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November 15, 2013

Leawo MKV Converter 3 Day Giveaway and Ultra-large 50% Discount Officially Rolls Out

In order to sincerely reward its long-time loyal supporters, Leawo Software generously throws a big bomb to give a special 3 Day Giveaway for its proudest Leawo MKV Converter on its official website. And simultaneously, a remarkable 50% discount on Leawo’s other lineup programs: Video Converter Ultimate (Win & Mac), Blu-ray Copy (Win & Mac) is available for all video fans.

Leawo Software, as a reputed multimedia solution provider that is specialized in providing wonderful user experience with its top-of-the-range software and service, successfully wins market home and abroad. And its products lineup earns prestige from the consumers and users for long time. If you are curious about the detailed promotion, don’t hesitate to check out the rundown below:

Products on Leawo’s Brand-new Special Offer:

1. The best-reviewed product from Leawo Software – Leawo MKV Converter is chosen as the special giveaway, so all users win a chance to get this all-powerful software for free from now to March 17.

Main Features:

Leawo MKV Converter is an all-in-one HD Video Converter available for any HD format conversions (AVCHD, MOD, MTS, M2TS, MKV, etc), so it lets you make the most of MKV videos by converting MKV video to any popular video formats and 3D formats, for example, convert MKV to AVI, MKV to MP4, MKV to MPG, MKV to MPEG, MKV to WMV, MKV to DVD, etc. Equiped with ingenious video editting features, powerful conversion settings, as well as marvellous 3D conversion, This MKV Converter will greatly enhance your multimedia life not only iPod, iPhone 5, PS4, Apple TV, Windows Mobile, Android Mobile, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S3, 3D TVs, 3D Players and more media devices.

2. Other four programs like Video Converter Ultimate (Win & Mac), Blu-ray Copy (Win & Mac) can even been saved as much as 50% off from March 15 to March 17, 2013, with life-long technical support and free upgrades service.

Key Features of Video Converter Ultimate (Win & Mac)

Video Converter Ultimate enables you to convert videos and audios, rip DVDs to other media formats for any using purposes, burn all media files to DVDs, as well as download and play online videos with an accelerated speed.

Key Features of Blu-ray Copy (Win & Mac)

Leawo Blu-ray Copy is a one-click smart tool for Blu-ray HD video fans to copy Blu-ray disc and backup Blu-ray on hard disk or DVD discs. It incorporates advanced replication technology that allows you to copy Blu ray disc from various origins to the formats of DVD-5/9, file folder, ISO image and even 1:1 disc duplication for storage. It could also copy BD50 to BD25 or DVD-9 to DVD-5 without quality loss.

How to Take Part in this Special Offer Event?

1. To get the giveaway product, users are required to provide name and Email to get the registration code via Email in Leawo’s official webpage. Here what should be mentioned is that free update and technical support are invalid with the giveaway product.

2. Users can also visit Leawo official website to pick up the 50% special offers and purchase the software with Coupon Code directly. (COUPON=MKVGW50)

April 6, 2012

2012 Easter Special Offer Rolls Out: Win Multimedia Software at “Up-to-You” Price & Big Discount

Leawo Software kicks off Easter 2012 Special Offer for celebrating this vital day: video and audio software can be priced and purchased at users’ proposal (not exceed the minimum), and up to 50% discount will be provided for product purchase.

Spring definitely arrives with days of gorgeous sunshine and warm weather, and the annual Easter Day with resurrection symbol comes again. In order to celebrate the arrival of all things fresh and new Leawo Software offers a great deal on all its video and audio solutions. Users are given the right to price the software and get it at the price decided if it is within the price range. In addition, users can win the program with a huge 50% price off. Visit Leawo Software Special Offer to save money and time while shopping multimedia tools to tackle with Easter video and audio files. The rare chance is available from March 31 to April 15, 2012. For detailed information of 2012 Easter Special Offer, please visit:

