Motorola Droid 3 Will be Issued on July 14 According to Best Buy Ordering System

So much has been talked about Motorola Droid 3 in the past few months, and finally here comes with the release date of MOTO Droid 3. Seen from a picture of Best Buy ordering system, this mobile phone which has received great attention will be announced on 14, July, 2011. It has made a week’s delay comparing to the previous release date. Based on Motorola Droid 2, Motorola Droid 3 upgrades to 1GHz TI OMAP4430 processor, five-line QWERY, 540×960 HD resolution, 8-million-pixel camera and runs on Android 2.3 system.

It is a really piece of good tidings for Motorola Droid Phone fans. You can enjoy your digital life to the utmost with Motorola Droid 3, for example, you can convert video to Motorola Droid X for any media files enjoyment on it. It is for sure that this Motorola Droid 3 smartphone will enrich your digital life and enables any videos accessible on your phone.


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