This guide is showing user how to install eScan Internet Security Suite Home User Version on your computer.


The steps for installing eScan ISS by using the installation file downloaded via the internet are identical to the steps for installing eScan ISS from a CD-ROM. The setup file for installing eScan ISS has the name iwn2k3ek.exe. eScan ISS uses the interactive installation wizard for its installation.


Installation Process

STEP 1 - Choosing the Language

Select the preferred language from the drop-down list, and then click OK.


STEP 2 - Installation Wizard Welcome Screen

To proceed with the installation, click Next. This will display the License Agreement screen.


STEP 3 - License Agreement

Click ‘I accept the agreement’, and then click Next.


STEP 4 - Selecting the Installation Folder

Type the path of the folder or click Browse to browse to the folder, and then click Next.


Note: The default path for 32-bit computer: [Disk Drive]\Program Files\eScan and the default path for 64-bit computers: [Disk Drive]\Program Files (x86)\eScan.


STEP 5 - Viewing the Summary Report Before Installation

To proceed with the installation, click Install.


STEP 6 - Installing eScan

The eScan setup runs eScan Anti-Virus Toolkit. This tool scans and removes the viruses and spyware found on your computer.


STEP 7 - Completing the Installation

After completing all the tasks, eScan gets installed on your computer.


Note: After eScan installation, an option for rebooting the system appears, incase if eScan Firewall driver requires rebooting to apply settings.