Timeline Is Added to FaceBook as New Function

On FB conference, CEO Zuckerburg has announced that facebook will add multitudinous new functions: the users can realize film, news and music sharing, in the meanwhile, they can write their own stories on facebook.

Timeline: Record stories and modify homepage

The first function that Zuckerburg offered to service is Timeline.

What the new function of facebook focuses on is “profile” adjustment. Facebook profile is equivalent to personal files and information, generally, it is a personal homepage. Zuckerburg points out that the previous “profile” is similar to 5 minutes in your past life; however, it is just like 15 minutes in your life after the upgrade; and the latest profile toady is able to comprise your whole life. Zuckerburg said: “If the core of Facebook experiencing is rethought , then Timeline will be the story of personal life.” The new personal Profile has more visual impact than the past version. To be frank, it is a little similar to the excellent Tumblr Blog (light blogging), it contains main three parts: all personal stories, all personal applications and the new ways to express “who are you”. Zuckerburg said: “We want to design a place where you can be feeling at Home.” The Timeline function can help users to realize the great homepage adjustment and to make out homepage which is exactly like magazines that it can include numerous pictures. What’s more, users can filter the pictures to fully control their own privacy.

Music, news and film sharing

Meanwhile, the homepage of Facebook can show the new programs and functions, people can find out and share music, films ,news and so on with the aim of it.

Collaborate with Netflix, Facebook has launched new programs; and users are allowed to play videos on Facekbook. People can admire the films and TV programs of Netflix while they can keep staying on Facebook. The users can click to watch the programs that other friends have ever seen on Facebook. The only thing you need to do is to click a popup player, there is no need log out Facebook. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is also one of board officers of Facebook, he has turned up in F8 plenary session. In “News Feed”, the users of Facebook can click the videos in YouTube and in Netflix. If you are American users, then the function is useless for the reason that the data used in Netflix is prohibited according to American laws. For all this, new functions will be still launched in 44 countries.

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