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August 28, 2012

Top Issues You Should Know About Windows RT

Have you figured out the difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT? What matters you should take into consideration when choosing Windows 8 or Windows RT? So for anyone trying to make sense of the differences between Windows 8 and Windows RT, the following explanations will do you a favor absolutely.

1. What does Windows RT stand for?
Windows NT was said to stand for “Windows New Technology”, however, Microsoft has never explained what Windows RT is officially.

2. When can I get Windows RT?
Windows RT hardware should be available around the time Windows 8 launches, somewhere on or about October 26.

3. Why are there two editions?
Microsoft hardware partners should be money oriented. The success of Apple iPad convinced manufacturers that a product should be marketable. Windows RT gives tablet makers the option to make better and cheaper Windows tablets that run on less-expensive, less-power-hungry ARM chips instead of the standard Intel X86-style processors that other versions of Windows require. However, the main Windows code base is designed around X86, so total compatibility between the versions is still impossible.

4. What is the difference between Windows RT and Windows 8?
Windows 8 is a PC operation system while Windows RT runs on ARM chips, the embedded microprocessors that power smartphones. Instead, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments have signed on to manufacture chips to power Windows RT systems.

5. Is Windows RT a PC operating system?
You can say either YES or NO. Windows RT can not run on a PC processor, but Microsoft has stated that PC-like devices will be made by Windows RT partners, including tablets, traditional clamshell laptops and convertible devices.

6. Will Windows RT and Windows 8 work in the same way?
It is similar to Win8 Surface. Windows RT apps base on what is formerly called “Metro” (now the “Modern UI). The difference lies in that Windows Media Player is not included in Windows RT, or we can say that Windows RT sounds like Metro, plus Internet Explorer, plus an RT version of the Microsoft Office productivity suite. There are many complex applications and software covered in Windows 8.

7. Can I buy or upgrade to Windows RT?
No. Windows RT will come only bundled on dedicated hardware, for example, tablet. Later, Microsoft will release downloadable patches and updates.

8. Who will manufacture Windows RT hardware?
That’s a bit up in the air right now. Asus, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung have all said that they plan to manufacture Windows RT devices.

9. What will Windows RT tablet look like?
Microsoft claims that it is able to play animations at a fluid 60 Hz, and can share photos, URLs, map directions and other information via “bump”. The Surface RT tablets will be able to play HD video continuously for about 8 to 13 hours at screen brightnesses of 200 nits.

10. How much does Windows RT cost?
Microsoft has said that Widnows RT tablets will be “competitve” with the prices of existing ARM-based tablets. Some think this means about $399 or above, about the price of an Apple iPad; others think that a $200 tablet priced at about the level of an Amazon Kindle Fire or Google Nexus 7 fits the definition.

11. Is Windows RT compatible with Windows 8?
Both YES or No can be the answer, for Windows 8 is a superset of Windows RT. Windows RT apps will work on Windows 8, but Windows 8 apps will work on Windows RT only if they’re specifically designed for both operating systems.

12. Can I run my old software on Windows RT?
No. Software designed for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or earlier versions can’t run on Windows RT, at least natively. Windows RT is an entirely new beast.

13. How can I run software on Windows RT?
Microsoft will launch a version of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for Windows RT, which are suitable for both touch and minimized power consumption. Internet Explorer 10 and File Explorer will also be included. Users can purchase other apps from Windows Store. So until then apps should be a vital part of Windows RT tablet.

14. What’s developers’ view on Windows RT?
Until now, Windows RT is still a trial balloon for most developers. However, Microsoft claims that some 90% of the apps already submitted to the Windows 8 store will run on Windows RT.

15. Windows Phone 8
Microsoft has also said that the “common core” between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will allow apps developed for Windows 8 to be easily ported to Windows Phone. But some modifications should be made.

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August 21, 2012

Top 9 Anticipated Digital Products in 2012

It is expected that consumers are likely to get access to some great new products in autumn this year. It becomes the rule that electronic giants would like to put new products on the shelf before the holiday shopping season. Based on the past product launch cycle, consumers are expected to get approach to new products coming from Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Nintendo, Amazon and other companies.

