Two New Types of HTC Phones with Mango System Be Put into the Market in September Possibly

Although HTC has done a solid trade on the market with its Android System, it did not slack on the development of new phones with Window Phone system. After the exposure of two types of new phones (HTC Omega and HTC Eternity) with Mango System which were designed for the high-end market, recently, another two types of new phones (TC Ignite and HTC Prime) with Microsoft System have turned up on the on-line sale website: Phone House.
Although more valuable information has not been revealed on the website, the two cell phones with Windows Phone system have been exposed in March, so it can predict that it will be soon officially launched in the market.

New Design with Sideslipping QWERT
It is believable that the publics will not be unfamiliar with the two types of HTC cell phones with Windows Phone System. Early in March, together with the ultimate dual-core HTC Sensation named “Pyramind”, the tow types of cell phones have ever been exposed. Compared to HTC Sensation, there is no doubt that the HTC Prime with Sideslipping QWERT design deserves more attention. In the meanwhile, on the aspect of part of the hardware configuration, it seems that HTC Prime is more remarkable than the two previous types of Sideslipping QWERT phones: HTC 7 Pro andHTC Arrive. Such as on the aspect of the size of touch screen, although the WVGA resolution specification has being used continually, the size has been upgraded from 3.6 inch to 3.7 inch , and there will have some changes on the visual effect at least.
It is not yet clear what upgrades the other hardware configurations of the cell phone will have because of the limited information; and its functions such as 512MB RAM, build-in auto-focus 5 million pixels camera , WLAN Wireless LAN Access, Bluetooth—are not much different than the previous functions .

800MHz Processor
AS for the synchronous exposure cell phone: HTC Ignite, it is characterize of fruity modeling, smooth fuselage line and delectable frame processing with metallic simple sense .However, the real special point of this cell phone is that it is equipped with 800MHz GHz Qualcomm processor, and it has never been used in the previous cell phones with Windows Phone7 system.
Nevertheless, HTC Ignite does not have the inherent advantage of other functions: 3.7’’ WVGA DP touch screen, build-in 5 million pixels camera, 3.5G network, 2Mbps (MAX) uplink speed and 7.2Mbps (MAX) downlink speed

Mango System
Although the system edition of the two types of cell phones has not been mentioned in its first time of exposure, according to current situation, it will be equipped with the latest Mango system which is characterize of more integrated services. Apart from improving the functions of multimedia and Xbox LIVE in games, Mango will add some new functions: Real-time navigation of build-in map, Bing Audio/Video, 16 languages (including Chinese), Handwriting input and more than 500 other items of function improvement.
AS for other functional configurations of these two types of HTC cell phones (HTC Omega and HTC Eternity), because of the regular functional configurations of Microsoft Smartphone, the DLNA function which has been used on HTC new cell phones (such as HTC Eternity) should be continually used on these two types of phones in spite of the limited information. It means that it can realize the functions of multimedia playback and file transferring and sharing with the help of other compatible WiFi equipments.

At present, the release date of the two types of cell phones has been unknown, but what can be confirmed is that it will go public in autumn for the reason that Microsoft Mango System is predicted to be launched around in September. And with the first exposure of HTC Ignite and HTC Prime, it implies that there are four types of cell phones (HTC Eternity and HTC Omega included) with Mango System will go public in the future.

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