10 Best FMovies Alternatives to Watch Movies and Shows in 2024


    This guide will introduce you to 10 different options for watching movies and TV shows in 2024, such as FMovies. Afterward, we will show you how to gradually download movies.

FMovies has always been a very popular site for people to watch movies and TV shows for free. Still, many of the users are searching for better options as they know FMovies is not always legal and shut down a lot. Therefore, for 2024, this guide gives 10 safe and easy-to-use FMovies alternatives for you to enjoy streaming to the fullest.

Part 1: Is FMovies Legal?

FMovies to some extent is operating on the edge of the law. It allows you to watch many movies and TV programs, but it usually doesn’t have the needed license. You could possibly infringe copyright without knowing, and it is illegal in many countries.


In this way, people who use these websites may face legal issues and also the risk of malicious software. That’s why it is best to seek legal services that can also provide a safe and great viewing experience.

Part 2: 10 Best FMovies Alternatives in 2024

Now, let’s see what are the best 10 alternatives for FMovies that can be accessed in 2024.

1. The Roku Channel

The Roku channel offers a range of free movies and TV shows from different eras, ranging from old popular programs to new ones. As part of the Roku environment, it works perfectly with Roku devices and can also be accessed through websites and mobile applications.


Users can enjoy high-quality materials without paying a penny, as revenue comes from advertising. The Roku channel is also regularly updated. In short, watching its entertainment programs is safe and legal.

2. YouTube

YouTube is the most popular website for sharing videos in the entire world. There are always a lot of legal free movies and TV shows on YouTube, and you can try to explore the “free to watch” category as well as other channels.


With a vast database and powerful system, it is super easy to find new videos on YouTube. YouTube is a legal and simple way to watch videos for free, as it can be used on almost any device.

3. Tubi

Tubi is one of the best streaming websites for free. It has a lot of films and TV shows from big companies like MGM, Paramount, and Lionsgate. The website tries its best to make sure that users can get high-quality content.


Tubi offers a variety of programs from comedy and action to drama and horror, which is why it remains an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys watching TV. Tubi is easy to use and can be used by many devices, such as computers, mobile apps, and smart TVs.

4. Popcornflix

On Popcornflix, you can watch a lot of movies and TV shows for free because its revenue comes. On the app, you can find action, comedy, drama, horror, and family-friendly shows. Popcornix is known for having a clean and simple interface that makes it easy to explore and watch media.


Popcornflix’s regular updates and well-thought-out shows also make sure that there is always something new to watch. It is without a doubt a great option besides FMovies.

5. Pluto TV

You can watch movies and TV shows on Pluto TV, which also has more than 250 live channels. You can stream both live TV and videos, and watch them whenever you want. A lot of different types of content are available on ad-supported free services.


Due to its user-friendly interface design similar to the structure of traditional TV guides, it is easy to browse live and on-demand content.

6. Sony’s Crackle Sound

There are various free movies and TV programs on Sony Crackle, including original programs and content unique to the service. Sony Pictures provides support for its services, which also offer high standards of continuous entertainment. Crackle’s database includes well-known movies, classic TV dramas, and original works highly praised by critics.


7. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is the go-to streaming service for UK residents, and outside of the UK, there’s also a way to watch it. These platforms have a lot of choices where you can find the newest live broadcasts, documentaries, movies, and TV shows from the British Broadcasting Corporation. A UK TV license is needed to use its free service, and it offers high-quality streaming with nearly no ads.


8. 7plus

7plus is a well-known streaming platform in Australia. It provides the audience with access to watch various TV programs, movies, and live broadcasts of the Seven Network.


7plus supports different kinds of devices, including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and web browsers. Other than that, it has a clean and pleasant user interface. The platform is regularly updated, and therefore able to provide a good selection of content both at home and abroad. It’s undoubtedly an excellent choice for free streaming in Australia.


TVNZ supports consumers in New Zealand to view a wide range of TV series, movies, and live TV broadcasts for free. People benefit from the program because it’s supported by advertisements. On the other hand, it offers both local programs and international hits.
Other options for watching TVNZ include smart TVs, smartphone applications, and online desktops. If you are in New Zealand and want to watch the programs for free, TVNZ is an excellent option with its focus on high-quality entertainment.


10. Vudu Free

You don’t have to pay for a Vudu Free account to watch movies and TV shows. Vudu, which is owned by Fandango, lets you stream movies and TV shows in high quality.


Vudu Free is surely a reliable and legal alternative for streaming entertainment.

Part 3: How to Download Movies and Shows on FMovies

To download videos from FMovies, we recommend using CleverGet Video Downloader. CleverGet Video Downloader is an efficient tool that supports the download of videos from various streaming sites, including FMovies. Here’s how you can use it:

  • cleverget
  • CleverGet Video Downloader

    – Directly download movies up to 8K resolution
    – Support 1000+ sites like YouTube, Netflix, HBO Max, etc.
    – Support live video M3U8 link downloading
    – Multi-task and playlist download
    – Built-in browser and player
    – Advanced hardware acceleration
    – Easy-to-use interface

Step 1: Download and install CleverGet Video Downloader

Download the software from the CleverGet official website. After installing the software, open it.


Step 2: Go to FMovies and find the video

In CleverGet, open the built-in browser and go to the FMovies page. Find the movie you want to save on FMovies.


Step 3: Download the video

CleverGet can tell what video is being played. After clicking the “Download” button, you can choose the resolution and format you want. Get started by clicking “Download.” After the download is done, the video will be put in the output folder you choose.



Are these options to FMovies safe to use?

It is safe and acceptable to do all of these things. You can watch movies and TV shows without worrying about breaking the law, because they have the proper rights.

Do I have to pay for these services?

The vast majority of the services on the list offer free content with ads. There may be paid versions of some services that let you skip ads, get access to special content, or even improve the quality of the viewing. You can watch a lot of things for free, but if you want to get better, you can sign up for a more advanced course.

Do I need to use a VPN?

Using a VPN can protect your privacy and obtain materials that are typically blocked in that area, but not all services require it. By using a VPN, you can bypass location restrictions, ensure data security, and browse the network more securely. This is a useful tool, especially if you frequently move or live in places where it is difficult to find materials.

What types of devices can use these streaming services?

These streaming services don’t just work on web browsers: they also work on smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and Roku streaming devices like the Amazon Fire Stick and Apple TV. It makes sure you can watch your favorite shows and movies on the device that works best for you.

Is parental control in place for these services?

In fact, most of these sites have parental settings that you can use to control what your kids can see. With these options, you can limit access to some material based on ratings or make a profile for a child that only kids of the right age can see.


If you look for legal alternatives to Fmovies, you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows without worrying about breaking the law or getting in trouble. Roku channel, YouTube, Tubi, and other sites give you a lot of free content, so everyone can find something they like. CleverGet Video Downloader and other tools make it easy to download and watch your favorite shows and movies whenever and wherever you want.


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