Maybe you have collected lots of preferred DVD movies from local store or online store and want to enjoy them on your PC with disc inserted or play them on your portable devices like iPod Touch, MP4, etc., however, you feel so frustrated on ripping DVD to those devices. Then what you may need is a DVD Ripper. DVD Ripper is a professional tool for ripping DVD to MP4, AVI or other popular video formats so as to enable you to play DVD on PC or portable devices. In the following post, we will set Leawo DVD Ripper as an example to show you how to rip DVD to MP4, AVI and other popular video formats.


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Step1.Import DVD to DVD Ripper

After launch the DVD Ripper, click “Add” to import DVD to DVD Ripper. You can preview the DVD with its built-in player by double clicking the file.

Step2.Set output format

This is vital, which allows you to decide the format you want to rip. Click the drop down box of profile to enter into format setting panel. Choose a format you need to rip to in “Common Video”.

Step3. Edit (Option)

Edit functions are also provided for bettering the effect. Trim, Crop, Effect and Watermark functions are included in Edit.
Trim—decide the length of the movie
Crop—get rid of the black margin of videos
Effect—adjust brightness, contrast, volume etc.
Watermark—add a text or image logo to videos

Step4. Settings

Click “Settings” button to improve the details of the video, such as video and audio codec, video size, bit rate, frame rate and so forth.

Step5. Ripping DVD to MP4, AVI or other popular video formats

Then revisit the home interface, click “Convert” button to begin the process of ripping DVD to commonly used formats.