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October 25, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Mango Version Consolidates Twitter and FaceBook Chat

Microsoft began to march towards smartphone industry since the release of Windows Phone 7. It expects to prove its ability and status in social connection when releasing the updated edition. During its first mobile phone system upgrade, Microsoft makes an improvement in website browsing function and develops more powerful mobile applications within the Mango version, besides, it mainly improves the communication function on the Mango version.

For the sake of letting Windows Phone become a better communication tool, Microsoft consolidates Twitter and FaceBook Chat as well as adds integrated chatting function, the above of which allows users make an easy switching among FaceBook Chat, Windows Live Messenger and message chat. In addition, an option is added to this Mango version which allows users merge contact person into different groups, letting users send message or email to the whole group at a time. All E-mail accounts are integrated to a secure inbox and the users can check the latest emails.

Other confirmed features:

Third-party multitasking

People Hub integrates with Twitter

Office Hub supports Office 365 and SkyDrive

IE9 mobile phone version

The upgraded application supports customized ringtone

Download podcast wirelessly

Better market navigation

Bing search additional function

Multi-Live-Tile shown in every application

Redesigned game centre

Added language support

Background service available

Microsoft Lync Mobile application

1500+ new APIs

Marketplace and Parental Control

Other unconfirmed features:

Bing visual search and voice search

Turn by turn navigation

SMS dictation

News and Contact list is with embedded Messenger and FackBook Chat

Sync games through Xbox LIVE automatically

Message group sending

Screen background locking

Supports intelligent DJ sound mixing

Turn on/Turn off camera shutter sound

Built-in FaceBook sign-in and video uploading

Video phone

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May 27, 2011

Top 10 Features of Microsoft Mango OS

Microsoft has released the upgraded version of its mobile platform WindowsPhone7—”Mango OS”. It is reported officially that there are 500+ improvements within the latest version. In the following top 10 features of Microsoft Mango OS will be listed.


Third-party applications can run smoothly on Mango system. Users are capable of scheduling the running programs in the panel freely, and quickly to start the application by long pressing the backward button.

Consolidate Multi-channel Information

Mango is quite powerful in information integration which allows users to carry out communications among text information, FaceBook social chat and LiveMessenger, without activating the main service program for they will be in the same dialog box.

 Local Scout

The function of Local Scout is similar to Bing “nearby”. It provides you with search information based on your location. To search results by clicking, it can also offer you with some related information and comments about the search results.

 Mobile Version IE9

Mobile version IE9 can be remarked as the highlight of WP7.5. The new version IE9 supports html5 and hardware acceleration function, with embedded social network service and powerful sharing function.

 Contact Group

Mango allows users to set individualized contact groups which can be displayed on main screen, including phone number and the latest message status in social network. Text, email and IM can be delivered to all people in the contact group for an instant.

 Integrated Inbox

Integrated Inbox is a masterpiece from Microsoft development department, supporting to display emails from various email accounts within one inbox. Users can also get access to the historical mails through email server.

 Personal Information Card

Within Mango, users can upgrade personal information to the latest social status and IM through Personal Information Card, without additional operations.

 More Powerful Bing Search Function

Although the market share of Microsoft Bing Search can not match with Google Search yet, it owns series of features which can satisfy the users to the utmost. Within the upgraded Bing Search, you can conduct searching by means of pictures or audios.

 Live Tiles

Applications in Mango can support multiple Live Tiles, and server send-back pictures will switch with the default pictures dynamically. In addition, Deep Linking can be used both on Live Tiles and Toast notification.

App Connect

App Connect function can be used in the third-party applications in search results. By inserting applications in Mango system to Bing search results seamlessly so as to provide users with quick service.

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