Something You Should Know About April Fools’ Day—General Knowledge Necessary to Help You Better Enjoy This Day

The origin of April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day is also called All Fools’ Day, the traditional folk festival in both American and other countries in the west. April Fools’ Day is similar to Hilaria from ancient Rome and Holi from India. Seen from the view of time, the weather changes suddenly so it seems that it is the nature play a trick on human beings. As to the origin of April Fools’ Day, there are many statements. A statement says that it comes from a festival in India on which people can make fun of each other and play tricks on each other, regardless of male or female, elder or youngster.

The custom of April Fools’ Day

The most typical activities on April Fools’ Day still go to making fun of each other and playing tricks on each other. Some people will throw the fine string tied wallet to the street and then hide in dark corner; they will haul the wallet away once it is bouncy castle for sale picked up by someone. Other people will put a brick under a worn cap and then wait to see who will kick on it. Children will told their parents that there is a hole in their bag or there is a speck on their face, when adults lean over to have a look they will fool them as April fools. Zoos and aquariums will also receive calls from fishes to lions which will annoy the staffs much, so usually they will cut off the telephone line to avoid bothering.

The legend of April Fools’ Day

In 1564, the French king decided to adopt the new chronology—the Gregorian calendar, known as the solar calendar today. It set January 1 as the beginning of the year but not April 1. But some conservatives were against this reform and sending New Year gifts on April 1 according to the old calendar. Reform advocators mocked these people. On April 1, they gave those fake gifts and invited them to fake parties. From then on, playing tricks on April 1 has become a tradition. When people were cheated, the player would cry out “POISSON D’AVRIL” which meant “April prank”.

 April Fools’ Day in modern times

New age endows April Fools’ Day with new content, more and more hoaxes have been dug out by people. Except for the old tricks, people begin to play tricks on people with new technologies. For example, some computer programs will help you to carry out these April Fools’ hoaxes. You can also download a piece of funny video from the internet with free FLV downloader. And then you can convert FLV to video in any formats. Funny videos can arouse happy mood, when you share it with the other people they receive your laughter at the same time. And if is not funny enough, you can also create a funny video by yourself. For example, the video in which you are saying your last words may shock people around you and your have achieve the goal in this April Fools’ Day.

And now I guess you have got something about April Fools’ Day. Are you ready for it? Fool or be fooled? LOL…


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