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October 12, 2012

Top 10 Apple iPhone 5 Features Rumored

When is iPhone 5 coming out? It is really hard to figure out the answer for Apple has not confirmed iPhone 5 design is underway yet. But there are already many rumors about the new features of iPhone 5 which is said to make a debut in June. In the following, top 10 Apple iPhone 5 new features will be listed.

1. Bigger screen size
When compared to 4.3-inch or 4.6-inch display from its rivals’ mobile phone, 3.5-inch Apple iPhone screen is quite small. So there are a lot of rumors stating that Apple iPhone 5 will adopt 4-inch or 4.6-inch screen currently. If it is true, the existed iPhone users might give up the existing equipment and take the benefits of a wide screen, for they can convert video to iPhone 5 and enjoy the ultimate visual feast.

2. Launch in June
According to the latest rumors all signs indicate that Apple iPhone 5 will be launched in June. News from Apple supplier Foxconn said that Apple iPhone 5 will be released during Apple global developers’ conference and will be put into the market later on. Apple used to launch a new iPhone during this conference.

3. Make a debut in October
Another rumor from Foxconn said that Apple is unwilling to launch iPhone 5 in June for iPhone 4S has been released not long before. So, Apple is reportedly considering launch iPhone 5 in October so as to provide enough time for iPhone 4S to produce great profits.

4. 4G LTE handset
Almost everyone takes it for granted that iPhone 5 is also with the 4G LTE connection at the time the new iPadis equipped with this function. Now there are lots of rumors confirming this speculation. However, it remains unknown that how will Apple handle the battery consumption problem caused by LTE support.

5. New Design
Apple iPhone has been using the same glass design for two years. Therefore, the iPhone 5 is likely to own a totally different appearance. According to Brian White from Topeka Capita IMarkets the new iPhone will use unibody design which is different from iPhone 4S.

6. Apple A5X chip support
By convention, the new processor will be applied to iPad and then to the next generation iPhone. Rumors reveal that iPhone 5 will adopt the same rule: taking A5X into use. Dual-core processor and quad-core GPU are included in A5X.

7. Larger memory
The biggest problem of iPhone lies in that it is without 1GB of memory. As for more advanced smartphone, the greater the memory, the more popular the mobile phone will be. Apple has recognized this problem and plans to provide the nest iPhone with 1GB memory according to recent reports.

8. Great improvements on camera
Images shot by Apple iPhone are the most popular on photo sharing website—Flickr, and using Apple iPhone to shoot pictures is the most ideal way in daily life. Consequently, there are rumors that Apple will make a great improvement on iPhone 5 camera, including panoramic shooting support and 8-million-pixel image quality.

9. Near Field Communication
Many companies within Mobile Area have to take the advantage of mobile payment. Due to the reason that iPhone is without NFC technology support, Apple has not provided users with mobile payment ability so far. Reports stated that iPhone will support NFC technology. Does this mean that Apple will launch mobile payment solutions?

10. New base
Apple has been using the same base port to let users charge for equipment, transfer data and perform other tasks for years. But it is reported that Apple is considering improving its base connector so as to make it more useful. iPhone 5 will be the first to adopt the new port.

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July 12, 2012

New iPad VS. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

There is analysis stating that Apple new iPad is the biggest winner among tablet PCs. The new iPad tablet is the one that can attract the most consumers and business users so far, and in addition, it owns advantages that surpass Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet. In the following, there are top 10 reasons that new iPad is better than Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

1. Retina display is of vital importance
Apple’s Retina display plays an important role in the field of tablet PC display. It is generally accepted that the screen is the best in the market. Users can never find the high-quality visual effect on other tablet computers.
2. Design advantage
Apple has been always paying attention to design, for it has known that users are in need of products with good response. Apple is able to offer this kind of product. The design of Samsung Galaxy Tab is quite good, however, it can’t reach the same level as iPad does.
3. Android 4.0 is not enough
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is running on Android 4.0. Although the Android 4.0 operating system is quite good in itself, it is still unable to match with iOS 5. And more importantly, the new iPad is going to support iOS which is bound to release this fall. It will be better Samsung has prepared a much better software when this happens.
4. Galaxy Tab 2 is lack of differentiation element
It is difficult to find the difference between Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and the new iPad. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is equipped with excellent display and the similar appearance with the new iPad. From mobile’s point of view, there is not a unique point that can attract users in Galaxy Tab 2. The only unique tablet computer is Microsoft’s Surface. In addition, the other tablet computers are all the same. This situation is in Apple’s favor.
5. iOS 6 is equipped with Siri
Apple’s Siri platform is going to embark on iOS 6. So it is estimated that more users will seize the chance to buy the Apple tablet computer. After all, there are much potential in Siri, and it performs much better than the current voice dictation function within the new iPad. Siri is quite good a function that can’t be ignored.
6. Business usability
The idea of introducing the tablet to office is welcomed increasingly. So it is without doubt that Apple iPad has won the heart of business users. While in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, it is quite harsh that it can hardly attract the business users.
7. iPad 4G feature is vital
The new iPad is equipped with 4G LTE service, which adds value to the device to a large extent. Users will easily switch to other devices that are with 4G LTE function if they can’t find it in iPad. And now Apple has seized this advantage, so as to make users can’t find an alternative product.
8. App Store wins advantage
App Store occupies the top position in global application market. It is true that Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is able to get access to reliable Android market. But who will care about the market since there are so many high-quality applications in Apple App Store. Until now, there is no other application store that can surpass App Store in security.
9. iTunes element
Due to iPod, millions of people have huge music library in iTunes music store. Users will insist in using iTunes, for they don’t need to transfer the music library to a new platform that is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab and adopt a fully new interface. For Samsung, this is a quite important problem that can not be ignored.
10. Apple is still Apple
In short, Apple has been providing users with values in the past years. Apple is reliable and so does Samsung, but the brand value of Apple far exceeds other companies.

March 12, 2012

Apple Using More Advanced Technology to Suppress iTunes 1080p Video

1080p TV shows are available on Apple iTunes, and there is analysis saying that Apple has adopted more advanced technology in video suppression so as to make video content size without excessive inflation. Not long before the release conference, Apple has formally announced that iTunes supports 1080p (1920 x 1080) video content which will be 1.5 times as 720p (1280 x 720)video.

Although video quality has been greatly improved, video size has not been improved markedly. The reason lies in that Apple takes the advantage of high-end H.264 video compression technology as well as new high-quality decompression algorithm, which are realizable on Apple TV, iPad and iPhone, and make an improvement on the use standard of some old devices.

Apple’s new iPad, iPhone 4S and iPad 2, which are equipped with A5 processor or above, supporting high-quality H.264 video technology, with decoder level 4.1 and the bit rate can be set to 62.5 Mbps to the maximum. And the new Apple TV is using mononuclear A5 processor, with bit rate level 4.0 (25 Mbps). By comparison, apple’s A4 processor equipment iPhone 4 supports bit rate level 3.1 (14 Mbps).

There is no obvious difference between iTunes 720p TV show and 1080p TV show in some cases, but when referring to detailed contrast there is distinction. In the following, there is a picture contrast: 720p:1080p, the former is with 743 MB size and the latter is with 856 MB size. In addition, 1080p image and word sharpness have been improved.

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