Best Hindi Movie Song & Hindi Movie Song MP3 Download Sites

Many times, when we feel sad, moved, happy, etc. while watching a movie, it is not only the story of the movie itself that affects us, but the background music also plays an important role. As a result, we are impressed by the music in certain movies and even want to listen to it again after watching the movie. In addition, most of the background music in Indian movies from Bollywood are mainly cheerful elements, but of course there are also other types of songs. Therefore, this article will introduce in detail what I think are the best Hindi movie songs and how to download Hindi movie song MP3.

Part 1: Best Hindi Movie Songs

To break down what I consider to be the best Hindi movie songs, I would recall the events of the movie in which those songs appeared. So, let us reminisce about those wonderful Bollywood movies and take a look at the beautiful background music in them.

1.Give Me Some Sunshine

From the movie: Three Idiots
The movie Three Idiots can be said to be a world-famous Bollywood movie. When a classmate of the university where the male protagonist Ranche attended was preparing to commit suicide, the classmate sang this song, which is called Give Me Some Sunshine. This song expresses the helplessness of the suicidal classmate towards life and resistance to the education he received. However, even though the song expresses an optimistic and positive attitude, in the end the classmate still chose to commit suicide.

2. Aal Izz Well

From the movie: Three Idiots
This is one of my favorite Hindi movie songs because it has an upbeat tempo and great sound. When this song appeared, the movie was showing the male protagonist’s daily life in college, for example: he was playing and fooling around with his friends. Through the images of the movie and the song, our emotions were easily caught and we laughed together.

3. Zoobidoobi

From the movie: Three Idiots
I have to admit that the movie Three Idiots has a lot of excellent and impressive background music. This Hindi movie song appears after the hero and heroine meet, and the hero gradually falls in love with the heroine. The scene in the movie is very happy. The male and female protagonists sang this song together, and the audience also happily believed that the couple would have a happy ending.

4. Hannikaarak Bapu

From the movie: Dangal
Dad began to train Geeta and Babita strictly, not letting them do housework, but also deprived them of their childhood. Geeta and Babita’s childhood started to be so monotonous and boring, and it became very hard. Therefore, this song expresses the pain and sadness of Geeta and Babita towards this kind of life, and they pray that their father can let them go.

5. Dhaakad

From the movie: Dangal
When the song Dhaakad started playing, the story of the movie happened to be in the wrestling match, and Geeta began to sweep the male contestants all the way until she won the wrestling championship. Therefore, the rhythm of this song is relatively fast, which makes people more excited when listening to it. Of course, the movie scenes at this time are also exciting, so this song is perfectly integrated with the story of the movie.

6. Gilehriyaan

From the movie: Dangal
After Geeta won the wrestling championship, she went to the National Sports Institute to start a new life. Breathing the taste of freedom for the first time, everything is full of freshness, relaxed and comfortable. The song Gilehriyaan is different from the type of background music that appeared before in the movie. It shows the flavor of youth and reflects Geeta’s joy of enjoying college life and freedom after leaving her father.

7. Chicken Kuk Doo Koo

From the movie: Bajrangi Bhaijaan
In the movie, this is inserted into the background when the little girl secretly eats chicken drumsticks in a meat restaurant because the little girl cannot speak to communicate with people. The simple and interesting lyrics of this song are also specially interspersed with ventriloquism imitating the sounds of small animals, which makes it feel particularly playful and cute.

8. Tu Chahiye

From the movie: Bajrangi Bhaijaan
In order to help the little girl with Pawan, Rashika took out the money for her and Pawan’s wedding house. This song is cheerful yet tender, and it also reflects Lacika’s loyalty and courage in love, and her optimism and broad-mindedness in life. It also reflects Pawan’s firm commitment and love for his girlfriend.

9. Bhar Do Jholi Meri

From the movie: Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Pawan burst into tears when he heard this Muslim prayer song, which is also my favorite of all the episodes in the film. Listening quietly, pure and solemn chanting and praying can always make people feel the piety and reverence for faith, compassion and awe in the heart. In the end, Shahida returned home safely and reunited with her parents. This kind-hearted and stupid Indian young man used love to awaken the two countries and people who deeply hated each other.