More importantly, companies promise to launch new technology. And only until the products are put into the market, we can know whether the rumors are true or not.

9. Quad-core Smartphone
Although quad-core smartphone has existed in the current market, it has not been used by many people. We expect that at the end of this year, quad-core chip will be the standard in smartphone. The quad-core chip means faster speed, longer duration and better display effect.
Expected release date: by the end of 2012

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Galaxy Note 10.1 is Samsung’s new flagship tablet PC product. It is running on the latest Android system, equipped with handwritten pen, support handwriting recognition function, and all functions you are expecting for in tablet PC.
Expected release date: at the end of August 2012

7. Pebble Watch
Pebble watch can reach synchronization with your smartphone via Bluetooth. It can also control music, record your running time and more other functions.
Pebble watch also supports the notification function, which displays the caller ID, electronic mail, calendar reminder, Facebook information, Twitter information and weather warning information, etc.
Expected release date: in September 2012

6. Windows 8
Windows 8 is Microsoft’s most-anticipated new operating system. Windows 8 includes four major versions: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows RT.
Windows 8 covers the functions such as the integration of Xbox Live, Internet Explorer 10 and new verification technique.
Expected release date: on October 26, 2012

5. Kindle Fire 2
There are rumors in the market that Amazon will release multiple versions of new Kindle Fire tablet PC, among which one is said to be equipped with 7-inch display and higher resolution, and the other is said to be equipped with larger display.
What is for certain is that Kindle Fire 2 will be equipped with quad-core processor, a revised edition of Android operation system. The price of Kindle Fire 2 will remain the same as expected.
Expected release date: at any time

4. Nintendo Wii U
Wii U is a new player model from Nintendo.
Wii U is with innovative controller Wii U GamePad. GamePad allows players to play certain games through the display even the TV is turned off.
Expected release date: during Christmas time this year

3. Microsoft RT Surface
RT Surface is the initial touch screen tablet product produced by Microsoft.
Microsoft had developed hardware product, like Xbox game, but it results from that Microsoft can’t persuade PC manufacturers to produce video game player. And the rolling out of Surface tablet PC will be the first time Microsoft completes with its partners directly.
Microsoft does not disclose the parameters and selling price of this tablet PC. Based on the previous Microsoft revealed information, the price of RT Surface will be equal to iPad.
Expected release date: on October 26, 2012
Windows RT Tablet Will Be Launched by Samsung in October as Expected

2. iPad Mini
The rumored tablet PC will be equipped with 7-inch or 8-inch display screen, so it is called iPad Mini.
This tablet PC will be priced at about $200, in order to compete with Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 directly.
Expected release date: in September 2012
iPad Mini: Look Like A Larger 3G iPod Nano and A Thinner 4G iPod Touch

1. iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5 is the most-anticipated smartphone this year. Rumors say it will be equipped with larger screen, greater battery and thinner phone body.
Expected release date: on September 21, 2012
iPhone 5 Already in Production Now and Will Release This Fall as Expected

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February 3, 2012

Windows Phone 8: Adopts Windows 8 Kernel, Supports NFC and Integrates Skype

News from PocketNow introduces the features of the latest smartphone product Windows Phone 8 Apollo for cooperative partners for references, and after the analysis someone states that Windows Phone Mango is a very stable platform, faster than Android. As for hardware, Microsoft has improved the phone to a new level: the product will support multicore processing technology, NFC, complete microSD card storage. Apollo will also support 4 types of screen resolutions.

Adopt Windows 8 Kernel
Windows Phone 8 will not only share a UI with the next generation desktop and tablet system, it will also employs a lot of components which are the same with Windows 8. When developers transfer their applications from desktop to mobile phone, Windows Phone 8 will allow them to reuse most of the codes. Windows Phone 8 kernel, network protocol, safety and the multimedia support will be the same with Windows 8. This action from Microsoft seems to solve many problems of Windows Phone, including more advanced network support, entire disk encryption and business function support. Further influence is that Windows Phone will synchronize with desktop system in advance, and can better compatible with all kinds of Windows Phone 8 auxiliary programs.

