[2024 Guide] Can You Download Facebook Reels Online?

Undoubtedly, Facebook Reels have revolutionized video sharing and expanded user reach like its competitor TikTok. And Reels have become a vital platform feature, allowing more and more users to unleash their creativity and engage with their followers. However, someone may be frustrated to find that they are unable to save Facebook Reels. If you are a Facebook user who wants to download Facebook Reels, or just want to help your friend with the process, you have come to the right place. Today we’ll talk about Facebook Reels and the way of downloading Facebook videos. Let’s dive in!

Part 1: Briefly Know About Facebook Reels

Generally, Facebook first introduced its Reels in September 2021, and launched it globally in February 2022. Facebook Reels is a new short video feature introduced by Facebook (Meta), similar to Instagram Reels and TikTok. Most of the features found on its sister social platform Instagram are provided here. What’s more, posting diverse short videos with a broad influence of up to 60 seconds for any creators is possible. Are you wondering the method to download various videos from other Facebook user’s account? Move on to unlock it below.

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Part 2: Can You Download Facebook Reels Online?

Facebook has emerged as one of the most widely used social network platforms, attracting users of all ages. Much flattering are the reels and videos, and with that comes the desire to download Facebook Reels. However, the platform doesn’t support or provide any direct way to download other creators’ or influencers’ Reels. Though it’s possible to download several videos for later reference with an internet connection, there’s no option offered for you to download them directly on your devices.

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1.Is it legal to download Facebook Reels?

In fact, if you own the video or have the permission to publish it natively in your Facebook page, you have the privilege to download Facebook Reels. In general, it is illegal to download and save Facebook Reels videos from Facebook or other social media platforms without the permission of the copyright holder. As most of the Facebook Reel contents are relying on the ad revenue generated through video views. Making a good video takes much time and effort. Simply downloading a video from Facebook and publishing it in your own Facebook page will be demeaning the Facebook publisher’s effort.

However, there are some exceptions. For example, it is legal to download Facebook Reels for personal use only. Therefore, it is important to check the terms of service of every social media platform before you get Facebook Reels download. In a word, the points to consider when deciding whether or not to download are the legality of app and the terms of service of the social media platform.

2.how to choose a trusted Facebook Reels downloader?

When it comes to downloading Facebook Reels, a trusted third-party tool is essential. Here are the criteria to consider when choosing a Facebook reel downloader.

1.User-Friendly Interface
Ensure that the tool is with positive user reviews and a user-friendly interface. You had better avoid tools with messy and complicated interfaces and opt for tools that enable you to simply paste the video link and download it with a single click.

Different videos and reels may have varying sizes, so choose a Facebook reel downloader that can handle heavy-sized files without any issues. And you can have some customization options, such as video resolution, size or format.

3.Privacy and Security
Prioritize the privacy and security of your data. You are supposed to choose a Facebook reel downloader that do not require account registration or sharing of account information, ensuring your data remains protected.

4.Device Compatibility
Ensure the Facebook reel downloader is compatible with all devices and browsers, regardless of their versions. Just consider the compatibility aspect to avoid any issues.

5.Downloading Reels in Original Quality
Ensure that you are allowed to choose the original quality option. Kicking off the app, then you can initiate the process of saving Reels in original quality as you like, if available, to preserve the clarity and detail of the video.

Before delving into the method of how to download Facebook Reels online, it’s important to note that the method described below is only for personal use and the downloaded content is used within legal boundaries. Please don’t break the intellectual property rights of content creators.

Part 3: How to Download Facebook Reels Online?

With a trusted Facebook reel downloader, you can feel free to access your desired content offline and playback engaging videos without an internet connection. Meanwhile, it allows you to share valuable and entertaining video with other people on different platforms. As for Facebook reel video download, I highly recommend CleverGet Video Downloader that offers both flexibility and accessibility.

CleverGet Video Downloader is a specialized Facebook reel downloader with a user-friendly interface. This reliable and stable Facebook reel downloader helps you save Facebook Reels videos without any quality loss. With the help of CleverGet Video Downloader, you can easily download Facebook reel video in any resolution you need on your Windows PC or Mac for offline enjoyment in minutes. It can even download 8K video and audio at 320 kbps without quality loss. Follow the step-by-step guide to download Facebook Reels.

Download and install this Facebook reel downloader on your computer. Then, run this tool to download Facebook Reels with ease.

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Step 1. Set Your Preference Before Downloading

Enter the settings panel before downloading Facebook Reels, click the three-dots icon “…” to select “Settings” option. Here you can set your preference including language and the output directory. Finally click “Save” button.

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Step 2. Playback the Target Reel

You can copy and paste the link of desired video into the address bar for Facebook reel video download.

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Step 3. Start to download Facebook Reels

After you have played the video, you can choose your desired option according to the automatically detected sources with different data. After that, click “Download” button to download.

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Overall, this CleverGet Video Downloader works effortlessly in downloading Facebook reel video with original resolution and info kept. Apart from Facebook Reels download, CleverGet Video Downloader can also help download almost all types of videos, like movies, music videos, and even live streams. All downloaded videos can be saved as MP4, MKV, or WebM files.

In conclusion, in the fast-paced world of social media, it is wise to stay updated with the latest features, which can make the most of our experience. As Facebook Reels and similar short video formats gain popularity, knowing how to download Facebook Reels becomes an essential skill. Equipped with the useful method for Facebook Reels video download, you can create a personal collection or share these videos with your friends. It is time to go ahead and make the most of your social media experience by downloading and enjoying your favorite Facebook Reels and videos with CleverGet Video Downloader.


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