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June 7, 2011

Apple WWDC Focus: iOS 5 Release with Multiple New Features

2011 Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is held in Moscone West conference center, San Francisco today. iOS 5 is released with as many as 200 new features. Among which the some important features are listing below:

 1.      New Notification System

iOS 5 integrates with new notification system with more beautiful interface and better user experience. More information can be shown within this new notification system, including stocks, weather, etc. Users can even check out messages or emails or delete notification messages via lock screen.

 2.      News Stand

With the help of this new function, users are able to get access to magazines and download magazines easily and quickly.

 3.      Twitter

During WWDC, Apple declared that there are about 1 billion pieces of Twitter messages released from iOS devices per week, so it is quite reasonable for Apple to deep integrate Twitter function: users can directly send contents to Twitter by means of iOS.

 4.      Powerful Mobile Safari

Apple claimed that two-thirds mobile users employ Safari browser all over the world. Users can save webpage for off-line reading by using iOS 5 with Safari Reader adding to bookmark. New Reading List makes tag switching more convenient.

 5.      Reminder

A totally new function on iOS 5 through which users can list schedules and be reminded automatically when time is up. The schedule list can sync to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

iPod Tips on PC

iPod Tips on Mac

 6.      New Camera Function

A long-expected function Lock Screen photograph is added. New camera can also support autofocus, auto red eye removal and direct images processing etc. Moreover, volume key “+” can photograph directly.

 7.      Brand-new Mail Program

It is with more powerful email text editing function. Users can zoom in or zoom out email text and reorder email addresses by means of drag-and-drop. At the same time, it supports more powerful email search function.

 8.      PC Free

iPad and iPad 2 which run on iOS 5 can directly achieve iTunes wireless synchronization.

Video to iPad 2

HD Video to iPad

 9.     Game Center

Apple iOS has 50 million Game Center users. Game Center is with social function added which allows users to purchase game programs directly, play games with friends and check out friend documents etc.

 10.  iMessage

iMessage supports text, image, video, address list and more contents direct reading and real-time sending. It also supports 3G network, encryption and notification function, etc.

 Apple iOS 5 will be available in fall. iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch 3 and iPod Touch 4 will be supported by iOS5.

June 3, 2011

Apple WWDC Focus: iCloud Launch or the Release of iPhone 5?

Apple has prepared a long time for June 6 Worldwide Developers Conference. It still remains unknown that whether Apple iCloud will make a debut or the long-expected Apple iPhone 5 will be released on the annual WWDC.

iCloud could be the mythical iTunes streaming service, a possibility that is looking increasingly likely now that Apple has most of the major record labels signed up for it, in a space pioneered by Amazon and Google, which has no such deals. Or it could be Apple’s version of DropBox, the amazing sync and storage service that currently glues together the whole iOS ecosystem along with its desktop service.

We are not sure is it a mere coincidence that Apple has at the same time significantly increased the data storage capacities throughout US and simultaneously reached an agreement with several major recording labels in the music industry. It would be easy to conclude that Apple is a step closer to rival his major opponents in the cloud business Google and Amazon who have already done some mayor steps even without sealing an agreement with the representatives from the music industry like Amazon did recently.

Cupertino California Company has signed a licensing agreement with Emi Music and is finalizing an agreement with other music industry heavyweights: Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. If this source is correct and Apple completes agreement with all four most important music industry labels in US, this means that the new iCloud music service by Apple should be rolled out by the time of WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) which starts on June 6th.

Currently almost every analyst in the field agrees that there is almost zero chance that Apple will reveal the iPhone 5 in two weeks which is the time separating us from the next WWDC. But if Apple succeeds with launching the iCloud Service they will certainly have some serious material to introduce to armies of Apple fans worldwide.

WWDC will is drawing nearer and nearer and let’s wait and see until then. iCloud or iPhone 5? Both will be a big surprise for Apple fans.

May 26, 2011

Is iPhone 4S Going to Make a Debut on Apple WWDC?

There is news indicates that Apple British public relations team is contacting with the reporters, appealing them to join in Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in San Francisco next month. It is predicted that Apple will release iPhone 4S on WWDC this year. The previous news shows that the backside of iPhone is made of aluminum and becomes thinner and thinner. And there is a little improvement on iPhone 4S appearance, adopting better camera, A5 dual-core processor and supporting HSPA+ network. There is also news that Apple is controlling the quantity of the current generation iPhone which also means that Apple may make preparation for the next generation iPhone.

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