 30, 2010. The film premieres just over 18 months from the last film installment, New Moon. This film is a fantasy –based romantic thriller, and third film in the Twilight Saga film series, based on the books by author Stephenie Myer.

Even though The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has been in theaters for almost 20 days that hasn’t stopped fans from viewing it when they can get their own personal copy. Many fans may have already enjoyed this movie in the theater or the PC. However, if you want to review this movie on the way or something like that, then what do you have to do?

Now, I’d like to give my advice. Just a click away, then you can enjoy the movie at anytime and at anyplace. This perfect tool is Leawo Easy Video Converter Suite. It is an all-round video converter for video and audio conversion among dozens of popular formats. In this way, you can play The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on iphone, ipad, psp, ps3, zune and many other pop formats. Therefore, to share the Twilight Saga: Eclipse on the go is one finger operation.

Meanwhile, you can also do some instant editing of this fantastic movie. For example, you are able to adjust the video effect and trim the duration and so on as you like. It will be very interesting to be an editor of your favorite movie.

So,you just need go to Leawo homepage and download this converter. After you download it to your desktop, click the “trial” and you can experience it for free. What’s more, you wil feel very happy from the bottom of your heart to enjoy The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in such way.

July 15, 2010

iPhone 4 still ranks the first as its concerns grow

iPhone 4 was officially reseased during the hot 2010 World Cup. Many people have great zeal for it jus like the passion that they have devoted to their favorite teams or players. so lot’s of fans go to purchase iPhone 4. And that’s why AT&T announces that all their iPhone 4 have been already sold out.

However, it sames that with the end of World Cup this portable device also “take on a new look”. The more people use, the more problem come up. Many users have found the hot-selling device’s reception signal is not very well if it touched in a certain way.

But, the company has said all cellphones suffer some signal loss when cradled in different ways, and suggested that a software glitch might have misled users by overstating signal strength. Judging from the sell amount, such sayings seem very effective. The fact is that some brand cellphones also have poor reception. And the most important thing is that iPhone 4 has many other powerful functions that attracts so many customers. As a result, iPhone 4 is appraised as the most intelligent cellphone, according to the poll.

Here, I prefer to mention one of its practical features- HD video recording. I believe most people are familiar with it. Then, how do you enjoy HD video on your iPhone 4 smoothly and quickly?

If you have a HD video converter, it may become an easy case. Among so many converters, I recommend Leawo HD Video Converter that enrich your life to enjoy HD video on your iPhone 4 at anytime and at anyplace. You just need to have a try. What’s more, downloading this setup for free just costs your two minutes.

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