Top 10 iPhone Apps/iPad Apps You May Accidentally Add to the Omissions

Verbs—Paid Instant Messaging App Superexcellent in Appearance

 Push notification function is added to Verbs 2.0 which can keep account logging for one week at most. It has bouncy castle for sale a fantastic appearance and is only with the instant messaging function but not so many annoying customizations. In addition, it can also send the links in real-time messages to reader app Instapaper.
Price at: $2.99

 Continuity 2

Continuity 2 is not only a game but also a serial game within which users are allowed to rearrange a video game levels and let game characters pass all the levels and then get access to the red door. It is a challenging game.
Price at: $0.99

 MyLine for iPad—FaceBook History App

MyLine is a new iPad app through which users can get approach to FaceBook original data and display the historic records in forms of magnificent charts, timelines and maps. Users can take a month as unit to check FaceBook account status. Howeverm some bugs are within this app.
Price at: $1.99


It is actually an app with rich originalities. Users can check out the signs of melanoma by analyzing the nevus. Of course, it can not take the place of the diagnosis of doctors.
Price at: $4.99

 Play Dead—Pretend Battery to be Exhausted

This interesting app will run the background when iPhone battery is about to use up (1%-2%). If someone wants to borrow your iPhone and you do not want, you can turn on this app and show it to them, they will believe it without a shadow of doubt.
Price at: for free

 TNR-i—Legend Music Creation App

Users can make use of this app to crosswise adjust time, lengthways regulate notes, and automatically play self-made music. Another outstanding function is that users can send self-made music to friends and they are allowed to modify it. It has an iPad version and an iPhone version.
Price at: $19.99

 MedCoach—an App to Remind You of Taking Medicines

MedCoach helps users to take notes of medicine-taking special instructions and timings. Push notification function is also included in it.
Price at: for free


TriviaFriends will open up competition for users and their friends, to see which side has a better understanding of the other side. Multiple choices will be given out such as which city does he come from and what it his favorite movie.
Price at: for free


Tumblr iPhone app performs perfectly in managing multiple Tumblr blogs. It is quite easy to browse blog, check and reply messages, change blog templates within the main interface.
Price at: for free

 Bizzy—Yelp and Twitter App

With Bizzy users can register to restaurants, recreation facilities and more, and grade these places, leave comments, add pictures, and send the message to Twitter. Based on the scores, the app recommends a spot for extensive users.
Price at: for free

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