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November 1, 2011

Dual-core 4G HTC Vivid Released with 4.5-inch Touch Screen

HTC has not only achieved the excellent market performance in the third quarter, its smartphones have also become the competing customized object of the operators. A few days ago, the American operator–AT&T ,who is stepping up to found their fourth generation: LTE network has officially launched the 4 G smartphone HTC Vivid; and it is expected that the cell phones will be on sale on November 6th.

4.5-inch Touch Screen

Although HTC Vivid is the latest released phone, you will not feel strange when you see the different trapezium design on the back of its body .That’s right, this machine is the HTC Holiday which has been exposed for many times before, or it rather can be said as the north American version —HTC Raider 4G. Powerful hardware configuration and high-speed Internet function are the main features of the cell phone.

4.5-inch qHD IPS touch screen has been used on HTC Vivid this time in order to let the users make better use of 4G network to browse the web or watch video online. However, the touch interface has not picked up the latest version but the HTC Sense 3.0; this touch interface supports many functions: multiple  unlock modes with gorgeous dynamic effect; new improvement on the aspect of weather display; different voice background and excellent animation effect.

1.2GH Dual-core Processor

There are some differences between HTC Vivid and HTC Raider 4G on the aspect of processor allocation: the 1.2 GHz dual-core processor has replaced the dual-core Qualcomm MSM8660 with 1.5 GHz main frequency; However, at present, the specific information of the specific models has not been known.

The dual camera configuration with 1.3 million pixels sub camera and 8 million pixels lord lens has also been adopted by HTC Vivid . Among them, the sub camera can support 720p HD video recording function, and the lord lens on the back of the camera is equipped with dual LED fill light , and it supports automatic focus and 1080p HD video shooting function. In addiction, in order to deal with the problem of shooting effects when in the low light environment, this machine has also used BSI CMOS sensor, and the 28 mm wide Angle lens of the mobile has been equipped with f/ 2.2 large aperture.

Support LTE 4G High-speed Network

HTC Vivid also carries Android 2.3.5 operating system, and it provides the LTE high-speed network which is based on 4G standard. And as for the other functions of the mobile phone, it is characterized with the 16 GB storage capacity ,1 GB RAM space, bluetooth 3.0 technology, Wi-Fi wireless Internet accessing , GPS navigation and memory card expansion.

Thare are two color designs of HTC Vivid for your options: white and black. And it is expected that it will be on sale on AT&T online store and retail shops on November 6th: its contract price is $199,99.

Advertisement Version of HTC Rezound

In addition to the 4G smartphone HTC Vivid which is customized for AT&T, the advertising that come from the operators of HTC Rezound with quite high exposure rate has been recently exposed .According to the exposed information, it can be basically predicted that this device will be equipped with “Beats sound technology”, thus it has become the first model integrated this sound technology in north American market .

It also means that the machine can bring more vigorous and stronger bass, and clear natural sound quality performance for users. Similar to HTC Sensation XE, it can be seen from the leaked screenshots of the advertising that the machine will also randomly send the earphone “Beats by Dr.Dre” of original factory.

As for the several past exposure, we have a certain extent of understanding to the main features of   HTC Rezound. This cell phone will be equipped with 4.3’’ 720 p HD touch screen and the built-in 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM 8660 dual-core processor; what’s more, it will provide 1 GB RAM to realize more fluid control speed; and it can bring better 3D gaming and multimedia expressive force for the reason that it has integrated Adreno 220 graphics processing chips.

It is reported that this cell phone is introduced for the American operator: Verizon, and it will be officially issued on November3rd. And in accordance with the past leaked product branching program, the cell phone will be delivered on November 20th.

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May 16, 2011

Dual-core 3D HTC Holiday Functions Exposed

Although the size may be a little bit large has been its deficiency, equipping with large touch screen is a popular trend for smartphone, especially for some flagship level smartphones, with which the outstanding position can be showed flawlessly. In the specifications of HTC Holiday, it is quite possible to add dual-core processor and 3D support function to it. In addition, it will be the first time for HTC phone series to add 4.5-inch qHD touch screen to the configuration and which helps this mobile phone reach to the top level of current smartphones.

 4.5-inch Touch Screen
Among HTC mobile phone family, there are many are equipped with large-size touch screen, from the hottest HTC Desire HD to the new-released 3D smartphone HTC EVO 3D, all of them are with 4.3-inch touch screen. Large-size touch screen is quite excellent for website browsing, movie watching and game playing. So you can convert video to HTC Desire HD or convert video to HTC EVO 3D for wonderful video enjoyment.

What is shown within the specifications of new HTC Holiday indicates that this phone will be with 4.5-inch touch screen and supports qHD resolutions. Although the specific touch screen material still remains unknown, such a wise touch screen can be totally described as “shock”, especially when it combines with 3D supporting function with which its power has been doubled.

 8-million-pixel Dual-camera
If the previous HTC Rider can be regarded as the GSM version, HTC Holiday this time can be taken as the upgraded version of HTC EVO 3D. Similar to Sharp SH-12C, for the sake of achieving 3D image function, it is with built-in 8-million-pixel dual-camera, supports automatic focus and flashing, and with which users are able to record 3D video. Moreover, 3D video can be playback vividly on the 4.5-inch qHD touch screen, without the help of glasses. Besides, it is with 1.3-million-pixel front-facing camera. 

 1.2 GHz Dual-core Processor
In order to obtain a more fluent speed and reflect the flagship identity of this phone, the mainstream dual-core processor is added to HTC Holiday. What should be concerned is that the exposed information shows it is with 1.2GHz processor but what is different is that it adopts Qualcomm MSM8660 dual-core chip set. Compared with the current MAM8260 in HTC EVO 3D, it is with more powerful performance.

Based on the performance test of MSM8660, not only the basic frequency is up to 1.5GHz, but also the 3D performance overwhelms almost all mobile processors on the market. More surprisingly, the tie-in Adreno 220 GPU corresponds to HTML5 video & audio and flash streaming, supporting dynamic films playback.

 Solid Information Channel
HTC Holiday brings with naked-eye 3D technology, dual-core processor and more shinning features, adopting Android 2.3.4 system, possessing 1GB RAM, Bluetooth 3.0 technology, WLAN link and more. It still remains unknown whether it will support 4G network.

It is reported that HTC Holiday will be released by American operator AT&T, but it is also expected that other versions will be revealed in other areas globally.

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