Instagram Story Viewer: Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously


    In this guide, we will explore a list of tools and methods that you can use to watch Instagram Stories posted without being noticed. There are a total of 10 ways to look at their Stories without them knowing. Other than that, we will introduce how to use CleverGet Video Downloader to download videos from Instagram.

We all like watching Instagram Stories posted, because we can see moments of the lives of important people. But there are always times when you want to watch their Stories alone and don’t leave any track. Using different online tools and methods, this guide shows you step-by-step how to do just that.

Part 1:How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

1. StoriesDown

StoriesDown is a user-friendly application. It enables you to see Instagram Stories without logging into your account. It is necessary to provide the username of the account whose Stories you wish to view in order for StoriesDown to display them. Considering that the program is compatible with public accounts and conceals your identity while you see the content of such accounts, it is an excellent option for viewing Instagram Stories if you would rather conceal your identity.


Here’s how to use it:

1. Visit the StoriesDown site.
2. Type in the Instagram account’s username to see its posts.
3. Press the “Search” button.
4. Look through the Stories without giving your name.

2. AnonStories

AnonStories is a simple and convenient method to see Instagram Stories without revealing your identity. It allows you to browse the stories of the selected account without having to register or follow them. Simply enter the username of the account you want to view.


AnonStories is good for both private and public accounts, so you can easily hide your viewing habits. On AnonStories, you can browse stories without attracting any unwanted attention or having any restrictions. No one can see what you are doing.

You can follow the steps below:

1. Visit the website for AnonStories.
2. Put in the username of the account you want to access.
3. Make sure you choose “View Stories”
4. Have fun with the Stories without making yourself known.

3. Anony IG Instagram Story Viewer

Anony IG Instagram Story Viewer is another great way to anonymously watch Instagram stories. You can search and view stories by simply providing your account’s login information. Its service is perfect for keeping in touch with public Instagram personal information while being able to preserve privacy. Anony IG will hide your track and provide you with a secure and private way to enjoy Instagram stories.


Here are the steps:
1. Go to Anony IG Instagram Story Viewer website.
2. Fill in the Instagram username that you want to watch and search.

4. InstaNavigation

InstaNavigation makes it easy to see Instagram Stories without being tracked. If you enter the account’s username, you can see their Stories without giving away your identity. This tool works well for both public and private accounts and is great for people who want to keep their behavior secret. InstaNavigation makes sure that you can look through Stories without anyone knowing.


1. Access InstaNavigation website.
2. Enter the Instagram username and click “search”.

5. InstaStoriesViewer

InstaStoriesViewer is a reliable and easy-to-use tool for watching Instagram Stories anonymously. Simply input the Instagram username, and you can view their Stories without being detected. This service is particularly useful for those who wish to keep their viewing habits private and is compatible with public accounts. InstaStoriesViewer provides a secure way to watch Instagram Stories without logging in.


1. Open the website of InstaStoriesViewer.
2. Put in the Instagram username to search.
3. View the Stories anonymously.

6. StorySaver

StorySaver not only lets you see Instagram Stories without being seen, but it also helps you save them. Simply by entering the username, you can view and share Stories without giving away your identity. You can read and save content from public accounts with StorySaver. In addition, StorySaver does a good job in keeping your actions private.


1. Go to StorySaver’s website.
2. Enter the Instagram username, and click “Download” for the stories.
3. Choose the Story you want to view or download anonymously.

7. Utilize airplane mode

Another simple way is to switch on the airplane mode on your phone while watching Instagram Stories. After the story loads, put your device in “airplane mode” to stop connecting to the Internet. Afterward, you can read the story without being seen. After watching, close the application and then turn off airplane mode. This allows you to view the Stories in a short amount of time without logging into any other tools.


8. Do a half-swipe

When you slide halfway, you can get a look at the next Instagram story although you don’t fully open it. Start sliding to the next story, but make sure to stop midway. In this way, you can actually see a part of the story without triggering a “seen” notification.


Although this requires some practice, it may be an effective way to approach the story with caution. This technique is most suitable for those who want to browse quickly and anonymously.

9. Use Instagram’s close friends list

If someone has already added you as a Close Friend on Instagram, it means that you can see their Stories in a secret group. When only a few people can see your thoughts, it gives you more privacy. But still, it depends on how private the poster is and whether they want you to be on this list. There are fewer options, but it works to watch Stories without being seen by more people.


10. Make a fake account

There’s a common way to watch Stories without being tracked: create one more Instagram account and pretend to be someone else. Simply follow the person whose Stories you want to see with your new account, which is with a different email address. You can then watch their Stories with the fake account whenever you want. Even though it takes more work, it is a very safe way to stay anonymous and private.


1. Create a new Instagram account with a different email.
2. Follow the person whose Stories you want to view.
3. Watch their Stories from the fake account.

Part 2: How to Download Videos from Instagram

CleverGet Video Downloader is the best tool to grab videos from Instagram without being tracked. It is a strong program that helps people quickly grab videos from many websites on PC, like Instagram. This software stands out because it is easy to use and has a lot of features that let anyone download high-quality Instagram stories without giving away their name. Without any trouble, CleverGet lets you save Instagram stories, posts, or live videos with just a few easy steps.

CleverGet Video Downloader works with many video types and sizes, so users can choose the quality that works best for them. CleverGet also makes sure that the download process is quick and safe, keeping your info and privacy safe the whole time. It works with many platforms and devices, which makes it easy for anyone to organize their best social media videos into their own personal video library.

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    – Directly download movies up to 8K resolution
    – Support 1000+ sites like YouTube, Netflix, HBO Max, etc.
    – Support live video M3U8 link downloading
    – Multi-task and playlist download
    – Built-in browser and player
    – Advanced hardware acceleration
    – Easy-to-use interface

Step 1: Set download directory

Kick off CleverGet after you have successfully installed it on your computer.


To change the directory, on CleverGet, click the 3-dot icon to enter “Settings”. On the pop-up “Settings” window, set download directory in the “Save Video To” box on the “Settings > General” tab.

Step 2: Copy and paste Instagram Story URL

Copy and paste the Instagram story link into the search bar, and CleverGet will provide you the login options as Instagram requires. Log in with your Instagram account and password. After login is completed, CleverGet will analyze the story link. Make sure you have entered a story link that could play back the target movie.


Step 3: Choose Instagram video to download

Once the analysis is over, there will pop out a “Download” interface that provides all available download options in different resolutions, formats, frame rates and sizes. By default, CleverGet chooses the best option for you to download, but it also allows manual change and multiple choices. Once you have chosen which video option(s) to download, click the blue “Download” button to start downloading Instagram Stories.



1. Is it okay to look at Instagram Stories without being seen?

It is usually legal to read Stories without being identified, but please be careful and follow these guidelines.

2. Are they able to tell that I looked at their Story without being identified?

The users won’t be able to tell that you looked at their Story, if you manage to follow the steps and tools given above.

3. Can I use these tools for free?

Most of the tools named are free, but some may charge for extra services.


With the right tools and methods, it’s so much easier to watch Instagram Stories without being seen. Be respectful when using these methods, and always value other people’s privacy.


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