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September 19, 2012

Get Ready Now: iOS 6 is Launching on iPhone and iPad on Sept. 19

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Apple first announced the new upgraded iOS 6 back in June. Since then, the company has continued to work on the over 200 new features that will be part of this new operating system. Apple returned today to show off many of the features it teased us with months ago. Here is what you can expect from the new Apple iOS.

It includes a completely restructured Maps application that will use data directly from Apple’s servers, moving away from Google Maps. The new application will offer more features than its predecessor, including turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation while also providing cinematic imaging as users take turns.

In addition to the cinematic imaging, the new map application will also provide users with detailed satellite imaging, including 3D models from Apple’s new Flyover mode.

In addition to a new robust map application, the upgrade will offer improvements to Siri, Apple’s voice-control system. The biggest addition that is coming to the iOS 6 is the ability to start applications via Siri. The voice system will also offer more information, such as sports scores, movie times and detailed restaurant information.

During the event, Apple showed all of these functions in action. Siri is not only able to gather this information on the fly, but does so with little to no lag.

Full Facebook integration is another strong point of the new iOS. Not only will developers be able to add Facebook functionality into existing apps, users will also be able to load images and photos directly to Facebook while receiving real time feedback from friends (such as likes and comments). Siri will also be able to help users post directly to their walls without the need of an external app.

Improving the Bundled Software
Apple has also made a number of enhancements to its own apps, such as Safari web browser. iOS 6 will address a number of gripes that users had with the old Safari, including adding a full screen mode and the ability to upload images to web pages. Additionally revisiting websites will be much easier thanks to iCloud Tabs, which will store user’s web history in an organized format.

Some of the most welcomed fine tuning in iOS 6 addresses the basic phone apps. With iOS 6 users will be able to decline calls with text messages, send out an automatic SMS when they cannot receive calls and even enter a “Do Not Disturb” setting. Additionally, users will finally be able to take advantage of FaceTime as iOS 6 will allow them to make video calls over 3G and 4G connections.

The iOS 6 will also sport VIP email, which allows users to designate certain senders as VIPs, designating those emails with special notifications and allowing them to appear on the lock screen. Users will be able to find all of these important emails quickly as they will go into a special mailbox. Apple is also removing some limitations, as users will be able to add images and photos to emails along with personalized signatures.

Apple also showed off its new application, Passbook, at the event which will help organize digital tickets, passes, and coupons. All of these will be stored neatly within a user’s passbook, which will notify them if there are any changes, such as a change to a boarding gate. Additionally, users will be able to access this information from the lock screen.

Almost Here
The iOS 6 upgrade will be available for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5. Those with an iPad 2 or third-generation iPad will also be able to install the upgraded operating system as well. The iOS 6 is set to be released next week on Wednesday, September 19.

September 14, 2012

iPhone 5 Merges with iOS 6 Main Features

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Although it cannot be said as a jaw-dropping piece of news for no surprises occur during the Apple product launch event on September 12 in San Francisco, it really rocks the electronic market and brings fresh blood to digital life.

The new generation Apple iPhone device is officially named as iPhone 5, which has been upgraded greatly in appearance. One important issue should be the iPhone 5 is designed for the new iOS 6. See how iPhone 5 work with some main features of iOS 6.

Siri Upgraded in iOS 6
When being upgraded, Siri will be with more abundant content and with more user friendliness. Siri is going to provide users with more rich and detailed contents via questioning. The upgraded Siri will achieve seamless connection with third-party applications. New iOS 6 Siri will support Chinese, including Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese, etc., in addition French, Italian, and more languages from 60 countries and regions will be supported.

FaceTime Supports 3G Web-based Calling
The upgraded FaceTime is capable of supporting 3G internet calling, not restricted in WiFi condition any more. The users are able to realize video calling outdoors devoid of WiFi connection. Another vital upgrade is that users can fulfill video calling conveniently by means of Apple ID.

Phone Control Function
Call interface has been changed with hangup button added so as to facilitate phone operation. At the same time, the incoming calling control function is added to allow users setting anti-disturb mode.

Support 3D Panoramic Navigation
In iOS 6, Google Map has been given up, instead the map application developed by Apple is picked up. Navigation function will be added to new map, which will provide users with the current traffic flow condition. The navigation function will include Siri feature as well. Full-new map application will add Flyober viewing, and it is with a distinct 3D effect.

