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FLV Converter SDK(10.00% off)

Moyea FLV Converter SDK offers the professional and technical solutions for you to convert FLV into video files of various formats directly online with ease and efficiency, and this set of SDK can enable your multimedia programs to convert the FLV files in the customized way.
metaio SDK(10% to 30.24% off and cross-sell discount 30% off)

Develop native Augmented Reality applications for IOS, Android and Windows deployment using the metaio SDK.
MetaTree Component(18.00% off)

TMetaTree is a control to show hierarchical information as a graphs tree

Editor's pick

  • Moyea FlashVideoMXServer

    Flash Video MX SDK V2 is to help server applications to convert the uploaded videos from virtually any format to Flash video (FLV), Flash (SWF), and AAC/H.264 MP4!
    $1,000.00 $900.00

    Jet Profiler for MySQL

    Jet Profiler for MySQL is real-time query performance and diagnostics tool for the MySQL database server. Its detailed query information, graphical interface and ease of use makes this a great tool for finding performance bottlenecks in your MySQL databases.

    $499.00 $424.15

Development Software

  1. FastCRC Library

    FastCRC Library

    Add checksum calculations to your Windows apps quickly and easily Learn More
    Coupon Code: EASY-CCSF-FOEK

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Special Price: $32.76

    (18.00% off)
  2. QuickHash Library

    QuickHash Library

    QuickHash Library implements 11 most popular hash, checksum and HMAC algorithms: MD2, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2 (256, 384, 512), RIPEMD-160, PANAMA, TIGER, CRC32, ADLER32 Learn More
    Coupon Code: EASY-CCSF-FOEK

    Regular Price: $199.95

    Special Price: $163.96

    (18.00% off)
  3. Wondershare Fantashow for Mac

    Wondershare Fantashow for Mac

    Making Your Own Movie Has Never Been Easier

    Learn More
    Coupon Code: EASY-TICN-YAPW

    Regular Price: $69.95

    Special Price: $38.47

    (45.00% off)
  4. Tag Cloud Zen Cart Module

    Tag Cloud Zen Cart Module

    Tag Cloud Zen Cart Module generates Cloud of Tags, based on Zen Cart product names, Zen Cart category names, most popular(purchased) products, most viewed products, products with most reviews etc. Learn More
    Coupon Code: EASY-UM3Q-KCJV

    Regular Price: $29.00

    Special Price: $26.10

    (10.00% off)
  5. Flash Video Server

    Flash Video Server

    Moyea Flash Video Server is a powerful Flash media platform that provides wonderful services of live and on-demand video streaming and recording. Learn More
    Coupon Code: EASY-M3JQ-RVVN

    Regular Price: $1,000.00

    Special Price: $900.00

    (10.00% off)
  6. metaio Web SDK

    metaio Web SDK

    Implement AR into your website or Online-Shop Learn More
    Coupon Code: 457279E4FB

    Regular Price: $3,750.00

    Special Price: $3,375.00

    (10.00% off)
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