“Up-to-You” Price Rule
1. Each product has a price range( Minimum: secret)
2. Fill desired price into the blank space & click “OK”.
3. Users get 3 times to adjust the price in 24 hrs.
As to the products included in this special offer, users can take them into use for various using purposes:
a. Blu-ray Copy to backup Blu-ray discs to hard disk and DVD discs
b. Total media converter to convert HD/common video & audio, convert BD/DVD discs to media files
c. Blu-ray Creator or DVD maker to create BD/DVD disc from videos
d. PPT to Video Converter to convert PPT files to videos
e. iPhone Ringtone Maker to make iPhone ringtone on Mac
f. Mac YouTube Downloader to download and convert online videos on Mac

Product Big Discount Rule
The five products that enjoy an “Up-to-You” price are excluded from the discount promotion, and all other products on Leawo official website are covered.
1. A promo code is gifted for purchasing any product over $20 on
2. The discount value of promo code depends on price of product purchased.
3. The promo code is only valid until Apr 15, 2012!
4. Users can find the coupon code in the product registration E-mail.
product price promo code
$70-$100 50% off
$50-$70 35% off
$20-$50 25% off

Hunting for unique Easter special offer to enrich digital life? Then never let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip away. Take actions right now to get easy yet powerful software to deal with all Easter music files and movie stuffs. So in 2012 Easter Day, let Leawo Software hammer a perfect audiovisual feast for all multimedia enthusiasts.

About Leawo Software
Leawo Software ( a professional multimedia solution provider, mainly specializes in processing and broadcasting media over the Internet as well as in the daily life. Products range from DVD Converters, Video Converters, FLV Converters, PowerPoint Converters to Mac products including Mac FLV Converter, Mac DVD Converter, Mac Video Converter. The products are available worldwide in English, Japanese, German, French, Italian and Chinese, to be used on both Microsoft Windows and Apple’s Mac OS X platforms.

December 25, 2010

Leawo Blu-ray Copy V1.3.4.0 Released No-Time-Limit Free Trial with Consistent Program Optimizations

The new release of Leawo Blu-ray Copy V1.3.4.0 landmarks the totally free trial without any time limitation and the superior user operating experience.

Shenzhen P.R.C-Aug, 20th, 2010-Leawo Software Co., Ltd.( a professional multimedia solution provider and an award-winning video/audio converting software supplier, today officially announces the elimination of the 30-day-limit for its free trial of Blu-ray Copy since V1.3.4.0 and the upcoming versions.

Leawo Blu-ray Copy is a blu-ray oriented program but can copy both DVD videos and blu-ray discs from various origins to multiple destinations, for the purpose of backup and duplicate those video content from hardcopy discs to digital files. Its smart auto-match mechanism will select the output formats among blu-ray disc, blu-ray folder, blu-ray ISO image and DVD disc, DVD folder, DVD ISO image according to the different input formats.

Some exclusive technologies are also adopted by Leawo Blu-ray Copy for higher capability and better performance. This copy utility is able to handle DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD with CSS protection and blu-ray discs with AACS and BD+ protection. High speed process contributes to effortless duplication as well.

The removal of 30-day-limit for the free trial really means a lot to its customers. They no longer have to suffer the re-installation when the trial date is expired after 30days. Users can at the same time, enjoy the complete features of Leawo Blu-ray Copy, which are exactly the same as the registered version. However, the only difference is a watermark will be placed over the output video for this free trial version.

In addition, Leawo Blu-ray Copy V1.3.4.0 strives to assure a smoother and more pleasant registration for those paid customers by modifying and perfecting the underlying register module.

Last but not the least, Leawo Blu-ray Copy V1.3.4.0 never stops improving user operating experience by consistently releasing effective bug-fixings and executing software optimizations.

System Requirements and Pricing of Leawo Blu-ray Copy V1.3.4.0

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 will be the proper platform, a blu-ray DVD drive and at least 5GB/25GB hard disc space is required respectively for the DVD/blu-ray disc regular performance. The registered version which costs only $49.95 and the no-time-limit free trial can all be reachable via the links below. Please note the blu-ray copy Mac version will be coming soon.


