10 Best Spanish Movies & Where to Watch

Spanish films and directors have won lots of honors, just like other parts in the world. However, there are so many options that it is difficult to make a decision which movie to watch. For this reason, we present a selection of classics and recent movies that are all rated well while being enjoyable to watch. In this guide, we will examine 10 of the best Spanish language films over. We’ve also listed the top streaming services and on-demand movies direct download websites where each movie can be currently watched. Let’s get started.

Part 1: 10 Best Spanish Movies of All Time

So, what are some best Spanish that you can watch offline or stream online in 2024. Here are some recommendations.


1. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)- Scary Spanish Movie

This film is a fantasy movie set during the Spanish Civil War. It centers on a young girl named Ofelia, who finds herself in another world of weird and scary creatures. While she discovers this new world, she also has to find her way in the turbulent political background that Spain was going through during war. The movie is an intricate symbolism that represents the awaken to fascist rebellion and power of imagination.

2. The Sea Inside (2004) – Romantic Spanish Movie

It is the romantic drama, based on a true story of Ramón Sampedro-the man who argued for his right to die. The film sees Ramón involve in a love affair with julia, who assists him in his battle for euthanasia. The film delicately depicts the themes of empathy, dignity and personal freedom which garnered several awards including an Oscar for Best Actor to Javier Bardem.

3. All About My Mother (1999) – Funny Spanish Movie

Here we have a black comedy-drama movie about Manuela, the mother of JJ who lost her son. The comedy and theme of the movie are family, love, acceptance—all from a heartfelt place. Manuela runs into a colorful bunch of characters, including Lola who is a transgender woman and together they become some kind of family. The film is an ode to life and the strength of human ties.

4. Volver (2006) – Funny Spanish Movie

This is another comedy-drama from Pedro Almodóvar, and the film follows a group of women who try to figure their lives out in relation. At the center of the film is Raimunda, a mother who has to deal with her dead mother ghost. The themes of family, secrets, and motherhood are explored in the movie as well Penelope Cruz plays one starring role. The movie is warm, witty and full of the power and defiance that women possess.

5. The Devil’s Backbone (2001) – Scary Spanish Movie

It is a ghost story, which takes place in the orphanage during Spanish Civil War. In this, the film about a young boy Carlos who uncovers sinister aspects of an orphanage and its dwelling ghost. This movie is a cautionary tale of horror that reckons with fears, traumas and redemption. It is a chilling and eerie film that will keep you glued to the edge of your chair.

6. Talk to Her (2002) – Romantic Spanish Movie

This best Spanish movie can be categorized as a romantic drama in which two men are trying to maintain their relationships with comatose women. The film traces Benigno’s life, a nurse in love with the woman Alicia and Marco who cannot let go from Lydia. Love, chance and miscommunication are poignantly depicted in the film where there is comedic subtlety with rich characters.

7. Spanish Affair (1974) – Christmas Movie in Spanish

Here we have the Christmas movie is Antonio, a lawyer trying to find his spark again. Through the Christmas season, it is an enjoyably fluffy and cozy film that talks about love, family dynamics as well as holiday elements.

8. Timecrimes (2007) – Scary Spanish sci-fi

This is a sci-fi thriller that follows Héctor, who travels back in time by accident. Time travel, paradoxes and their repercussions are the themes this movie discusses. It is a mind-bending thriller that will keep you guessing until the last second.

9. The Spirit of the Beehive (1973) – Romantic Spanish Movie

The romantic drama about Ana, young girl who wanders through her imagination and seeks to comprehend life, death fascism in Spain of 1940s rural. The film is a mysterious and emotionally intricate study of childhood, with gorgeous camerawork as well as chilling score.

10. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988) – Funny Spanish Movie

It is a black comedy centered on group of women trying to manage their lives, lovers and affairs in Madrid during 1980s. This best Spanish movie is a fun classic where Carmen Maura plays a significant role, and it addresses the issues of love friendship being woman. It is a humorous and occasionally absurd film.

Part 2: Where to Watch Spanish Movies Online?

There are quite a lot of websites where those who prefer to watch Spanish movies online can find hundreds, even thousands of titles in the language. Here are five websites where you can watch best Spanish movies online:

  1. PelisXD: This site has various Spanish movies, such as the old ones and those that are new in nature, users can download or stream directly from it.
  2. Fmovies: Fmovies gives users numerous Spanish movies, some of which are dramas, comedies and thrillers. You can also download from Fmovies to watch them offline.
  3. PelisPlay: PelisPlay is a website that focuses on Spanish films and has an extensive collection of movies, including indie flicks as well as big-budget Hollywood titles.
  4. YouTube: Users can watch a variety of Spanish movies on YouTube, that are available in either full length or clips versions for free.
  5. Amazon Prime Video: The Spanish films offered by Amazon Prime Video include contemporary and classic ones, which can be watched directly from the site.


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