Leawo Video Converter V2.5.0.5 Supports to iPhone4 Format and with Optimized Output Video Quality

The latest version V2.5.0.5 of Leawo Video Converter is newly released with the full support to iPhone4, optimized output video quality and perfect bug-fixings.

Shenzhen P.R.C-Jul, 16th, 2010-Leawo Software Co., Ltd.( http://www.leawo.com/): a professional multimedia solution provider and an award-winning video/audio converting software supplier, today officially debuts the latest Leawo Video Converter V2.5.0.5 with the full support to iPhone 4 format MP4, optimized output video quality, smoother & faster video conversion process and the perfect bug-fixings.

New Leawo Video Converter V2.5.0.5, mainly features the multiple improvements in program performance and stability, and the extended capability to convert all kinds of video to iPhone 4 format MP4. It assures customers a stabler and smoother video conversion process among various video/audio formats and pleasant operating experience in the user-friendly interface.

Upgraded Features of Leawo Video Converter V2.5.0.5

1. Begins to support iPhone 4 format – in the previous versions, video to iPhone, video to iPod and video to iPad conversions are already available. This time, video to iPhone 4 format MP4 conversion was added for cool iPhone 4 users and all Apple fans to enjoy videos anytime and anywhere on their new gadgets with excellent video and audio presentation.

2. Optimized output video quality – by perfecting the program underlying module and editing module, version V2.5.0.5 got the better support to some new or existing formats on one hand, and on another, it is able to edit videos like bouncy castle for sale cropping, trimming, watermarking, etc in a more precise way. Therefore, a faster and smoother video conversion with better output video quality is just a click away.

3. Perfect bug-fixings – Leawo Software is always dedicating 100% effort to provide kinds of professional video converter products and improve user experience. Bug-fixing and program optimization are one of the most important measures that count. It ensures mass customers a smooth and pleasant video conversion enjoyment.

Price and Availability of Leawo Video Converter V2.5.0.5

Leawo Video Converter V2.5.0.5 works well with Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista and the latest Windows 7. It is available for free trial or for purchasing at the cost of $25.95 per license via the links below.


Company Website: http://www.leawo.com/
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Product Download Link: http://www.leawo.com/download/videoconverter/videoconverter_setup.exe

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