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March 31, 2012

Focus on Google I/O: Top 10 Popular Attractions Guessing

According to foreign media reports, tickets for Google I/O 2012 have been sold officially on March 27, the United States Eastern Standard Time. Tickets which will cost $900 per one have been sold out in 30 minutes. This phenomenon shows that developers are looking forward to various Google platforms including Android and Chrome. Google I/O 2012 is scheduled on June 27 and it will last 3 days. Although the specific discussion matters on this conference have not been announced by Google, top 10 popular attractions people look forward to have been listed below:

1. Brilliant Android Data
A very similar matter between Google and Apple lies in that both of them like to talk about the relevant data of mobile performance as far as possible. Therefore, Google will also talk about Android global Daily activation number. The reason for Google to emphasize Android performance is that, Google means to put pressure directly on Apple.

2. The new Android
Google would seize the opportunity to discuss over the advantages of the new version Android during Google I/O in the past. So this year Google will continue to talk about it without doubt. After all, Google I/O has been a spot to attract media and developer so Google will keep talking about the new Android.

3. New Chrome OS
Chrome OS is the right one Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac compete for, which mainly runs on Chromebook devices, but it has been ignored by people. In Google I/O this year, it is expected that Google will talk about Chrome again, for example, its usages in the next few years.

4. Problems from Android Market Developers
One of the important factors for Android success is that this platform does attract developers. Google I/O tickets’ running-out in a short time also reflects that developers are looking forward to developing applications for Google operating system. Therefore, Android Market application talking as well as the corresponding developers attracting will be a big attraction of Google I/O this year.

5. Security Will Be the Main Topic
Without doubt, security will be the most important problem faced with Android. So it is quite possible for Google to talk about the safety problems of this system. From Google’s viewpoint, disregarding the security problem will be dead wrong.

6. The Future of Google TV
Google TV was one of the important topics in Google I/O 2011 and Google talked about how to attract future bedroom users via Google TV. But from then on, the ignorance of it made the market question Google whether it quit this business ot not. And now with more and more rumors showing that Apple will launch TV product, it is unlikely for Google to give up Google TV so this matter will be discussed over this year.

7. Search Function
It will not be Google’s style if it does not focus on search business in Google I/O 2012. In short, Google search will be a vital service so it will become a big topic this year.

8. Google+
In addition to search service, network service is important for Google as well. Google+ seems to become the most important service besides Google Search recently. Under the circumstance, Google will talk about their social network as well as the developments of relevant applications. As an example, FaceBook has proved that social applications will be an important business, of course, Google will try to occupy a place in this business field.

9. Google Smartphones and Tablets
Although Google I/O is always related with development, Google Nexus smartphones as well as tablet PCs will also be presented by Google this year. Nexus strategy has played an important role on smartphone area, so Google means to copy this success.

10. Attack Microsoft
Google is expected to attack Microsoft. We can say that Google has been hostile toward Microsoft for a very long time.

July 13, 2011

Google Nexus 3 Features Leaked Again with 720P HD Screen

Recently there are sequential rumors about the third generation Google Nexus phone (provisionally titled Google Nexus 3). Currently, according to the news, the exclusive Google+ button will be added to Google Nexus 3, it will be also equipped with Super AMOLED HD touch screen and runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It is supposed to be released at the end of this year.

 Manufactured by Samsung
In fact, Samsung Romania official had done something with the purpose of disclosing to the public that it is the right manufacturer to produce the third generation Google Nexus phone. For example, the Super AMOLED HD touch screen added to Google Nexus 3 is produced by Samsung.

More importantly, the information released by Samsung Romania official is in line with the information from American technical blog BGR. Based on BGR, Google Nexus 3 will be equipped with 720p touch screen, dual-core 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz processor, Android 4.0 operating system.

 Super AMOLED HD Touch Screen
Currently, the specific technical index and specification of Super AMOLED HD touch screen have not been settled. But it is believed that it will reach 720p which means that it will be a 1280×720-pixel touch screen.

It happens that there is a similar case: Motorola Droid HD (Video to Motorola Droid X) is also supposed to be with 720p touch screen. Although it still needs to be confirmed, it probably indicates that Android flagship phones which are going to make a debut during the fourth quarter will make an upgrade on touch screen resolution.

 1.5 GHz TI OMAP 4460 Processor
As to processor specifications, BGR once stated that this third generation Google phone will employ 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz dual-core processor but not NVIDIA Kal-EI four-core processor. As to the concrete model, it may be TI OMAP 4460, the advantage of which is 1.5GHz basic frequency provided. Besides, it is provided with faster user interface and lower power consumption.

Remarked as the third generation Google Phone, Nexus 3 will run on Ice Cream Sandwich system which is confirmed by Samsung Romania official. Comparing to the previous two phones, the system is with more handsome operating interface and with higher level App Fracework supported. But Google does not release more details about this system version.

 Release on Thanksgiving Day
Within Google Nexus 3, functions that are powerful enough are included, for instance, 1GB RAM, LTE 4G network and 1080p full HD video recording and playing.In addition to 1-million-pixel front-facing camera and 5-million-pixel main camera, the photosensitive components will be more advanced for the sake of shooting photos with the best quality. Even under the condition with poor light, the photo effect can be said as satisfactory.

 According to Samsung Romania official, this mobile phone will be released at the end of this month, may be on Thanksgiving Day.

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