Auxiliary Function for Disabled
Considering the fact that it is quite inconvenient for blind people to use the touch screen of phone or tablet, iOS now offers voice guidance function. For hyperactivity, some buttons are forbidden to avoid accidental application quitting.

New Mobile Safari Features
iCloud Tabs has been added to Safari to allow iPhone users browse iPad or other devices saved websites. Full-new Safari browser adds off-line reading function as well.

August 29, 2012

WP8 HTC C620e Appears in Sight with Dual-core Processor

Unlike the high-key Nokia WP8 new devices, the first HTC WP8 phones hold low exposure rate. Currently, after the leaked information of HTC WP8 two new phone models, the latest information coming from Indonesia telecom regulation website shows the specific model of HTC WP8 new phone for the first time.

Phone Model
New HTC phone exists on Indonesia telecom regulation website is specially marked with the WP8 system status, the formal model is HTC C620e. Although no more valuable information about this new phone has been leaked, we can still speculate that the WP8 phone labeled “PM233xx” is likely to be the prototype of this new phone.
And judged from the previous information, HTC Accord is closer to HTC C620e in specifications. HTC Accord is included in the previous media report which is scheduled to make a debut in October this year.

Dual-core Processor
This conclusion bases on the fact that the first HTC Mango new phone’s model is HTC C110e (HTC Radar), so according to the HTC naming rule, HTC C620e should be a high-end phone model. And the past leaked information indicates that the first HTC WP8 phone will be “Rio”, or “Accord” or “Zenith”. The most powerful “Zenith” will be released in the fourth quarter this year, and also the “HTC Rio” is a new entry level model, so “HTC Accord” can be the first choice naturally.
It is reported that “HTC Accord” will be equipped with 4.3-inch 720p Super LCD2 touch screen, with 8-million-pixel built-in camera which supports 1080p HD video recording. Besides running on Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8260A dual-core processor, it has 1GB RAM and supports NFC function.

Release in September
According to the exclusive disclosure from WPDang, HTC is planning to release the first WP8 phones in the third week in September this year. And at the appointed time, there will be two phone models. And in October they will probably be put into the market.
The current situation shows that the preparation works of HTC WP8 are being fulfilled step by step: Bluetooth testing, Wi-Fi authentication, test and audit in various countries and regions. So it is expected that in the near future, we can get access to HTC WP8 phone.

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July 12, 2012

New iPad VS. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

There is analysis stating that Apple new iPad is the biggest winner among tablet PCs. The new iPad tablet is the one that can attract the most consumers and business users so far, and in addition, it owns advantages that surpass Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet. In the following, there are top 10 reasons that new iPad is better than Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

1. Retina display is of vital importance
Apple’s Retina display plays an important role in the field of tablet PC display. It is generally accepted that the screen is the best in the market. Users can never find the high-quality visual effect on other tablet computers.
2. Design advantage
Apple has been always paying attention to design, for it has known that users are in need of products with good response. Apple is able to offer this kind of product. The design of Samsung Galaxy Tab is quite good, however, it can’t reach the same level as iPad does.
3. Android 4.0 is not enough
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is running on Android 4.0. Although the Android 4.0 operating system is quite good in itself, it is still unable to match with iOS 5. And more importantly, the new iPad is going to support iOS which is bound to release this fall. It will be better Samsung has prepared a much better software when this happens.
4. Galaxy Tab 2 is lack of differentiation element
It is difficult to find the difference between Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and the new iPad. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is equipped with excellent display and the similar appearance with the new iPad. From mobile’s point of view, there is not a unique point that can attract users in Galaxy Tab 2. The only unique tablet computer is Microsoft’s Surface. In addition, the other tablet computers are all the same. This situation is in Apple’s favor.
5. iOS 6 is equipped with Siri
Apple’s Siri platform is going to embark on iOS 6. So it is estimated that more users will seize the chance to buy the Apple tablet computer. After all, there are much potential in Siri, and it performs much better than the current voice dictation function within the new iPad. Siri is quite good a function that can’t be ignored.
6. Business usability
The idea of introducing the tablet to office is welcomed increasingly. So it is without doubt that Apple iPad has won the heart of business users. While in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, it is quite harsh that it can hardly attract the business users.
7. iPad 4G feature is vital
The new iPad is equipped with 4G LTE service, which adds value to the device to a large extent. Users will easily switch to other devices that are with 4G LTE function if they can’t find it in iPad. And now Apple has seized this advantage, so as to make users can’t find an alternative product.
8. App Store wins advantage
App Store occupies the top position in global application market. It is true that Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is able to get access to reliable Android market. But who will care about the market since there are so many high-quality applications in Apple App Store. Until now, there is no other application store that can surpass App Store in security.
9. iTunes element
Due to iPod, millions of people have huge music library in iTunes music store. Users will insist in using iTunes, for they don’t need to transfer the music library to a new platform that is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab and adopt a fully new interface. For Samsung, this is a quite important problem that can not be ignored.
10. Apple is still Apple
In short, Apple has been providing users with values in the past years. Apple is reliable and so does Samsung, but the brand value of Apple far exceeds other companies.