Support NFC
According to PocketNow, developers should be very pleased with this product because they can transplant a Windows 8 application to Windows Phone platform conveniently. And NFC technology can let users “click and share” information conveniently between various Windows 8 devices.

Integrate Skype
Although Microsoft has been promoting its Tango video chat application, Windows 8 will still integrates Skype and improves video and audio call quality to a large extent. There should be over 100,000 applications in the market when Microsoft makes an official release of Apollo. At the same time, developers should also obtain the related development codes, and will be able to integrate the communication function between applications.

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November 15, 2011

Top 10 Characteristics of Microsoft Windows 8: Compatible with Win 7 Application

Microsoft had a meeting named Build 2011 developers, the top executors took turns to come on stage to show the new features of Windows 8. The ten characteristics of Microsoft Windows 8 are listed as follows:

1. Adopt Metro UI host interface
Just click, the application will be opened, and you can realize the changing-over between Metro Interface and desktop

2. Compatible with Windows 7 application program
There are two improvements of Windows 8: Firstly, all the programs of Windows 7 can run on Windows 8 too; Secondly, Windows 8 have a new imagine to Windows OS. Everything that runs on Windows 7 runs on Windows 8

3. Faster startup speed, lower requirement for hardware configuration
Compared with Windows 8, Windows 7 have already occupied 404MB RAM when operating 32 processes, and Windows only occupied 281MB RAM when operating 29 processes. What’s more, only 8 seconds are needed to have HP laptop with Windows 8 started up and worked.

4. Compatible with smartphones and tablet PCs

5. Support three types of input modes: touch, keyboard and mouse
The virtual keyboard、separated keyboard and hand input are supported by Windows 8. In the meanwhile, we can synchronize the settings in Metro control panel by the “Cloud” function.

6. Windows 8 supports ARM and x86 framework
7. In-build Windows Apps Marketplace
Products in Windows Apps Marketplaces can be searched according to their subclassifications, price and release dates.

8. IE 10 Browser

9. Split-screen multitasking interface
What shows on right frames of split-screen multitasking interface are the operating processes.

10. Combine Cloud Services with SNS (Social Networking Services)

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September 19, 2011

Top 5 Main Functions of Windows 8

Microsoft have made an inventory of the main functions of Windows 8, they presented a new image of Windows 8 with Macroscopic Angle. If you still have an ambiguous concept to Windows 8, it is sure that you will have clearer understandings to Windows 8 after you had read this article.

1. Optimized UI that focuses on touch operations
(1) Metro style
The bran-new Metro interface have been brought in to Windows 8, this interface have the following advantages: convenience to users to run touch operations, live View of useful information and applicability for mouse and keyboard operation
(2) Optimized browse that focuses on touch operations (Not confine to touch devices)
The websites are set up in the home position of Windows 8 device in order to provide the users with a faster and smoother touch browsing experience.

2. More methods to intensify and connect application programs
(1). The application program is the core
Your experience, full screen interface that provided for application program and your high attention to it are the focuses of Windows 8 Metro interface.
(2).The application program can cooperate whole heartedly
The application program has the function of “communication” in Windows 8; for example, you can send photos (including which are in Facebook、Flickr or your local files) to your e-mail breezily at different places.
(3). You can have same experience in different devices
You can get all the contents that are needed in life through Cloud Service—Picture, E-mail, calendar and address book, you device can keep these contents updated constantly. In the meanwhile, by means of SkyDrive, you can wherever and whenever acquire the latest pictures, files and so on through browser or the application program with Windows 8 Metro Style.

3. Performance enhancement
(1). Perfecting Windows 7
Compared with Windows 7, Windows 8 have some improvements on the aspects of Performance, safety, privacy and system stability, what’s more, more space can be provided to your application program for the reason that the RAM occupation is reduced, it can even run smoothly on the most low-end hardware. Everything that can run on Windows 7 also can run on Windows 8.
(2). Easier to manage
Windows 8 has perfected Task Manager and Resource Manager (Ribbon interface), meanwhile, it provided the easier bran-new multi-screen settings options.

