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May 10, 2011

Google Is Going to Make an Announcement for Its Online Music Service

According to the news, Google plans to launch its own online music service which is similar to Amazon online music service released recently tomorrow at the soonest. Like Amazon, Google has not signed a licensing agreement with the top four record companies. There may be a system that has the similar function with remote hard disk included in Google online music service.

It is reported that Google online music service users can listen to the music in “streaming” mode, but Google music downloading is forbidden. Apparently Google hopes to fight against piracy by doing this. It is quite possible for Google to release online music service during Google I/O meeting. Initially, this music service will be in a testing mode and will not make a large-scale application in the near future.

The season Google is bound to reveal online music service is right on the point of Apple is negotiating about music authorization with giant record companies. It is still unclear when Apple will announce online music service that is similar to Amazon’s, but most of the technical work has already been done.

European music service Spotify AB has been trying to negotiate with the record companies about authorization issue so as to launch music service in America, however, it has not been settled down up till now.

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March 28, 2011

Google Internally Testing Music Service: Google Music Coming Soon?

Google Music is a music service similar to Apple iTunes, through which users can receive the services of enjoying the legal copy of streaming media music and downloading music. Recently, there is source that Google is organizing the internal testing for this music service which indicates that Google will likely roll out this remarkable Google Music in the near future.

Google has made a demo for this music service in Google I/O meeting last year, but unfortunately it has not been officially released yet. Two weeks ago, XDA BBS developers accidentally discovered Google Music streaming media service when transplanting Honeycomb Android operating system. According to the people inside the industry, Google Music being found in XDA BBS is just an engineering version which is different from the official version that will eventually release.

Although it has been put into the internal testing which shows that Google Music release is able to achieve technically, the biggest problem Google could have faced is the lack of music content. Google has contacted with four big record companies one year ago, hoping that the release preparation can be done at the end of 2010. And in earlier this month, Google has ever planned to make a demo for this service in Texas SXSW music carnival. But due to the hard introducing of music content, it finally bogged down.

Google internal testing is certainly a good piece of news for the long-expecting users. Another piece of news said that Google new CEO Larry Page will send Google Music as a gift to the global users in the coming April. And it is quite possible for Google to launch Google Music in I/O developer conference in May.

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