Protected Folder (5% discount off) allows you to make portions of your file system completely invisible and inaccessible to others. It is targeted towards people who are concerned about local file security. It is of particular interest to people who have a shared computer or store sensitive data on their local PC.


It works like a safety box, just drag and drop the folders or files you want to hide or protect into Protected Folder, then no one can see, read or modify them.


Before you can use and unlock the functions of Protected Folder, you have to set a password for Protected Folder when you initially use it.


You can change the password for the program in Options. However, please remember the password for Protected Folder as you need it to open and use the program. You can also set a password hint in case you may forget your password.



1. Click Options to set the Lock Options, and then press on the green button to set the status and apply the settings.


Note: This setting will apply for all files and folders you added into the program.


2. You can click “Add” button to add folders into this program or easily drag and drop the files and folders.  



3. Some system files and folders should not be protected as they will cause system error while the system cannot access them. To avoid this, we add these files and folders to the "Exclude List". Moreover, you should also add other items which will cause such problems to the "Exclude List".



4. You can directly click the protected file/folder to open it and deal with it.



5. Free users have 20 free trials of Protected Folder. When the trials end, please click on the Register button in the left corner and then click Purchase Online to purchase a license code. Or click here to get the 5% discount coupon code. After you get the license code, please click the Register button again to enter into your license code. Then you can enjoy Premium version of Protected Folder.