This guide is showing you how to backup and transfer SMS from mobile to PC using GodswMobile SMS Transfer.


GodswMobile SMS Transfer is a powerful utility that specially designed for Windows Mobile users to transfer and backup your SMS messages between mobile phone and desktop computer.


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Step 1: Click "start" and then select programs. You will see the follow screen.


Step 2: Select the “SMSTransfer” in your mobile programs list to run it. You will see the main windows of GodswMobile SMS Transfer as the following screenshot


Step 3: Click on "Backup SMS" in the main interface to backup you SMS messages in mobile phone. You will see the follow screenshot.


Note: The software could backup all the messages including Draft, Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, and Deleted Items.


Step 4:Choose the file name, file format (backup as txt file or stf file) and location (The default setting is OK) for your SMS file and click on "Save" to start to backup process. You will see the follow screenshot.


Step 5: After backup completes, all the SMS messages has been backup in a file on your phone. You can save it in your memory card or transfer it to your computer easily by ActiveSync.