10.Main Kaun Hoon

From the movie: Secret Superstar
This is a song that Isiah became famous through the recording of a video. It is a song about exploring one’s own worth. Isiah had no choice but to wear a burqa, but when she sang, she felt as if she had come into the spotlight, immersed herself in the music, and found her own dream.

Part 2: Best Hindi Movie Song MP3 Download Sites

After introducing what I think are the best Hindi movie songs, you might think that it would be great to be able to download them and play them offline anytime and anywhere. Therefore, here I will introduce in detail the 5 best websites that can be used to download Hindi movie songs.

1. YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a music streaming service developed by the video platform YouTube. YouTube Music mainly provides ad-free playback, audio-only background playback, and downloading songs for offline playback. Moreover, YouTube Music also has a Hindi music library, which contains new Hindi movie songs.

2. JioSaavn

The JioSaavn website features music in languages from all over the world, including songs in English, Hindi and Indian regional languages. In addition, the JioSaavn website also allows users to listen to all music online, and you can find almost all Hindi movie songs here.


The most prominent advantage of is that when you find a great Hindi movie song, you can browse the singers, directors, music directors, and composers related to the song on the website, which can help you find people of the same genre. of Hindi songs. Of course, the most important thing is that all songs on the website can be downloaded.

4. BeeMP3

Although BeeMP3 does not support users to listen to music online, it is still one of the best Hindi movie song mp3 download websites in my opinion. First of all, users can access all content on BeeMP3 for free without registering an account, and can easily download Hindi movie songs. In addition, BeeMP3 has millions of songs in its resource library, where you can enjoy music.

5. Saavn

As one of the best Hindi movie song download websites, the advantage of Saavn is reflected in its clean page. Users can directly search for Hindi movie song MP3 in its search box, then quickly download and listen offline. If you like to listen to classical Indian music, Saavn is also a good choice for you, because Saavn’s library has a lot of Indian pop tracks from the 1980s to the 1960s.

Part 3: How to Download Best Hindi Movie Song?

Now that I have introduced the websites where you can download Hindi movie songs, of course I will introduce to you here how to download Hindi movie songs from these websites. Under normal circumstances, when I need to download Hindi movie songs, I first use CleverGet Video Downloader . Although CleverGet Video Downloader is mainly used to download videos, what surprised me is that based on its powerful file parsing function, CleverGet Video Downloader can also be used to download music. In addition, CleverGet Video Downloader downloads files very efficiently due to its ability to download videos and music in batches. The following are the specific steps to download music files using CleverGet Video Downloader.

Step 1: Run CleverGet Video Downloader

Install CleverGet Video Downloader free into your computer and run it.

  • CleverGet Video Downloader
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Step 2: Open target music page

CleverGet Video Downloader includes a browser that you can use directly to visit websites where you can download Hindi movie songs, and then find the page where the Hindi movie songs you need to download are located.

Step 3: Download music

CleverGet Video Downloader will automatically detect information about files that can be downloaded on the current page, and then feed them back to a small window. You can select the music you want to download in this window, and then click the “Download” button to download it.

Of course, sometimes CleverGet Video Downloader still fails to parse music files, so I will choose to use its alternatives to help me complete the work of downloading music. This is Leawo Music Recorder. Although Leawo Music Recorder does not download music directly from the website, it can record music or audio from any source with high quality, and the related operations are also very convenient. Users only need to turn on the recording function of Leawo Music Recorder when playing a Hindi movie song, and then they can easily obtain a complete music file of the Hindi movie song.

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The background music in a movie can well set off the atmosphere of the movie story, making the audience feel like they are there during the movie watching. I have introduced what I think are the 10 best Hindi movie songs, and of course, there will be more new Hindi movie songs that will appear in Hindi movies. Maybe you have other Hindi movie songs you want to share with me, then you can leave me a message in the comment area and we can enjoy these beautiful music together.


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