4. More opportunities can be provided for developers
(1)Windows Store
Wherever has Windows, Windows Store can help the developers to sell their own application programs to all over the world.
(2). Support more languages
It is allowed that the developers can do the programming on the basis of the in hand languages; and it compatibles with C、C++、C#、VB、HTML、CSS、JavaScript、XAML and so on.
(3). Hardware integration brings richer experience (Especially fore the Game)
It supports DirectX 11, developers can set up full screen games easily and acquire the smooth operation expedience.

5. New generation hardware
(1) A Windows with multiple patterns
Windows 8 supports ARM chipsets, x86 framework equipments; and it had transferred from 10’’ tablet PC to 27’’HD screen devices.
(2) Hot standby
Thanks to Windows 8,the ultrathin PC and the tablet PC can realize WSWink–Start function. Being charged once, it can work constantly for one day, what is more, it can keep your PC realize the network interconnection function constantly.
(3)Develop the PC proficiency totally
Windows 8 can be compatible with Windows 7 PC and the current application programs.

April 11, 2011

Windows 8 Possible Feature Predictions

Although Microsoft is still promoting the sale of Windows 7 desperately to consumers and enterprises, rumors about the next version of the operating system “Windows 8” called by public media have already started. Some websites and blogs suggest that the cloud services will be added and integration of biotechnology will be enhanced. The exact form of Windows 8 software is still remain uncertain, but has affirmed a few months ago that the next version of the operating system will support SoC (system-on-a-chip) architecture, especially ARM-based systems from partners such as Qualcomm, Nvidia and Texas Instructions.

Let’s take a look at the possible features of Windows 8 in the following:

1. Metro Interface

Signs indicate that the “Metro” design scheme Microsoft designed for mobile phone OS WP7 and Zune HD will become part of Windows 8 design. Metro explains the “Less is more” aesthetic concept in an unique way.

 2. Support Tablet PC

Microsoft has announced that the next version of Windows will support SoC (system-on-a-chip), in particular the ARM-based system which has dominated the leading role in mobile domain. In theory,, this will make tablet PC support possible.

 3. Microsoft Application Store

A website called Microsoft Magazine made a summary of the Windows 8 possible features based on the disclosed slide descriptions, “applications from Microsoft Application Store downloadable” is included.

 4. Completely Into Cloud

Microsoft has paid full attention on cloud technology so the next version of Windows will probably contain a more comprehensive integrated cloud function; separate setting between devices is included.

 5. Quick Start Up

According to the disclosed slides by Microsoft Magazine also suggested that the next version of Windows is going to start up in a super fast speed.

 6. Ribbon

Based on the recent blog posted on Rivera’, bloggers Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott introduced that the earlier version of Windows 8 explorer integrated the Ribbon interface of Office style. Library viewing, image processing and driver managing can be achieved with these apps.

 7. New Screenlock Interface

Rivera and Thurrott also found out a screenlock interface designed for Windows Phone 7 in an early time. Elements like time, date and power management icons are included.

 8. Bulit-in PDF Reader

According to the relevant Windows blog, Microsoft may integrate a PDF reader for Windows 8.

 9. Internet Explore Extension

An extended version of Internet Explorer has also been found by Rivera and Thurrott. It can make Windows 8 works in the way mobile devices do by taking advantage of Internet Explorer 9 renderer.

 10. Biometric Identification

HP has been trying hard to provide more biometric hardware and software for its consumption products and enterprise products (including fingerprint and facial recognition). Microsoft may try to make use of a more powerful biometric recognition to achieve Windows 8 login.

 11. Multi-touch Support

If Microsoft wants to make Windows 8 easier to use, it should provide more designs and functions center on multi-touch support (or other similar connectors).

 12. Historical Record Shelter

Rumor hinted that Microsoft will probably integrate a backup utility for Windows 8 which is similar to Time Machine on Apple Mac OS X.

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