Five Funcions that Google+ are Superior to Facebook and Twitter

According to oversea media, the technology blog VentureBeat listed and analyze five functions that Google+ are Superior to Facebook and Twitter, including Groups, Hangouts, Mobile Applications Function, Data download and Sparks in detail.

It seems that the technology fans were not satisfied with the Google+ which has been on line for a month. At present, Google are keeping seeking a suitable social strategy. Although Google+ has gotten much publicity and has attracted more than 20 millions users, however, it can not be compared with Facebook (750 millions users) and Twitter (200 million users) which are of long standing.
For the moment, several functions that Google+ are superior to Facebook and Twitter have been found , especially the aspects of privacy and video chatting.

1. Group
The function of Group is more attractive for the reason that it can help to realize the ruly managements of the followers and topics. With the help of this function, users can share his/her status updates on the specific group. For example, user can establish a “Music Buff” group to share his/her music videos.
Facebook and Twitter also have the function of selective sharing, but the function is a little complicated and chaotic. It is time-wasting to realize the function of one group upgrading even though it can be restrained on Facebook. And as for Twitter, there is no choice for users but to fully share personal information or fully keep secret.

2. Hangouts
Another function that has garnered particular attention is Hangouts; it is characterized of the free video chatting with 25 people (Max) simultaneously. Every participant will appear in the mini box and the head portrait of speaker will be on the top window.
Recently, although Facebook has leaded in the function of Video Chatting with the cooperation of Skype, it only supports the one-to- one chatting. Although the Video Chatting of Google+ has the largest marked “market share”,the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg implied that there will be more functions of video chatting. It is a pity that Twitter has not developed the Video Chatting function.

3、Mobile Applications Function
At present, Google has offered Android and iOS to service, and both of them have provided the superb support to Mobile users. It has the basic functions of upgrades checking and video admiring, in addition, the mobile applications is characterized with the Group Chatting function named “Huddle”. What the difference between Google+ and Facebook 、Twitter is that chatting with several people simultaneously is available by using Google+ Facebook mobile applications : You can draw up a plan or kill the time together.
Although the mobile applications of Twitter are very good, the restriction to network core function has hindered its performance on mobile devices. It is no bad to use the mobile applications of Facebook to view renewal and send information, but it still need to be completely updated if it wants to catch up with Google+.

4、Data Download
In mainstream social networks, Google+ is not the first to provide personal data download and convenient updating function. The bran-new Takeout service of Google allows users to download the personal saved datas from Google Server. For example, if the user wants to log out from Google + tomorrow, it can download the updated information commodiously before account cancellation.
Up to now, Facebook and Twitter did not provide the similar services.

5. Sparks
The Sparks should be one of the functions of Google+ that has not been fully used. According to personal interest or hobbies, users can find out the topics or the videos etc. that they like. There will be a button on the bottom of each content for sharing. User can share information with their group friends conveniently.
The spark topics are easily ignored for the reason that it is on the bottom of Google + left toolbar. People will have the impression of “drab and narrow” on it when enter the interface for the first time. It has set the interest such as riding, fashion, recipes, sports cars, Android and robot topic. But it also provides search column for users to search their interested topics on the top of the page.
It is not very convenient to search and share information on Facebook and Twitter. The two social network competitors always let the users to search information through other people’s information chain, in addition, they will share some new information with their friends through the expectant web sites.

Although there will be lots of work for Google+ to do in order to catch up with Facebook and Twitter’s popularity, but it has done a great number of proper things .The outstanding function above have shown that Google has made the right decision. But Google also made mistakes, such as it has ever prohibited the account of “pseudonym” user etc. Every movement of Google + will be certainly focused by Facebook and Twitter, and they will develop the appropriate functions in order to be up with Google+.

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