Company Website:
Product Webpage:
Product Download Link:

Contact Person:
Leawo Software Co., Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer

December 19, 2010

A Great Thanksgiving Gift YouTube will Give to Deaf and Multi-Language Users – Auto-Generated Video Subtitle

It would be a great news for deaf and multi-language users that YouTube is planning to provide auto-generated subtitles for every video it plays. I would rather interpret it as a warm Thanksgiving gift given by YouTube to express its gratefulness to the loyal customers.

Google software engineer Ken Harrenstein once had demonstrated this new technology at a news conference, and explained the reasons – overcome the language barrier, improve the searching accuracy, etc. Ken Harrenstein said he has been developing this technology for the whole past five years.

YouTube auto-generated subtitle shall work simply in this way: click the button on the bottom right corner of video window to view it, you can even select the subtitle using the different language as the one spoken in the video.

YouTube has always been developing the technology to add video subtitles, partially because it wants to facilitate the video clip search. YouTube has granted its users to upload the subtitle for their own videos since 2008 , and later introduced the subtitle automatic generation technology exclusively for few co- partners, including the University of California-Berkeley and Yale University. Now, YouTube is going to promote the subtitle automatic generation technology for all the videos as long as the audio inside is clear enough to identify.

Google scientist Mike Cohen said subtitle technology integrates voice recognition and translation algorithm. This technology keeps improving, but not perfect yet.

Well, since we are talking about the subtitle, check the following ways that you can use to add to your regular everyday videos:

1. Select subtitles during the blu-ray/DVD to video conversion:

2. Select subtitles during the blu-ray/DVD duplication process:

With subtitles/texts, you can make this Thanksgiving Day more specific and visible. If you are too shy to express your thanks in words, write “Thank You” down and let them know. But do not be too shy! Happy Thanksgiving Day, guys!

December 1, 2010

Leawo Blu-ray Copy V1.5.2.0 Enhances Blu-ray Disc Loading Process while Keeps Program Stability

Leawo Blu-ray Copy V1.5.2.0 is getting improved to load blu-ray disc smoothly while keeps program performing steadily to prevent crash down after completing the loading process and ejecting the disc.

An outstanding representative – Leawo Software Co., Ltd.( ) Shenzhen P.R.C- which is famous for its non-stop exploration spirit to provide professional multimedia solution and award-winning video/audio converting software, today -Nov, 30th, 2010- officially launches the upgraded version V1.5.2.0 of Leawo Blu-ray Copy with the enhanced blu-ray disc loading process and the strengthened program stability.

Leawo Blu-ray Copy is a one-click smart tool for Blu-ray HD video fans to copy and backup Blu-ray DVDs from various origins to multiple destinations like DVD-5/9, PC folder, ISO image and even 1:1 disc duplication for storage. It helps users get rid of different copy protection mechanisms such as AACS and BD+ for commercial Blu-ray discs, and CSS for DVDs as well.

Key Upgraded Features of Leawo Blu-ray Copy V1.5.2.0

1. The enhanced ability to ensure a smoother blu-ray disc loading process – basing on the feedback from Leawo customers, the new version is optimized to load blu-ray disc much faster and smoother, which shortens the waiting time and enables users to proceed to the next procedures with ease.

2. The enhanced program stability especially after completing the loading process and ejecting the blu-ray disc – it is a win-win situation because the perfected blu-ray loading process in return benefits the program stability, prevents it from crash down especially after the loading process is completed and the blu-ray disc is ejected. Instead of restarting the program to solve the problem previously, users now can proceed to the next steps successfully with everything intact.

Price Availability and Current Promo of Leawo Blu-ray Copy V1.5.2.0

Leawo Blu-ray Copy has both free trial version which can be downloaded via the link below and the registered version costs as low as only $19.95 under the current Super-Low Discount Christmas promo ( on every Wednesday and Friday, and with lifelong updates and prior technical support. Besides, to celebrate the upcoming Christmas, Leawo has officially launched the triple-bonus promos as well, which includes the periodic super-low discount indicated above, the giveaway takes place alternatively on every Tuesday and Thursday, and the mega discount up to $90 OFF for all Leawo products.


Company Website:
Product Webpage:
Product Download Link:

Contact Person:
Leawo Software Co., Ltd.
Chief Executive Officer

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