Is Viooz Safe & How to Download Viooz Free Movies?

At present, those well-produced TV series or movies with wonderful stories will choose to broadcast on the most popular streaming media platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. Of course, the services of streaming media platforms like Netflix have covered almost all countries and regions in the world. However, due to the cost and the inability to watch great shows on streaming platforms like Netflix in some countries or some regions, people are left with alternatives like Viooz. However, people don’t seem to know about Viooz, so this article will introduce Viooz in detail.

Part 1: What is Viooz?

Viooz is a completely free online streaming website that allows users to watch the latest movies or TV shows on the website just by clicking the link without registering an account. In addition, an important reason why Viooz is popular with users is that the quality of videos watched online on Viooz can reach 1080P and above, thus bringing a very good video viewing experience to users. Of course, Viooz also has various problems, such as the transmission speed of some videos is very slow, many errors will appear during video playback, and so on. Therefore, when people use Viooz, they also use its other alternatives in case they are unable to watch their favorite content for a while.

Part 2: Is Viooz Safe to Use?

Although Viooz is a video piracy site, it does not require users to register an account to allow users to watch content on the site. Therefore, the probability of security issues of using Viooz is very low. However, Google recently banned Viooz from Mexico. Therefore, people in Mexico can no longer browse Viooz. Also, some countries consider piracy illegal. Therefore, if you want to download movies or TV shows on Viooz, you must not use it for sharing or profit. Of course, you’d better understand the relevant laws and regulations of your place of residence first to ensure that there will be no problems with this behavior.

Part 3: What Genres Does Viooz Have?

Of course, Viooz genres are very diverse. There are many genres of movies on Viooz’s website, such as: comedy, thriller, drama, etc., and those famous or unpopular movies you know can often be found on Viooz’s website. In addition, Viooz has classified movies and TV shows according to genre, year, country, language, etc., and you can find the Viooz movies you want to watch according to these tags. Of course, you can also enter keywords such as “Hollywood” and “Bollywood” in the search box to find a specific type of movie. In short, only when you actually use Viooz, can you know how rich the resource library of Viooz is.

Part 4: Best Viooz Alternatives to Watch Free Movies

Although you can watch free Viooz movies by visiting Viooz, many users have reported some problems. For example, when watching Viooz movie online free, there may occasionally be problems such as playback errors. Hence, people also use Viooz alternatives for these problems. Therefore, I will detail below which are the best alternatives to Viooz.

1. 123Movies

Just like its interface, 123Movies feels very fresh and comfortable. Being one of the best Viooz alternatives, 123Movies offers videos of very high quality, making it one of the most popular streaming sites. Users can search for movies in 123Movies based on genre, year, country, language and other options and watch them for free.

2. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is not only one of the best Viooz alternatives but also one of the best FMovies alternatives. SolarMovie will update its resource library from time to time. Therefore, users can often find the latest or hottest movies or TV series on SolarMovie. What’s even more surprising is that SolarMovie will add a comment function to the home page of each movie or TV series. After watching movies or TV shows, users can express their views or opinions, or read other people’s comments on these movies or TV shows.

3. PutLocker

PutLocker is known for completely free movie streaming. PutLocker’s library contains thousands of movies from filmmakers around the world. And, these movies cover almost all genres, including: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Animation and more. Similar to Viooz, PutLocker allows users to watch movies for free without requiring them to log in to an account.

4. GOMovies

I have to say, GOMovies is a great site. It can be used as a perfect replacement for the current popular streaming media service platform. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll be excited about GOMovies’ massive movie database. As a free video streaming platform, GOMovies covers many different genres of movies, such as action, adventure, sci-fi, war, romance, and more, and each genre has at least one recently updated movie.

5. PrimeWire

As one of the perfect alternatives to Viooz, the difference with Viooz is that PrimeWire requires users to register an account on its website. Of course, PrimeWire movies are all completely free. After logging into your account, you can simply click on the movie’s picture or use the search box to search for movies and start watching them.

6. Worldfree4u

Worldfree4u mainly focuses on providing movies from Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi dubbed and other languages. Of course, Worldfree4u’s movies are all free for users to watch, and users don’t need to register an account. Worldfree4u has a lot of movies about romance, superheroes, and war in the library.

7. GoStream

GoStream will regularly update the movies displayed on the homepage to attract users to watch. Also, GoStream allows users to leave their own comments or discuss movies with other users after watching a movie. More importantly, GoStream can also recommend movies to users personalizedly according to their preferences.

8. LosMovies

If you pursue the high quality of movie picture, sound, etc. and hope that the website can update the latest movies regularly, LosMovies is your best choice. As a completely free movie streaming site, the advantages mentioned above are the reasons why LosMovies is rated as the best alternative to Viooz.

9. FMovies

The homepage of FMovies is very similar to Netflix’s homepage, which is clean and very cool. You can learn what are the hottest movies and TV shows based on its recommendations on the homepage. Of course, the service of FMovies is also completely free.

10. FlixTor

FlixTor is very reliable, there are almost no errors during video playback, and it will not give users a bad viewing experience. Moreover, the video transmission quality of FlixTor is also very high. Users can always watch movies over 1080P on the FlixTor website.

Part 5: How to Download Viooz Free Movies?

Although Viooz movies are completely free, free streaming platforms always face copyright issues. Therefore, free Viooz movies are likely to be removed from the shelves in the future. Therefore, it is best to download those Viooz movies that you like in case you cannot watch them on Viooz later. Here, I recommend two methods to download movies from Viooz for you. Firstly, downloading Viooz movies by using CleverGet Video Downloader. As the online video download tool with the highest download efficiency, CleverGet Video Downloader can well meet your needs for downloading Viooz movies.

  • CleverGet Video Downloader
  • CleverGet Video Downloader

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CleverGet Video Downloader may not be able to download some Viooz movies due to website settings or other reasons. Of course, you can check in advance whether you can download some Viooz movies with CleverGet Video Downloader by using the free number of downloads before purchasing the premium membership of CleverGet Video Downloader. If you really can’t download some Viooz movies with CleverGet Video Downloader, I recommend you to use Leawo Screen Recorder to record these Viooz movies. As one of the most powerful screen recording software at present, Leawo Screen Recorder can not only record the picture in the current computer screen with high quality, but also can be used as a screenshop software for the computer.

  • Leawo-Screen-Recorder
  • Leawo Screen Recorder

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    – Record video from your webcam.
    – Record any audio from your computer an/or microphone.
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    – Output in high quality with multiple formats selectable.

Note: The Viooz movies you get through the above method must not be used for sharing or profit. Of course, you’d better understand the relevant laws and regulations of your place of residence.

Due to the copyright issues of the content provided on free streaming sites such as Viooz, I still recommend that you use CleverGet Video Downloader or Leawo Screen Recorder to download or record the content on Viooz and save it to your device. Maybe one day the content you like will be deleted from the website by Viooz due to copyright reasons, and then you will have to troublesomely find the available resources again.


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