In this guide, we will introduce how to recovery SharePoint documents through Raw Mode using Kernel Recovery for SharePoint (22% discount off now).


Note: Raw Mode of recovery is used where only the MDF database is corrupt and MS SQL Server and MS SharePoint Server are in working condition. In cases, where MS SharePoint Server is down or corrupted, Live SQL Instance recovery mode is needed.


With Raw mode, recovery process can be performed by following these steps:


1. Click Open from the tool bar or select Open from the File menu.

Tips: When Kernel for SharePoint Server is launched, the Source Selection window appears by default. You can also start the recovery process by selecting recovery mode from Source Selection Window.


2. A Source Selection window appears. Select Raw File mode and click ‘Next’.



A new dialogue box – Select Database Location appears to select the database location.



3. Click Browse and select the location where the corrupt MDF database is stored. Click Select Temp to select the location to save the temporary files which are generated by the software while performing various functions.


4. Select SQL file version and click Finish.

The recovery process starts and a window showing the process status appears.



5. Once the recovery process is complete all the recovered Tables, SharePoint Actual and SharePoint folders get listed at the left panel of the software.



6. Select folders you want to save from the left panel.


7.  Click Save on tool-bar or select FileSave from menu bar.

A dialogue box: Select Path for Saving appears which asks for the saving location.


8.  Browse for the location where you want to save the recovered files.



9.  Select or de-select the Save in full path checkbox. This option, if checked saves the recovered files with complete hierarchy of the table listed in left panel, but if un-checked then the software only saves the respective folder with its contents.


10. Click OK and files get saved in defined location.