Q) Can Genie Timeline recover my system in case of major failure or after formatting my hard drive?

A) Yes, by using the Disaster Recovery feature.


Q) Is there a way to change the backup time interval? For example I just want Genie Timeline to backup every 30 minutes.

A) Yes, from Tools > Settings > Backup Schedule.


Q) Can I control how much space Genie Timeline uses for the backup?

A) Users can set how much space Genie Timeline uses of the backup drive from the Advanced Settings page.


Q) Is there a way to force Genie Timeline to run a backup now?

A) Yes, open the Genie Timeline Dashboard and click Run now.


Q) My backup is slow. How can I make it faster?

A) You can enable Genie Timeline to run on Turbo mode.


Q) Will Genie Timeline slow down my system’s performance?

A) No, Genie Timeline is a resource-friendly application and has multiple performance modes to adjust resources based on computer usage.


Q) I want to view my backup on a different machine that does not have Genie Timeline installed. Is that possible?

A) Yes, Genie Timeline saves the data on the backup drive just like the folder\file structure on your PC. Therefore, you can view your data on any machine. Compressed files can be opened using any standard ZIP applications.


Q) What happens when my drive becomes full?

A) If the free space becomes low, Genie Timeline will intelligently delete older versions of files taken into backup to free space.


Q) Do I have to configure backup for each user?

A) Yes, it is recommended that each user configures their backup. Disaster Recovery only requires configuration once to protect the entire system.


Q) How often are files monitored and when does the backup run?

A) Genie Timeline detects changes as soon as they are made. With Genie’s IntelliCDP changes will be backed up at different time intervals based on the file’s size and type.


Q) If I change my backup drive can I restore files from older backups?

A) Yes, go to Advanced Restore in the Dashboard > Click on Restore an older backup > browse for the older backup, then follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.


Q) Can I backup files from network locations or external drives?

A) Yes, as soon as you select the network locations or external drive from the My Computer tab in Data Selections page, Genie Timeline will automatically monitor and backup the files.


Q) Are there any special requirements for the backup drive?

A) No special requirements; however, Genie Timeline recommends an external or network drive with plenty of free space.


Q) Can I schedule when Genie Timeline runs?

A) Yes, from Tools > Settings > Backup Schedule.


Q) Can I turn off my PC while the first backup is running?

A) Yes, Genie Timeline will resume where it left off without any problems. You can also turn off your PC during any backup run.


Q) Do I need to close my open files so they can be backed up?

A) No, Genie Timeline uses Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service to backup open and locked files so that there is no need to close the programs you are working on.


Q) Are there any limitations to the free trial of Genie Timeline?

A) Genie Timeline (Home and Pro) trial version has no feature limitation. After 30 days, you will need to purchase a license.


Q) Is Genie Timeline Disk defragmentation friendly? Will the backup take all files again after defragmentation?

A) Genie Timeline performs backup on a file base meaning that it is disk defragmentation friendly; the backup will not revert to full after this operation, it will only backup changes.