July 4, 2012

Windows Phone 8 VS iOS 6 VS Android 4.1

Recently, all smartphone platforms make great updates: Apple iOS 6, WP 8, Android Jelly Bean 4.1. Let’s take a look at the comparisons now:

1. Apps
iOS: it has the most apps among mobile phone platform. It covers 650 thousand apps, and 225 thousand are iPad apps.
Android: 600 thousand apps and most are put to tablet.
Win Phone: 100 thousand apps. It is much smaller than iOS and Android.

2. Map
iOS: 3D map which is integrated with iOS supports traffic status real-time update, section navigation, cool interface, but the transport direction guidance is unavailable.
Android: 3D map that is integrated with Jelly Bean will make improvements as below: in addition to search, stage navigation, streetscape, 3 D building offline cache will be added, in addition, famous region will support 360 degrees spying.
Win Phone: WP8 adopts Nokia map, including NAVTEQ maps, subsection navigation, 3 D architecture, offline cache, dynamic route navigation.

3. Browser Sync Function
iOS: iCloud label is added to iOS 6 which unifies device browsing between iOS and OS X. You must pay attention to that it is not a unified cloud browser that supports all your devices, but as a hidden ICON or sub menu.
Android: Android Chrome Beta is also equipped with synchronous label that can sync to desktops. And at present, it is considering whether to adopt the bookmark form or the search synchronization function.
Win Phone: Browser sync function is not supported by Win 8. It is likely to employ IE browser to fit for the whole WinRT.

4. Facebook Integration
iOS: Facebook status and pics can be shared within iOS main interface, and Facebook status can be integrated with iOS calendar. The third-party API is under development, so sooner all iOS applications can integrate with FB functions.
Android: both Jelly Bean main interface and all Android apps will cover FB sharing, you can even drag FB friends to the Contact.
Win Phone: FB dynamic, pictures, contacts, voice chat are always similar to Microsoft People, Message, and Calendar.

5. Voice Commander
iOS: Besides the existing functions in iOS 6 Siri including speech dictation, mail dictation, schedule arrangement, other functions such as game scoring feedback support, movie times introduction, dinner reservation will also be added. And it is expected that Siri will be merged to car audio and navigation system this fall.
Android: Jelly Bean improves Google speech recognition function to a new level. Google OS has been supporting voice search and voice dictation, and now it is going to learn the auto respond from Siri.
Win Phone: Win 8 voice commander supports phone dialing, message sending, web searching, application activating, although it is not as powerful as Apple, but it has been trying to make further progress.

6. Mobile Payment
iOS: The nonsupport for NFC function is one of the shortcomings of iPhone, and the Passbook is more like an electronic ticket management tool.
Android: Google Wallet supports mobile payment, real-time transaction, NFC function, but at present Sprint is the only official partner, if it wants to enlarge the market it still need to cope with more credit card business cooperation.
Win Phone: Win 8 has announced that digital wallet function will be added, providing the management of voucher function but not mentioning specific mobile payment details, but Microsoft said the NFC characteristic will be put to the built-in SIM card, which is much better than Apple and Google.

7´╝ÄVideo Chatting
iOS: with built-in FaceTime, it performs quite well under 3G and WiFi.
Android: Gmail/Google Talk is more popular. You can realize video chat among different platforms (Mac, PC or Android), video chat under 3G or WiFi is available as well. And it is expected that video chatting between Android and iPad can be achieved with the upgraded Google+.
Win Phone: the secret weapon of Microsoft is Skype that supports Macs, PCs, iOS and Android, the competitiveness of it should not be underestimated.

