Net Spy Pro
Net Spy Pro

Platform: Windows By: Retina-X Studios, LLC

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Net Spy Pro allows you to monitor the Windows and Mac OS X workstations on your network from your own seat. Activities such as emails, web sites, chat conversations and much more are captured, including screenshots. The program silently records activities for your later viewing. You can also view screens LIVE and perform instant monitoring and administration commands. With Net Spy Pro you will be able to identify problem users to regain productivity.

Key features

  1. Network Monitoring

  2. The Network Monitoring section has two different types of features. The first type is that of Live Monitoring. Certain functions can be performed live to instantly "check-up" on a user. The second type of monitoring is Logged Monitoring which captures specific activity and stores it for later viewing.









    Live Monitoring

    Real Time Screens

    Net Spy Pro allows the administrator to view an actual screenshot of one, some or all workstations instantly!

    View LIVE Keystrokes

    The LIVE Events Viewer allows you to see every action recorded by NSP on one screen as they happen!

    Remote Screen

    Net Spy Pro allows the administrator to view an actual real time screenshot of a workstation instantly!

    Active Processes

    Net Spy Pro will show the administrator a full list of processes and services running on the remote machine.

    Browser Favorites

    Net Spy Pro can show the administrator a list of the favorites on a user's Internet Explorer Browser.

    View Temp History

    Net Spy Pro will show you a list of all files in the temporary history (cache) of the Internet Explorer browser.

    View Open Ports

    Net Spy Pro allows an administrator to view all open ports on a workstation.

    Recent Documents

    Net Spy Pro will show the administrator a list of recent documents opened by a user.









    Logged Monitoring

    Web Sites Visited

    Net Spy Pro creates a list of web sites visited in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other popular browsers.

    Chat Conversations

    Net Spy Pro records entire chat conversations in popular instant messaging software including Yahoo!

    Keystrokes Typed

    Net Spy Pro records all keystrokes typed by all users when they are logged in.

    Applications Executed

    Net Spy Pro creates a list of applications that a user has executed and categorizes the results for easy navigation.

    Emails Typed or Viewed

    Net Spy Pro will record screenshots of all emails viewed while a user is logged in.

    Screenshots Capturing

    Net Spy Pro captures full-size screenshots of the entire screen at any interval you set.

    1. Administrative Tools

    2. Nearly all network administrators could save a lot of time using a utility that can perform vital PC functions quickly. For example, let's say a network administrator needs to reboot a PC. Usually you would need to physically walk to the PC to reboot it. With Net Spy Pro you can reboot a remote PC and perform numerous other important tasks all from your own PC workstation.

      System Lockdown

      Immediately lock a particular workstation on command. Prevent further activity being performed or secure workstations from unauthorized use.

      Freeze Mouse

      Net Spy pro allows an administrator to freeze and unfreeze a user’s mouse remotely on the command!

      Restart PC

      Net Spy pro permits the administrator to restart the monitored computer system anytime on the command.

      Launch Web Site

      Net Spy Pro can launch any website on a remote computer system via its user interface.

      Launch Application

      Net Spy pro allows administrator to launch any application and navigate through the remote file structure.

      Run Screen Saver

      Net Spy Pro can activate the screensaver option of any remote PC remotely.

      Hide Windows Taskbar

      Net Spy Pro enables the administrator to hide the Windows task bar on the remote PC.

      Empty Recycle Bin

      Net Spy Pro permits the administrator to empty the recycle bin of any of the remote PC.

      Send Message

      Net Spy Pro allows the administrator to send a message to the remote user in an absolute stealth mode.

      1. Content Filtering

      2. Net Spy Pro offers you a variety of ways to block activity. You can block entire web sites or just specific web pages by keyword or site address. You can block applications from running by adding an entry to the blocked application list for the current user.

        Web Site Blocking

        This allows employees to go to their favorite online gaming site or waste time in other ways. With Net Spy Pro, you can filter this and other types of content on your network.

        Application Blocking

        In addition to keeping a list of web sites that can't be accessed, a network supervisor can create a list to block specific applications from being launched. The list can include application names or keywords within any application's main window title.

        1. Other Features
        2. Easy-to-Use Interface

          Intuitive and simple user-friendly control panels for the client and administrator computers.

          Remote Control

          Completely control a client computer remotely from the administrator's workstation. Effectively control any workstation on the network.

          Broadcast Admin Screen to Clients

          Net Spy Pro now includes a feature ideal for admins whom need to demonstrate things from their own PC to all students or employees.

          IP Viewer

          Net Spy Pro includes an IP Viewer, IP Finder and Address Book for stored IPs.

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