Crunchyroll Downloader: Top 4 Picks to Download on Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a colourful slice of the anime world, which is a fascinating digital platform where many anime fans have found a place to belong. It’s a mysterious treasure trove filled with the latest anime titles, constantly updated and always with exciting stories waiting to be explored, and it’s also a cultural bridge connecting people interested in anime, manga, music and video games. I believe that besides feeling its charm, users will also have some questions about it, such as can you download episodes on Crunchyroll; how to download episodes on Crunchyroll? Please feel free, the following article will give you a explanation to answer your questions.

Part 1: Is It Free for You to Download on Crunchyroll?

In the wonderful world of Crunchyroll, where downloading anime is a paid service, becoming a premium member not only allows you to watch the entire Crunchyroll stock of anime without adverts, but also enjoys the privilege of watching the latest episodes of the show shortly after they are broadcast in Japan. Crunchyroll offers three premium membership options, each of which has its own unique magic.

download on crunchyroll

“Fan” plan:

  • €4.99 per month
  • Watch anime on one device without any advertising interruptions

“Mega Fan” plan:

  • €6.49 per month or €64.99 per year
  • Watch on up to four devices
  • Able to download Crunchyroll episodes when you don’t have internet access
  • Visit Crunchyroll’s game library, a collection of free games.

Part 2: What’s the Limitation to Download Crunchyroll Episodes?

Restrictions on downloading episodes on the Crunchyroll app include:

1. Download rights: Users must be a member to be entitled to download Crunchyroll videos. If the subscription expires, downloaded episodes can no longer be accessed.

2. Episode limit: Up to 100 episodes may be downloaded at once by users for offline watching.

3. Availability: Due to licence restrictions, the availability of some content may be limited.

4. Application exclusive playback: Downloaded Episodes are encrypted and can only be played in the Crunchyroll application.

5. Prohibited sharing: It is prohibited to share downloaded content outside of the application.

Part 3: 4 Best Crunchyroll Downloaders to Download on Crunchyroll

1.CleverGet Crunchyroll Downloader-Best Crunchyroll Downloader

CleverGet is greatly designed to download on Crunchyroll. One of its notable advantages is its ability to deliver downloads in excellent 1080p resolution, ensuring that viewers are immersed in a captivating full HD viewing experience. What’s more, what makes this software special is that it supports saving videos in two popular formats, MP4 and MKV. The fact that these two formats are widely used and compatible with most devices makes this software highly applicable.


  • Download Crunchyroll videos in common formats such as MP4 and MKV.
  • Batch download video in original quality.
  • Suppor downloading subtitles and audio tracks.
  • Multiple languages for choice in UI settings.


  • You have to pay for each single module.
  • CleverGet Crunchyroll Downloader
  • CleverGet Crunchyroll Downloader

    – Enable users to download Crunchyroll anime videos to 1080P in MP4/MKV format.
    – Support to download anime episodes of all seasons in batches without quality loss.
    – Download all or selected mul-language audio tracks and subtitles as will.

2.Video Grabber

Video Grabber is a user-friendly downloader, which lets you to download Crunchyroll videos from other websites by simply pasting the video URL. It supports many famous platforms including Crunchyroll, Facebook and more.


  • Download Crunchyroll videos in common formats such as MP4 and MP3.
  • Converts most videos to the desired format without losing the picture quality.


  • Does not support batch video capture and conversion.
  • Relatively few advanced features.

3.Video Downloader PLUS

Video Downloader Plus is a great anime downloader extension exclusive to Chrome, which can help us download videos from many online platforms. From Crunchyroll to other platforms, this web tool can identify videos and help you download them.


  • Download videos from various platforms in many output formats.
  • Get videos in bulk.
  • Very user-friendly and functional.
  • Automatically record live streams and detect videos.


  • Frequently uses too much CPU power and sometimes is unable to detect movies.
  • It contains many menus that make the extension unnecessarily complicated.
  • Cannot detect private videos on Facebook.

4.Download Crunchyroll Videos with Other Web Tools

You might possibly be able to download from Crunchyroll with the aid of several internet downloaders. Because most of the downloaders do not support the Crunchyroll, be sure to select the correct one. Very. Ninja is one of the websites that lets you to download Crunchyroll videos. The service is user-friendly and has a UI with basic features. The application is a user-friendly, free internet utility that lets you download Crunchyroll episodes.


  • No registration
  • Save memory on our device
  • Supports multiple websites without Crunchyroll limitations
  • Cons:

    • Limited video quality
    • No batch mode
    • Unable to download latest animation
    • Unable to download subtitles

    Part 4: Comparison of the Above Best Crunchyroll Downloaders

    To help you make a better decision of Crunchyroll anime download, here’s a comparison table of CleverGet Crunchyroll Downloader, Crunchyroll extensions and online tools to download Crunchyroll episodes:

    CleverGet Crunchyroll Downloader Video Downloader PLUS Video Grabber Very. Ninja
    Compatibility Windows and Mac Chrome, Firefox, Edge Web-based Web-based
    Video Resolution 720p and 1080p with 320 Kbps 480p to 720p 480p to 720p 480p to 720p
    Download Speed High Slow Medium Slow
    Batch Download Yes No No No
    Download Subtitles Yes No No No
    Ad-free experience Yes No No No

    In 2024, with the increasing amount of anime content available on the Crunchyroll platform, choosing an efficient and reliable downloader becomes especially important. Each of the four Crunchyroll downloaders introduced above has its own unique features and advantages, especially CleverGet Crunchyroll Downloader is worth trying. I hope it can help you make a wise choice and enjoy a seamless and high-quality anime watching experience.


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