The New Function of Google+: Photograph and Others

At present, the users can set their head portrait on Google+ by using cameras, in the meanwhile, the updated information will show in groups. When the Google+ image products supervisor Denise Ho mentioned the upgrades, “The webcam is quite a good choice if you want to take snapshot for boast.” She said, “If you want to have a try, you can enter ‘Edit Profile’ and choose a motion of changing photos, you can see a option ‘Web camera’ on the left side.”

“Users can choose to post the news of their information upgrades to their groups after finished Edit Profile.” She added. Google will announce the users who have passed the real-name authentication through Google+ blog; as a result, users can make sure that the people in their groups are real. The celebrity and public figures have become the first ones of the real-name authentication, and the following are the vast number of users.

Other new functions: animation notice, floating Google+ item, folding or expanding comments, games and book sharing etc.

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