8. Informative Function
iOS: iMessage is still at test phase now, but it is claimed to make quick information delivery among mobile phone, tablet and desktop. There is no direct connection to cell phone number and Cloud account. And 100% delivery to all related devices is not guaranteed.
Android: there are numerous reliable real-time voice delivery applications in Android platform, for example, Gchat, you can accurately and timely deliver information to every device as long as you login. Besides, Google Voice is also a choice.
Win Phone: Win 8 is considered delivering text, Facebook information, Skype information within the same window.

9. Streaming Media
iOS: iOS with built-in AirPlay is one of the simplest and the most intuitive Streaming Media applications. For example, you can stream music on PC or iOS device to AirPlay-approved speakers, AirPort Express routers and Apple TV.
Android: the newly released Nexus Q supports to stream audios and videos to TV and loudspeaker. In addition, you can stream audios and videos to more devices via Hub, and this is much better than Apple.
Win Phone: by using Smartglass Win Phone stream media to Xbox and Win 8 devices. Because it adopts the top-notch DLNA standard, so comparing to iOS and Android it simplify and visualize the process of media streaming.

June 5, 2012

Top 10 Apple WWDC 2012 Forecasts: iPhone 5 New Hit Possible

It is reported that Apple WWDC 2012 will be held from June 11 to June 15. As usual, Apple has not explained what products will be released in advance. But there are already many rumors flooding on the internet about what products will be unveiled. Now let’s take a peep at top 10 Apple WWDC 2012 forecasts in the following.

1. Mac OS X Puma
Apple plans to spend most of the time on discussing about Mac OS X Puma. Why? Because it is the right operating system Apple employs to complete with Windows 8. And it is with the best safety performance undoubtedly. Therefore, it is a perfect choice inevitably.

2. Apple iPhone 5
It is still hard to say what the release day of Apple iPhone 5 is. Statements from some experts indicate that Apple is bound to demonstrate the new generation iPhone during WWDC 2012, while other experts saying that Apple will not debut the new generation iPhone until autumn. Anyway, we have got hint that Apple will talk about the new iPhone device on WWDC 2012 at least.

3. iOS 6
It is likely that Apple will make a discussion on iOS 6. The anticipation for iOS 6 may surpass the new generation iPhone according to survey. The new iOS 6 may be safer, with improved interface and other improved functions. To sum up, comparing to the previous iOS 5 there will be a big leap on iOS 6.

4. Siri Improved
Apple’s Siri platform is still a beta version. So sometimes it runs slowly and it is difficult to provide users with the correct answers. We expect that Apple WWDC 2012 is the best opportunity for Apple to release totally new or improved Siri platform. Once Siri jumps from the beta version to the official version, it is for certain that it will bring users with more benefits.

5. New MacBook
Apple MacBook product line is going to become the high-end computer product in the market currently. However, Apple has not considered releasing a new MacBook until now. Is it possible that Apple will demonstrate new MacBook on WWDC 2012? Based on the possibility that Apple will reveal Mac OS X Puma, Apple WWDC 2012 will be the best chance to release MacBook.

6. Focus on Apple TV
According to the rumors that Apple is preparing to unveil Apple TV in the following months. However, the exact problem is that Apple has never confirmed the fact that they are developing Apple TV. So the release of Apple TV is more like a mystery. Although Apple is not likely to show Apple TV on WWDC 2012, there is indication that Apple TV is within the plan.

7. The New and Improved iOS Apps
One of the advantages of WWDC 2012 lies in that Apple has chance to demonstrate new apps and other software functions. This year Apple will impress developers and fans by showing the new and improved iOS apps.

8. iCloud Improvements
Apple iCloud platform is remarked as the best ever. Within it users are able to achieve data synchronization among multiple devices. Apple admits that lots of work when iCloud first debuted last year is still underway now.

9. iTunes Improvements
There are not dramatic improvements on iTunes in the past few years. Instead, Apple keeps the current status of iTunes and keeps making coins from it. However, it is quite necessary for Apple to provide some required upgrades and prove iTunes is the core of all its entertainment products.

10. Promote Apple
Finally, we can expect apple will take advantage of WWDC 2012 to promote the success of it. Without doubt, Apple CEO Tim Cook will introduce strong sales, application download and many other numbers.

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